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Keeping Up with the Joneses was an American gag-a-day comic strip by Arthur R . "Pop" Mormand that ran from to It depicts the McGinis family. Rehost Content. Content should be re-hosted onto imgur. Remember to link to the artist's blog in the comments. Exceptions will be made for. The Welsh say that when you can see the coast of Devon from Swansea, it's going to rain. And when you can't, it's raining already.

That's a nuclear reactor?! In Frozenthe Duke of Weselton insists it is pronounced "Wessel-ton" when everyone pronounces is "Weasel-town". Later inverted in Zootopiawhich features a character named Duke Weaselton who corrects others who pronounce it "Wessel-ton". At Bonnie's place in Toy Story 3when Woody shows the inscription "Andy" on his boot sole to the other toys, he presents it upside down. I believe it's pronounced "Yid-nay.

Lord Whorfin calls him "Bigbooty" and the U.

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Secretary of Defense calls him "Big Boot". Near the end of the movie he actually gets shot by Lord Whorfin because of his angry insistence that his surname be pronounced "big-boo-TAY". When Lane Meyer John Cusack invites the French foreign exchange student from across the street to dinner, his mother, seeking to impress, serves exotic dishes like "Frahnch fries" and salad with "Frahnch dressing". In The Bank DickW. Accent grave over the e! The pun doesn't really work nowadays, but back then souse was a slang term for a drunkard.

It's a Giftin which W. If it weren't for a close-up of a written statement in which his name is spelt out, we wouldn't know that it's actually spelt "Frere". Low class Frenchy Tracey Ullman calls crudites "crudd-iytes". For the first third or so of Mel Brooks 's Young FrankensteinFrederick Frankenstein consistently corrects people's pronunciation of his surname: Ultimately Frankenstein accepts the traditional way of pronouncing his name when he takes up the family trade — Eye-gor sticks with his.

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Another Mel Brooks example: Little-Oldman accent on Old. Yet another Mel Brooks example: When he's Distracted by the Sexyeven he has to remind himself. Apparently, Mel Brooks really liked having fun with this one. Reversed in The Producers: People tend to leave off the l in his first name.

At the end, when someone actually is talking about Hedy Lamarr, he still corrects them. Horny" even after hearing it pronounced correctly. In The Comedy of Terrors, the central characters had several exchanges along these lines: But that's what I said. In Corky Romanothe title character's FBI alias changes his surname to "Pissant" after a bumbling hacker misinterprets an insult as the answer to his question of what the name should be.

Don't try and church it up son. Don't you mean Joe Dirt? Satan", to which she is corrected. Harris Steve Martin and his friends agree to meet at a trendy new restaurant whose name is pronounced "leed-YO", but when the scene shifts there, we see that it's actually spelled "L'Idiot", and that is the correct pronunciation in French. Night Shyamalan instructed actors to pronounce several words "Ong", "Ahvatar", "Soaka", "Ee-roh" as though their written forms followed transliteration conventions for Asian languages, rather than being intended to best approximate their actual pronunciation with conventional English spelling.

Except "avatar" has long been an English word, and one can probably assume that the original creators of the animated series didn't have the voice actors incorrectly pronounce names they made up. Minute Man is constantly correcting people that it's " My-noot Man! Do I look like a soldier from the Revolutionary War? I don't think so!

Am I wearing a three-cornered hat? Battle of the Smithsonian has a security guard named Brandon who insists his name is pronounced "Brundon" despite being spelled with an A. It's 18th century French Huguenot! La Boeuf insists his last name is pronounced "La Beef", though that wouldn't be the French pronunciation. In the French movie Mesrine: It's pronounced MEH-rine, insert French curse word of choice! Pirates of the Caribbean: Settled with "It's a mythical creature, I can calls it what I likes.

In The Third ManDr. Winkle has to keep reminding Martins that his name is actually pronounced 'Vinkle'. Of course, Martins seems prone to these Accidental Misnaming moments as he keeps referring to Major Calloway as 'Callahan'.

That's Calloway, not "Callahan. Russian Minister of Transportation. Gnorm of A Gnome Named Gnorm a. Upworld pronounces his name and that of his race with a hard G. He meets a human detective who corrects him, claiming that the G is silent.

Gnorm first replies "No it's g-not! In Get Smarta George W. Bush Expy President played by James Caan pronounces "nuclear" as "nucular".

Da Chiefobviously already on edge, blows up and corrects him as Anne Hathaway writes in big huge capital letters on a piece of paper using a purple crayon, giving the Expy President a hard time not to see Da Chief before he explodes. The message written by a female agent? In Crazy Stupid Loveseveral characters pronounce David Lindhagen's last name as "Lind-hey-gen", even after he corrects them that it is pronounced "Lind-hah-gen".

His wife's in Ibiza. She left her diamonds behind, though. Worried they might get stolen. You wouldn't want any of these folks realizing you're a crook, not a social climber. In Final Justicenobody Geronimo meets in Malta ever says his name correctly: After antagonist Jack Lime loses a bet with Ron and is forced to change his name to "Jack Lame", he tries to get around the "embarrassing punishment" part pronouncing it as Lah-mey, which annoys Ron.

Later on in the film when Daniel comes down to Kermit he insists he'd rather go by "Danny L. Teddy mispronounces David Bowie 's name as "Booie. Bush ask a waitress for a "quickie.

There's an old joke: Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky. The joke can work with other cities like New Orleans. Lampshaded in Terry Pratchett 's novel Hogfather: Psycho for Hire Mr. Teatime keeps telling people that his name is pronounced "Te-ah-ti-meh". Fortunately, he only considers it slightly annoying when they get it wrong. Amusingly, many of the cast in Sky One's Hogfather miniseries find more than one way to pronounce "Te-ah-ti-meh" each, including Marc Warren Mr. This is brilliantly translated in French: Teatime is called M.

Another Discworld one, from the Tiffany Aching subseries: Also from the Tiffany Aching subseries: Roland de Chumsfanleigh, pronounced "Chuffley". Usually footnoted with, "It wasn't his fault. This is a Real Life surname, though. And originally almost always spelled "Death". The surname derives from men who played the character of Death in the medieval mystery plays each English town put on — the roles were lifelong and hereditary.

The "d'Eath" or "d'Ath" construction is meant to make the name sound Norman French and therefore snooty. In The Science of Discworldthe wizards are observing life evolving on the Roundworld, in spite of both absence of essential elements like Narrativium and Deitygenand of the constant disasters like comet strikes it faces. They suggest it has a quality that they could describe as a conceptual element that they have a difficulty coming up with a name for; "Bloodimindium" just doesn't sound right, so the Lecturer in Recent Runes suggests changing the accent: Lord Peter Wimsey has two middle names: The first is supposed to be pronounced "deeth".

This actually matters in one of the novels. In Murder Must Advertise and in at least one other story: Rowling learned that fans were having trouble pronouncing Hermione's name. And people still call her "Her-my-nee", probably because its smoother and because of the films. It's still wrong, but better than pronunciation that was challenged: But it is pronounced correctly, as "Her-MY-oh-nee", in the films. The third syllable is subtle, but present.

Defied in The Intruders with this little exchange. And so does everyone else I've ever met. In Anne of Avonlea, the second Anne of Green Gables book, the mother of two of Anne's students insists on their last name being pronounced Donnell, accent on the second syllable.

She also insists on her son being called St. Clair, although he prefers his birth name of Jacob. In the Victorian novel Barchester Towers from The Chronicles of Barsetshire by Anthony Trollopeone character has the last name Slope, which the narrator informs us was originally Slop he is supposed to be the descendant of a character from Tristram Shandy but was changed for "euphony".

The literary scholar John Sutherland posited that this may have been a self-deprecating reference to the author's own last name, which minus the "e" is a synonym for whore.


His surname should be pronounced "Shvay", but because everyone pronounces it "Kwedge" he's decided to go along with it. In his first appearance, in Original Sinalthough his new partner Roz Forrester pronounces it correctly, he corrects her. In Don Juan by Lord Byron: In order to rhyme with such phrases as "new one" and "true one", the name Don Juan has to be pronounced "don-DZHU-an".

It was pronounced that way in England during Byron's time.

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Sneaking onto Imperial Center as a battered, partly cybernetic Imperial pilot, Wedge Antilles goes by Colonel Antar Roat, and has to tell a customs official that it's pronounced Ro-at. The buzz of the voice modulator — cybernetic, remember? Wodehouse had lots of fun with this. A particularly memorable example would be in Indiscretions of Archie, when the title character explains that his surname, Moffam, is pronounced "Moom".

This week, Welsh national pride is anything but flat. Fiercely nationalistic, the Welsh like to compete with anyone and everyone. On and off the pitch, their motto is like the Stereophonics' song, As long we beat the English, we don't care. Our event is going to be heaving like a pub near the Millennium Stadium. They'll be stirring the rugby pot, and this time - for a change - without the wooden spoon. With this - and the two winning slams - we're returning to the glory days of Welsh rugby and a new dawn is rising,' adds Speed.

Anyone who has experienced the unique atmosphere in the Welsh capital on the day of an international cannot but subscribe to this notion. For those who have not, the welcome that will be given to the world champions at the Hong Kong Sevens this year - and in years to come - will be a small nudge in the right direction,' adds Thomas, who is also vice-president of the Welsh Society.

Let's face it, that chariot is just a runaway shopping trolley in an English council estate these days. As Dudley Wood said, 'The relationship between the Welsh and the English is based on trust and understanding. They don't trust us, and we don't understand them'. And this month, the Welsh diaspora that has infiltrated industry and sport in Hong Kong has something to sing about.