Meet the dargers tlc tv

Sister Wives Sneak Peek: There's a New Polygamist Family in Town—Meet the Dargers! | E! News

meet the dargers tlc tv

Take a step inside the original "Big Love" and meet the family that started it all. When Joe Darger married his wife, Alina, it was a quiet, simple. Joe Darger and his wives Alina, Vicki and Valerie have written a book about their Meet the Family; taken from the Meet the Darger Family & Love Times Three - Authors/ One of my previous clients does editing for TLC. According to TLC's reality show model, polygamists are lovable, loving We also had a brief look at another polygamist family, the Dargers who, like template of reality television but since it is NatGeo and not TLC, instead.

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meet the dargers tlc tv

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meet the dargers tlc tv