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meet the hollowheads dvd new releases Meet the Hollowheads: Lee Arenberg, Layne Britton, Barney Burman, Shnutz Burman, Chaz New from, Used from Parents Strongly Cautioned; Studio: Platinum Disc Llc; DVD Release Date: August 13, ; Run Time: Meet the Hollowheads (Region 1 Import DVD) / Director: Tom Burman / Actor: John Glover / Actor: Nancy Mette ; ; Movies & TV. Home · ALL DVDs A-Z Meet The Hollowheads At the center of this tale is the Hollowhead family, consisting of a hard-working dad with Release Date

Meanwhile, back at casa de Hollowhead, Cindy Hollowhead Juliette LewisMiriam and Henry Hollowhead's succulent teenage daughter rumour has it, her pussy tastes like candyis trying to focus on an upcoming social function of some importance. After applying her make-up using her wall-mounted make-up mask it shoots lipstick, eyeliner, rouge, mascara, and blush onto her face through a series of tubesit's obvious that Cindy is finding the strain of adolescence too much to bear.

She attempts to work through some of these issues by employing a totally awesome dress up montage. But, unfortunately, Billy catches her while she's in the middle of practicing her sexy voice in her bedroom mirror. Using the feeding of their basement-dwelling grandfather as a bargaining chip, Billy promises not to tell anyone about her mirror antics if she agrees to administer his meals for the next three terms.

Why, that's an odd way of putting it. This, however, should come as no surprise, as every action in Life on the Edge is performed in a somewhat off-kilter manner. And the feeding of the elderly is no different.

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After navigating an ominous-looking hallway ninety-nine percent of the corridors in the Hollowhead household contain properties that are ominous in natureCindy comes to a door that leads to some kind of boiler room. Once inside, she walks towards a dishevelled man strapped to a dentist chair. When she's done making sure that his bib is on securely, Cindy lifts up a giant syringe and proceeds to inject the senile old coot with enough sustenance to last him until the next term.

As she began to attach the syringe to his feeding tube, my eyes began to widen when I noticed that the liquified sludge masquerading as food inside Cindy's syringe was in fact iridescent. We have iridescent sludge in a syringe!

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Truth be told, it's the only reason I watch movies anymore, and there it was, shimmering in its translucent housing like a deformed baby taking a well-deserved nap on a bed of radioactive hair curlers. Even though I feel like a pathetic pipe seed for asking, but is it okay if I use this space to describe the outfits Cindy tries on during her totally awesome dress up montage?

Well, gosh golly, you scuzzy pumpsucker, my tubes are flusher than a recently molested apricot. Anxious to look her best for the party, Cindy tries on five outfits to the apt strains of " I Feel Good About Myself ," a catchy ditty written by Glenn A. Jordan and sung by Mendy Lee.

Starting things off with a super-tight pink and black checkerboard dress with striped sleeves, Cindy, her legs encased in black pantyhose, practices arching her back and thrusting the uncertainty-laden contents of her still developing vaginal expanse in front of the full-length located in her bedroom.

The next article of clothing to rub up against her maidenly skin is a silver ballerina-style dress covered with sequins. While modeling this particular garment, Cindy pretends that the playful extensions she's added to her hair are, in actuality, part of her face a girl's desire to have a mustache is perfectly normal, as it shows that they're itching to mature.

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Yet another super-tight ensemble, Cindy's subsequent get-up is a curve-hugging, rainbow-inspired frock that has been matched with opera gloves, one orange and one pink, and a pair of mauve tights the sound of the mauve fabric grinding together as she crossed her legs must have been, in a word, exquisite. This impish outfit was my personal favourite, as it employs unorthodox colours without sacrificing any of its innate chic appeal.

The tight motif continues unabated as Cindy deploys a tight-fitting pair of pink capri pants. Choosing to wear a belly-revealing top that had a distinctly tropical theme, you'd think the monochromatic make-up of the trousers would clash with the top's more polychromatic personality.

But, in fact, the exact opposite occurs, as the two pieces seemed to coalesce with one another in a way that was quite unexpected. Proving that her closet is a bottomless pit in terms of haute couture diversity, Cindy's fifth, and, sadly, final outfit to be featured in the totally awesome dress up montage, is a puffy polka-dot dress that she has decided to wear with a pair of white frilly gloves.

Content in the knowledge that her abundantly juicy gams are, to quote the not great Robin Leach from Troop Beverly Hills"smashingly sheathed" in the tightest pair of white pantyhose this side of Contra Costa CountyCindy stares at herself in the mirror, and, after a second or two, makes an age inappropriate kissy face, and mouths the words "yes" to herself, signifying that she has made her choice. As a triumphant Cindy is basking in the self-satisfied glow that usually follows a well-orchestrated dress up montage, Miriam Hollowhead still slaving away in the kitchen.

Whether sucking the black out of a black eye, making one of her "specials" which looked like some kind of amphibian burritoor luring the penis-like creature that lives in the kitchen wall out of its hole so that she may chop it up into a dozen or so pieces, Miriam is a domestic goddess. Rarely seen without her pink apron and pink rubber gloves, Miriam, the waves in her hair sculptured to perfection, is an expert when it comes to extracting gooey fluid from rigid tubes, an important skill to have in a world replete with hollow passageways and bulky ruptures.

When their guest finally does arrive, Henry Hollowhead finds himself up a purge pipe without a paddle, as Miriam's shapely stems, not his promotion, seem to be the focal point of Mr. Seriously, her nectareous wheels are under constant ocular bombardment from the wonderfully depraved CEO, a timing-obsessed lech in a purple pinstriped suit.

While I didn't exactly agree with his views on child rearing, or his dislike for rationalism his ex-wife was a rationalist, but, then again, he only married her because she was a "sumptuous piece of throbbing flesh"but I did find myself nodding in agreement whenever he interacted with Miriam and Cindy Hollowhead. The third and by all accounts the weakest of the serials, Universe starts with Ming the Merciless picking on Earth as usualhis spacecraft sprinkling a dust which causes The Purple Death instant extinction with a single purple dot on the forehead!

Zarkov and Dale once more climb into their zizzing sparkler-powered rocketship to kick some Mongo butt, and wind up spending twelve episodes there. Ming's captive scientists come up with deadly weapons, Zarkov invents counter-weapons, Flash falls off precipices, and Dale simpers a lot. I distinctly recall one Rocketman episode which ended with a hero - or rather, a dummy wearing the hero's costume - was crushed by a pneumatic press.

Next week, forget the dummy, the hero rolled out of the way in the nick of time. Okay, he grabs a ledge on his way down, or falls into water, or survives being electrocuted for no particularly good reason, but events are not significantly changed after the fact. I give it points for that.

meet the hollowheads dvd new releases

Am I the only one who's disturbed by the fact that the rocketship pilots can't see where they're going? Ming's sadism must extend even into his most faithful servants, as witness the fact that he gives his Captains names like Torch and Thong.

And why is it, every time someone falls off a cliff or into a pit, we hear a chimpanzee screech? Twice, if it's two people falling?

Adventure-wise, it's a pretty cliched but fairly entertaining concoction, especially if you limit yourself to, say, one episode a day. These are the TV re-issues of the episodes, with an on-screen title of Space Soldiers Conquer the Universe, which also replaces the original Universal copyright info with a "King Features Presents" logo.

The whites are very washed out, and speckling is evident, but under control.

meet the hollowheads dvd new releases

Again, nice work is done on the audio. Alpha has put out a number of serials including the aforementioned Commando Cody Radar Men from the Moon and my next purchase, the Gene Autry vs Atlantis potboiler The Phantom Empireall of them split over two separately -marketed discs. This is initially annoying, but since the discs are so blamed cheap, it's hard to knock Alpha for taking this route, and possibly making a little money for themselves.

Let's talk about an old-timer - Goodtimes Video. Goodtimes has been around for-freaking-ever, it seems sincein fact ; their VHS offerings were staples of bargain bins for years. The tapes were a dodgy investment, quality-wise - frequently, to keep costs down, the tapes were Ts recorded at Insanely Slow Speed, resulting in a blurry, soft picture.

What we in the trade refer to as "stepped-on". DVDs, however, are already cheap to mass produce and Goodtimes has entered the market in a impressive manner. Now, I dearly love my cartoons. When I was a child, I swore that, unlike most grown-ups of my acquaintance, I would never abandon them.

So far, that's one of the very few of those promises that I've kept. The one about Making Them All Pay was, in retrospect, a bit beyond my reach So I've a fair number of animation collections like this. The bad news is, there's a reason most of these cartoons are forgotten. The long-gone Van Beuren Studio is heavily represented, and they were never even in the running for my list of favorite cartoon makers.

Though technically they're decent, the jokes and storylines are hackneyed and mediocre. I mean, the creatures are foreign, right? So they gotta talk in fractured, comical English like foreigners, right? But if you also wondered what a Toonerville Trolley cartoon looked like, this is the place to find out.

Meet the Hollowheads – USA, 1989

And when you see a Paramount cartoon announcing "Featuring Dog Face", with all the aplomb of a Donald Duck or Barney Bear, or any other alliteratively aliased animal Fan Page for Dog Face. Instead, I see a stranger's face there, and I realize that this is the only picture Dog Face ever made. I am filled with a great sadness at this. You poor bastard, I think. Where are you now? I'd take exception to calling Tex Avery's Doggone Tired forgotten, since it seems to show up on Cartoon Network at least once a week, but there are a few hard-to-find little gems here.

The absolute find here, though, is the Harman-Ising short To Spring, much beloved by fans of Peewee's Playhouse as the cartoon where the wizened gnome keeps screaming "Time for Spring, I say! There are two directors credited on To Spring: The image is a little soft, betraying a video rather than a film transfer, but the toons are all in terrific shape. And having a good copy of To Spring alone was worth the six bucks I shelled out for this disc. Each disc is tricked out as a drive-in double feature even reminding you to "drive carefully" at the end of the showwith cartoons and, in lieu of trailers, toy commercials from the 60s.

It got pegged as a "guilty pleasure" by either Siskel or Ebert, I don't remember which But if I found Transplant the more memorable film, whatever that second feature was must have been utter crap.