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meet bill movie spoiler the gift

The movie The Ultimate Gift, begins with a video that declares that Red Stevens has Red Stevens' partner and life-long friend was played by Bill Cobb, who He was met at the airport and was taken to the friend's ranch. Edgerton's movie, however, has an ending that is either troubling or In The Gift, he directs for the first time, as well as writing and playing one. As prominent US Senator Charles Carroll (Bill Joyce) from California (and Griffin Met the Murdered Scriptwriter's Girlfriend and Had a Happy Ending For His . the grey-haired husband-storeowner of the Land of Christmas gift and candy.

After the sex tape has been taken in by the police and viewed, they later find that it circulates the bank and local community, furthering Bill and Jess' embarrassment, particularly concerning Jess' offensive comments to Chip about Bill, their sex life and his penis size. Jess fears the video could ruin her father's mayoral bid and tries to conceal the news of her affair and the video from him.

meet bill movie spoiler the gift

Bill's brother Craig Bierko bails him out of jail, and Bill stays at the home of his brother and his husband Reed Diamond. He gets into a fight about the sex tape with his wife, and the two of them go to Chip's house.

The Ultimate Gift

Chips makes rude comments to Jess, and Bill then beats up Chip again and it's once again broadcast by the local TV station, which labels Bill as Chip's "deranged fan. Bill moves in with Sargeant Craig Bierkohis successful older brother. Sargeant's boyfriend Paul Reed Diamond encourages Bill to take up swimming, a former pastime of Bill's.

He starts doing so and it helps clear his mind. He continues mentoring the Kid, who sees the best in Bill, and the Kid devises a plan to win back Bill's wife. Introducing the lingerie salesgirl Lucy Jessica Albahe makes it appear as if Lucy and Bill are romantically involved to make Jess jealous. Meanwhile, Bill is still trying to get the doughnut franchise, but Jess is required to meet with the owners as co-partner, and so Bill and the Kid have Lucy act as Bill's wife. Bill slowly begins to get a hand on his life again, cutting his addiction to sweets, losing weight, swimming daily, mentoring the Kid, and trying to win back Jess.

meet bill movie spoiler the gift

At a family dinner, Bill volunteers to buy the fireworks for the 'club picnic' where his father-in-law intends to announce that he is running for Mayor. After a fun-filled day, Bill invites the Kid, Lucy, and her friend back to the tent he has set up in his brother's back yard, where he gets very high and has meaningless sex with Lucy's friend. Bill attends the picnic at the golf course.

Each assignment is centered around a "gift". Gifts of work, money, friends and learning are among the dozen that Jason must perform before he is eligible for the mysterious "Ultimate Gift" his grandfather's will has for him.

Red's attorney and friend, Mr. Hamilton Bill Cobbsand his secretary, Miss Hastings Lee Meriwetherattempt to guide Jason along the path his grandfather wishes him to travel. On his return after completing the first task, everything he values is suddenly taken away from him — luxury apartment, his restored muscle car, and all his money — and he is left homeless.

meet bill movie spoiler the gift

His trendy girlfriend, Caitlin Mircea Monroeditches him when his credit card is rejected at a fancy restaurant. After his mother Donna Cherry tells him she cannot help him, as part of the agreement, he miserably wanders the city alone. While sleeping in a park, he encounters a woman, Alexia Ali Hillisand her outspoken daughter, Emily Abigail Breslin.

He asked his girl friend if she would pay the bill. She wept and ran away. He was alone and without a friend. With no place to live, he slept on a park bench. There he met a child, Emily, and asked her to be his friend. She asked what was in it for her. The condition was that he could not buy friendship. Having experienced the gifts of work and of friendship, the executor gives Jason a check.

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He takes it, declares his independence and desire never to see them again, and leaves. On the elevator, he opens the envelope and returns to the office.

meet bill movie spoiler the gift

His grand uncle by pre-recorded video tells him that is a paycheck, which he earned building the fence in Texas. He is now being given the gift of knowing the value of money.

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Jason returns to the park to find the homeless man whose park bench Jason had used. The gift of work he must learn to value the lessons and fulfillment of work 2.