Meet the administrator tf2 soldier

Team Fortress 2 - The Administrator

meet the administrator tf2 soldier

This ability allows the Soldier to appear from unexpected places and reach areas off-limits even to the Scout's double jump and Hype jumps. Meet the Director is a comic, released on May 5, Patch to Upon arrival, Miss Pauling reminds Sniper that the interviews are an attempt. It starts with Gray Mann, who is paying the TFC Heavy for his services was supposed to meet the Administrator, and proceeds to unchain Spy.

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What the f-" [Cut to a long shot of the explosion, Scout is flung yelling and flailing towards the viewer] Scout: As the Scout slides off the window, the camera tilts down and turns right] Heavy: Camera continues to turn and tilt, revealing the Medic, casually chatting with an opened-up and conscious RED Heavywhilst holding Heavy's heart in his hand.

A prototype Medi Gun mounted to an overhead rig is firing its beam into the Heavy] Medic: Medic does not notice] Medic: Archimedes gets knocked off his perch by a piece of the Heavy's heart] [Cut back to Medic, with Heavy in the background] Heavy: One exceptionally large heart is labeled "Mega Baboon"] Medic: Ah, there we go.

Both look at it tentatively] Medic: Demoman nods toward the Medic, picks up his Stickybomb Launcherand heads back towards the battlefield] [Medic then fires the Quick-Fix at the RED Scout, fixing him up also, even restoring the Scout's missing tooth.

Medic's backpack starts humming with power] [Medic fires the Quick-Fix at the Heavy, who pops out from his cover] Heavy: The camera passes over the rest of the RED team, who are doing things to pass the time.

Meet the Soldier

The Engineer is playing his guitar, Spy is looking at his ticket, Pyro is reading and flicking a lighter, Soldier is standing at attention, Demoman is drinking from his Bottleand Sniper is sleeping] Medic off-screen: Everyone in the waiting room looks toward the door] [Scout emerges from the operating room, his chest glowing] Scout gallant: On June 8,a patch to Team Fortress 2 was released and included an update that placed several doves in various positions in Valve maps.

The doves exploded upon contact, but did not cause players damage. On June 17,an additional patch was released which added a secondary dove model with animations. Later the same day, the page layout of the TF2 Official Website was updated to feature three doves perched upon the title banner, which was covered by bird droppings.

Soldier calmly tells the Scout that he will eat him.

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It is revealed that the hot dog was not imagined, but an actual costume, found on a crashed plane supposedly piloted by Amelia Earhart. Scout explains that he put on the costume to escape the cold, and Pyro continues rummaging through the plane.

Soldier inquires whether there are more costumes, which there are not, and Scout tells the Soldier that the latter will likely die. Suddenly, the sound of bears nearby interrupts them. Soldier claims that the bears must have been attracted by something, citing the two potential attractors as honey or menstruating women. He berates the Pyro, at first humorously implying the Pyro is a menstruating woman, but promptly explains that he just needs the Pyro to stop blocking the plane's door.

He realizes there are several crates of honey on the plane, which must have interested the bears. Soldier forms a plan to eat all the honey, thus losing the bears' interest, but that plan goes awry and they all get sick to their stomachs with a huge quantity of honey left. They come up with a Plan B - fix the plane - but the bears arrive before they can attempt to do so. A bear swipes at the Scout, causing a shower of bones everywhere, but the Scout is revealed to be fine, claiming those were the bones of Earhart that were stuck in the costume.

The bear attacks again and the Scout swings a leg bone at it. The bear is defeated, but the bone snaps, and two more bears soon approach.

meet the administrator tf2 soldier

Soldier decides to strip nude and cover himself in honey, planning to grapple the bears. Soldier snaps the neck of the second bear.

The third bear, seen by Pyro as a friendly camp guide who claims 'fire is nobody's friend', is viciously ripped to shreds with the Fire Axe. The trio celebrates the defeat of the bears, and they soon catch Heavy's attention. Heavy states the bears were babies. Scout expresses disbelief, claiming the Heavy calls everyone a baby, but Heavy reveals he was being serious and that they had angered the mother of the bears.

Heavy prepares to fight the bear as the Scout begins bleeding out from an injury incurred during the encounter with the first bear, and the Soldier and Pyro eagerly look on. A voice states 'the bear killed every last one of them', and it is revealed to belong to the clueless mayor of Teufortbut it is revealed that he was not talking about the mercs' predicament, but the origin of Teufort.

According to him, the founder survived a bear mauling by hiding under his wife's corpse, and started a town called Hugginsville on top of where her body lay. Two rowdy teenage bullies forced him to rename it Two Farts, and out of fear, the founder never fully changed the name back, hence the name Teufort. The mayor concludes reading the story, asking the librarian if all the books are about Teufort. The librarian replies no, and the mayor tells him any books not about Teufort must now be burned.

Gray Mann enters, asking the mayor for the genealogy records from the 's, but the mayor tells him they were all burned by a mysterious womanand Gray becomes agitated, grasping the burnt tatters of Helen's genealogy certificate.

meet the administrator tf2 soldier

The comic returns to a close-up of the bear, who, upon a zoom-out, is revealed to be dead and on the dinner table of Heavy and his family.

For the final chapter, the comic cuts to a messenger being sent to the BLU Soldier's apartment. After avoiding being shot twice by a Shotgun and having his neck snapped, the messenger is allowed inside.

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The Soldier then questions the man for his identity while pointing a Shotgun at him and taking cover behind an upturned table. The messenger then opens his trench coat to reveal a television screen strapped to his body. On the screen is the Administrator, who addresses the Soldier. She gives him two options: He rejects both offers, threatening that if he is asked to kill his friend again he will stick his boot so far up the Administrator's ass it will be on the news.

The Administrator questions the friendship and plays a video of an image of the Demoman with a robotic voice-over saying that the Soldier is a bad friend. The Soldier, while put off by this, again states he can't do it as the two have formed a bond.

The video plays on, this time with the robotic voice stating that the Soldier isn't in fact a real Soldier, but a civilian.