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The Meet Group, Inc. (formerly MeetMe) (NASDAQ: MEET) is a social entertainment service founded in In , myYearbook merged with Quepasa. WHEN 18 stone Emma Chawner auditioned for The X Factor little did she think her whole family would become BIG TV stars. Singing got her nowhere but the world was fascinated by the foursome who totalled 91 stone. The Chawners first hit our TV screens in when Emma. (L to R) Emma, Audrey, Philip and Sam Chawner Photo: CLOSER/ BERNARD The Chawners, haven't worked in 11 years, claim their weight is a Meet Lambo, the massive hunky lamb born weighing nearly nearly two.

Rupert planned to put his studies on hold to help his parents cope with the loss of his brother, but they insisted he return to school. He also belonged to another literary group known as the Georgian Poets and was one of the most important of the Dymock poetsassociated with the Gloucestershire village of Dymock where he spent some time before the war. He also lived in the Old VicarageGrantchesterwhich stimulated one of his best-known poems, named after the housewritten with homesickness while in Berlin in Brooke suffered a severe emotional crisis inresulting in the breakdown of his long relationship with Ka Cox Katherine Laird Cox.

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He took the long way home, sailing across the Pacific and staying some months in the South Seas. Much later it was revealed that he may have fathered a daughter with a Tahitian woman named Taatamata with whom he seems to have enjoyed his most complete emotional relationship. Brooke enlisted at the outbreak of war in August He came to public attention as a war poet early the following year, when The Times Literary Supplement published two sonnets "IV: The Dead" and "V: Brooke's accomplished poetry gained many enthusiasts and followers, and he was taken up by Edward Marshwho brought him to the attention of Winston Churchillthen First Lord of the Admiralty.

Brooke was commissioned into the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve as a temporary Sub-Lieutenant [17] shortly after his 27th birthday and took part in the Royal Naval Division's Antwerp expedition in October Blow out your bugles, detail on Memorial Arch by John M. He died at 4: No one could have wished for a quieter or a calmer end than in that lovely bay, shielded by the mountains and fragrant with sage and thyme.

Another friend and war poet, Patrick Shaw-Stewartassisted at his hurried funeral. The Poetry is in the pity. Beyond this ease of editing, the second powerful element of a wiki is its ability to keep track of the history of a document as it is revised. Wikis can be large and open to the public where any and everyone can add, delete or change content. They can also be small and closed for selected participants only. Another important component of the wiki is its interconnected hyperlinks that typically are seen throughout a wiki page.

These links enable users to quickly learn about and pinpoint topics that are of importance to them. Though the first wikis appeared eleven years ago, they have captured incredibly large numbers of Internet users in recent years. For example, ina study found Wikipedia to be the 37th most visited website Nature, According to Alexaas of May 22,Wikipedia is the eighth most visited site in the United States. Wikis currently are used in different contexts, including education, business, library science, and information management.

Regardless of their size, wikis are open, collaborative, community websites. The collaborative nature of wikis makes them perfect tools for teachers.

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Imagine your students working on a project with other students from anywhere in the world! You can set up your wiki to allow for only your class to have posting and editing rights, or keep it public not only for viewing, but for posting and editing as well. If you choose to have it totally private to be viewed only by select participants, there usually is a fee. To help with monitoring, a wiki keeps document histories, enabling users to see who has posted or edited and what changes were made.

Each time the content is changed, a new version is saved. However, anyone can go back and see previous versions allowing students and teachers to see the writing process in action.

91st Chawner family are back with new reality TV series

You can also revert back to a previous version in case of pranksters or vandals. Likewise, most wiki networks have a good number of volunteer system administrators working behind the scenes to protect against vandalism. Wikis are a great tool for developing the writing, editing, and communication skills of students.

Computers enhance education by providing students with more active learning, more varied sensory and conceptual modes, less mental drudgery, learning better tailored to individuals, and better aid to abstraction Dede, Computer learning blends perfectly to the differentiated classroom.

Regardless of their learning style, social maturity, or comfort level with technology, all students can gain new understanding through the use of technology.

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Creating content for real audiences is a powerful motivator for students to put forth their best effort. Wikis also promote collaboration among students. Not only do students hone their writing and editing skills, but they also learn to negotiate, compromise, and assist others.

91st Chawner family are back with new reality TV series - Mirror Online

Through collaborative effort students develop a sense of community, responsibility, and ownership of the work The wiki process accords with the principle that, as John Dewey maintained, knowledge is socially constructed. Until recently, writing has largely been viewed as a solitary activity; wikis, on the other hand, tap into the potential for writing as the locus of social interaction. Moreover, they shift the emphasis from product to process.

Wikis transform the configuration of the classic rhetorical situation that delineates audience as distinct from writer. Rather writer and audience become one and the same, and the work becomes the product of the interaction of writers with one another—a truly social construct. Wikis can be used as sources of information. But how can we be sure of the accuracy of the information? Alex Halavais, a University of Buffalo professor purposely posted thirteen errors on various Wikipedia pages.

Within a couple of hours, all were fixed Richardson An investigation completed by Nature magazine compared 42 entries in Wikipedia to the same entries in Encyclopedia Britannica and found Wikipedia to be only slightly less accurate Giles, Therefore, Wikipedia has value for education and for knowledge-seekers.

Just as with all information resources, when students use public wikis as an information source, they must evaluate the reliability and credibility of information.

The digital natives absorb knowledge and skill from digital media, while digital immigrants teachers are acculturated to a print paradigm. How to create an effective learning environment and integrate effective technology in the curriculum for our students are concerns by more and more educators and teachers.

Today, the difficulties for educators and teachers are to identify learning strategies that are appropriate for Digital Natives, recognize the different ways they process information and develop learning tools that maximize the potential of their unique cognitive approach Culligan, Little in life moves as fast as the stimuli that confront "Generation Nintendo" learners on a daily basis.

Learning offerings are challenged to not only meet the pace of "twitch speed", but to exploit this capacity to its fullest extent Culligan, Teachers must take advantage of the technology available to them for use in educating these digital natives. Wikis are one of the powerful teaching and learning tools that are currently used in some schools and universities, which allows teacher and learners to maximize the potential of print by utilizing print in its electronic or digital form Ferris and Wider,