Meet the dubiens gingerbread cookies pictures

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meet the dubiens gingerbread cookies pictures

I pin a ton of lunch ideas from Jill Dubien's blog Meet the Dubiens. less than 10 minutes assembling the rest AND taking the picture in the morning. “Run, run, fast as you can you can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!. cupcake ideas and recipes; everything from Santa to the Gingerbread Man. Source: Meet The Dubiens Tons of really creative Christmas cupcake ideas!. Add your comments, link to ideas you love, share pictures and tips from your family . honey and a dash of ground ginger or Greek yogurt with homemade pear sauce. a deliciously sinful fig bar recipe reminiscent of her favorite cookies: Fig Newtons. . healthy lunch ideas meet the dubiens crunch a color.

Animal Snack After reading the book Night Tree last Christmas, we made a snack for the birds to have and hung it from a tree we planted for JDaniel in our year.

meet the dubiens gingerbread cookies pictures

Acting Out a Story Whether it is the child acting out the story or having them use toys to do so helps them share what the story was about and what they learned from it.

We used stuffed rabbits to retell the story Muncha!

meet the dubiens gingerbread cookies pictures

C Craft Furniture If a book has a specific piece of furniture that is featured in it, like the bed in Princess and the Pea. You can crease a simple bed with construction paper.

We then talked about the similarities and differences of the books. Cookie Cutter Retelling We happen to have a lot of cookie cutters at our house. It is fun to search through our bins of cookie cutters to find ones that relate to a story we have read.

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We can then use them to retell the story just as we did when we read Room for a Little One about the animals around Jesus in the manger.

Cards After reading a Christmas story last year, JDaniel helped me make homemade thank you notes to send to friends and family.

Cook a Dessert My family loves haystack cookies so, after reading a book about a scarecrow we made some for dessert. D Dough Ornaments Dough ornaments are fun to make. We made some last year after reading a book about Christmas ornaments.

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E Experiment with Concepts JDaniel and I read a book about a world of ice cream and then we made our own ice cream by rolling a coffee can back and forth. Experience Concepts of a Story Last summer right before going to the beach we read a book about tide pools and when we went to the beach we build one. Cut out and trace your new pattern onto your favorite tissue paper, fabric, or construction paper.

Elf on the Shelf paper costume pattern. Does your elf need a hat?

A Homemade Christmas (Pinterest Style!)

Wrap until it looks like a party hat and then trim off the bottom edge. Below, the hat still had toilet paper on it. We added stickers and a pom pom top with tacky glue. Use your pattern to measure the neck and shoulder area for his collar. Fold a piece of paper in quarters. Draw a frill half pattern, cut out the corner fold, and when you open it, you have a clown collar! We also added little strips of paper around his wrists for shirt cuffs, a plastic star for a rapper-style necklace, and pom pom embellishements.

We cut his hands. They were connected, so he could hug a tree or hang on the tree.

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Be sure to get permission before cutting your heirloom elve's hands. They are collector's items. Make your own Elf on the Shelf Costume. For our tiny vintage elf ornament, we opened his hands and wrapped him in a fancy bow that coordinates with his original hat. We drew a cape around his paper pattern on red tissue paper and then cut it out. After draping it over his shoulders, we measured his arms and poked holes through the paper.

Then, we found an old velcro bow from a baby shoe and gave him a bow tie!

meet the dubiens gingerbread cookies pictures