Meet the cast of shrek 2 imdb

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meet the cast of shrek 2 imdb

It looks like we don't have photos for this title yet. You can browse other available content for this title, such as plot summary, trivia, goofs, etc. at Meet the Cast of. 3d Sequel To 2d Film (2) After his swamp is filled with magical creatures, Shrek agrees to rescue Princess Fiona for . Meet the Cast of Shrek 2 ( Video). Shrek 2 () Antonio Banderas and Eddie Murphy in Shrek 2 () Cameron Diaz in Shrek 2 () Angelina Jolie at . Cast overview, first billed only: Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey set off to Far, Far Away to meet Fiona's mother and father.

His writing of the film was inspired from Guess Who's Coming to Dinnerwith the help of the co-directors for the film, who had spent most of the film's production in Northern California while Adamson spent most of the time with the voice actors in Glendale, California.

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The character also required an upgrade in the fur shader for his introduction in the film. Pinocchio's campaign was the "honesty" campaign, while Gingy's was a "smear" campaign. Director Andrew Adamson said it was overtly satiric and political, with many funny ideas, but "it was more intellectual than emotional". Other than that there are my own influences, which are classical paintings from the 15th and 16th centuries, but those are not as direct.

Meet The Cast Of Shrek The Third

In fact, nothing was absolutely direct. The design of Shrek is always a twist on reality anyway, so we tried to [pack] as much detail and interest as we could in the imagery. List of songs featured in Shrek 2 The film's soundtrack features the song " Accidentally in Love " by Counting Crowswhich the band's singer and songwriter Adam Duritz believes "fits into the movie because it's the story of people who fall in love who weren't supposed to fall in love.

The mermaid that washes up on Shrek in the beginning of the film bears strong resemblance to Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid. The Fellowship of the Ring where the rings are forged and where the Ring "falls" onto Frodo's finger.

meet the cast of shrek 2 imdb

Shrek worries that he has lost his true love, particularly after finding her childhood diary and reading that she was once infatuated with Prince Charming voiced by Rupert Everett. King Harold is accosted by the Fairy Godmother and Charming, her son. The two retell the Prince's adventures and how he overcame many obstacles and climbed a high tower in order to rescue her finding instead a crossdressing wolf.

They reprimand Harold for breaking an old promise that Charming would be able to marry Fiona and demand that he find a way to get rid of Shrek. Harold arranges for Shrek and Donkey to join him on a fictitious hunting trip, which really is a trap to lure the two into the hands of an assassin, Puss in Boots voiced by Antonio Banderas. When Fiona realizes that Shrek left she asks her father for help but he replies that he always wanted the best for her and that she should better think about what is the best for her, too.

Puss is unable to defeat Shrek and, revealing that he was paid by Harold, asks to come along as a way to make amends. The three sneak into the Fairy Godmother's potion factory and steal a "Happily Ever After" potion that Shrek believes will restore Fiona's love for him. Shrek and Donkey both drink the potion and fall into a deep sleep, awakening the next morning to discover its effects: A sequel of a comedy or "family entertainment" if you want devoted almost entirely to drama and love trough tough times.

meet the cast of shrek 2 imdb

Where did the comedy that was so clear in the first film go then? It's scattered all over the film really, but its in such small dozes that you almost don't recognize them before they're gone. When you look around you see a limousine-wagon, fast food restaurants, commercials and modern words. What happened to the fairy-tale?

Was there a point? In the last film it was a fairy-tale, so lets make it a little more modern and spin some jokes on that, haha"? As I sat there amongst the other ticket holders I sometimes noticed what they laughed at and what not as I was myself laughing quietly at a sentence made by "Donkey" Eddie Murphy.

It was mostly Donkey that made the humor in the film, but he wasn't as irritating-and-at-the-same-time-charming as he was in the first Shrek. Now he was more dull, gray and kinda irritating without the charming-part, but still likable.

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I must say that Donkey ruled the first Shrek, but he did have a close competition from all the other main characters, Shrek, Fiona and Lord Farquaad. They supported each other well. Which brings me to my next point: I enjoyed Antonio Banderas roll as "Puss In Boots" and I was wondering during the film, where the introduction of the character would pay off. He was a slick character and for another thing the best character that was introduced in the filmbut honestly without a real purpose.

I mean, the story didn't rely on "Puss" in any way. You could easily scip him.