Meet the kids southwest of paradise falls

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meet the kids southwest of paradise falls

You can then meet the children at the front gate to Paradise Falls and simply escort Rory will head southwest out of Paradise Falls and you may encounter him. I went to Paradise Falls, killed all of the Slavers, and let the children free. It then said to "meet the children southwest of Paradise Falls.". I just rescued the children and they go out through the bathroom. says to meet them southwest of paradise falls. i go out side (but of course the.

The best time to do this is around midnight when he's the only one around, pretty much.

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You have two options now: Speech Challenge Forty and trick him into thinking he should get a raise from Eulogy. He promptly goes to arrange this. Find a slavin called Crimson and Speech Challenge her that Forty is looking lonesome tonight. If this doesn't work, pay up Caps to enclose the deal either way. This will keep Forty occupied.

With Forty out of the way, all that's left to is talk to Squirrel and Sammy.

How to complete rescue from paradise in fallout 3?

Looks like Penny doesn't want to leave. Head over to her and she tells you that a Mungo called Rory Maclaren is stuck here too, and that she isn't planning on leaving him behind. You can Speech Challenge Penny into leaving him behind. If this doesn't work, you're going to need a key. There are three keys available, and you should already have the one from the table. The other two are much harder to get, because you'd have to pickpocket either Forty or Eulogy themselves!

Fortunately one key is more than enough. Open the box nearby the toilets and talk to Rory. You can leave him on his own, kill all slavers first no, no or escort him to the gate yourself. The latter is your best bet, although he is likely to be killed by slavers either way.

It doesn't matter if he dies, and even if the slavers find out it's you they just play dumb about it. There is no Karma loss either. At any rate, quickly head back to Penny and tell her the bad news. She will now escape Paradise Falls as well. Head back outside and meet the kids on the worldmap. You can now fasttravel back to the Little Lamplight, and the kids will be fine.

MacCready lets you inside, and you can finally continue your main quest.

Rescue from Paradise - Fallout 3 Guide

Picking Up the Trail Continued: When inside, talk to Mayor MacCready again. It looks like there are two way to get into the vault, a safe and a not-so-safe one. The safe path requires a somewhat trained Science skill, so you're out of luck if you don't. You can wear Lab Coats Lesko's, perhaps? This path requires you to talk to MacCready, followed by talking to a kid named Joseph who can be found in the Great Chamber.

You'll also need to hack a terminal in order to take the safe path. On the other hand, the Murder Path is. First of all, head over to the food area. Now head to the Great Chamber.

Rescue from Paradise

If you have a 50 Barter Skill you can buy it for Caps, or, even better, if you have the Child at Heart perk, you can get it for free. Search the area some more. When you're ready to continue you soon find you have two option: Go through Murder Pass.

meet the kids southwest of paradise falls

Many, many, many Super Mutants lurk here. Go through the Vault 87 door requires a 50 Science Skill. I suggest you go for option 2, which means you need to find Joseph, who can be found in The Great Chamber. The thing is, Joseph can be a pain to find. What usually works best is to head into the office near the entrance of Little Lamplight and wait until it's 8.

Joseph will sometimes be teaching in the classroom. Because the residence of Paradise Falls are slave traders or slavers, for shortthey are bad guys.

So it's actually a good thing in terms of your karma to kill every living resident of Paradise Falls. This is how we played this.

meet the kids southwest of paradise falls

But keep in mind that if you're playing as a bad guy or in search of bad karma, you have to treat the slavers as friends and make a deal with them to get your friends freed. There's several ways to do this, from bribing them to forcing them to accept you. We don't cover that here, however. The entrance to Paradise Falls proper is actually down a garbage and scrap metal-ridden path near the side of what was once a fast food restaurant.

meet the kids southwest of paradise falls

It's guarded by several guards, and when you first approach them, the game will automatically take over and put you into a conversation with the lead guard. You can either talk to him from here, threaten him, try to win him over as mentioned aboveor opt out of the conversation completely. You must to the latter in order to get good karma here, opening up fire on him and his nearby cohorts thereafter. Try to get as close to the initial guy you kill before opening fire; this way, your hit rate will be as high as you can get it.

Keep in mind that as soon as you open fire, however, things will get a little rough. To persevere, you have to get through the initial guards of Paradise Falls. Be sure to pick their bodies clean of all of their goods, from weapons to armor to ammunition.

They all should have pretty good stuff on them. Be absolutely sure that you grab the Paradise Falls Box Key from one of their bodies before going through the door into Paradise Falls proper. That key is what will allow you to open the cells where the children from Lamplight are being held at the back of the compound, but first you have to get through about a dozen angry slavers, some better-armed than others, but all pretty upset that you're killing their friends.

Oh, and if you're especially lucky, expect to find a Mesmetron on one of these early slavers. Part 2[ edit ] The key to surviving such a bloody melee is simple -- patience. If you're patient, keeping a well-defended and fortified position while concentrating on killing a single slaver at a time, you should have little issue surviving the fray.

In Paradise Falls proper, keep clicking the VATS button to identify new threats around you at all times, and try to pick as many off as possible from the well-fortified area in front of the initial door before pushing further into the compound. Keep an eye on your flanks and try not to get too inundated with enemies. If two or more guys are giving you a hard time at once, a grenade or mine or missile launcher! Only when it appears that all enemies in the area are killed should you then take the time to pick their bodies clean of their myriad valuables.


So, the coast is clear, but it's not time to free the prisoners yet, because there are still stragglers about. The first building you'll want to enter is on your left after entering the main area of Paradise Falls.

meet the kids southwest of paradise falls

It's the weapon shop of the slavers, and it's called Lock and Load. Within, you're likely to find two well-armed, hostile slavers. Take them both out as quickly as you can and then pick their bodies clean grab the Lock and Load Supply Key from one of their bodies.

All of the weapons lying around on the counter, in lockers, and boxes are yours for the taking. Expect to find a lot of stuff here you may need to head back to Megaton or Rivet City and unload some of it before proceeding. Amongst the more valuable things are three Assault Rifles, a Silenced 10mm Pistol, a Sawed-Off Shotgun and two Stimpaks, but you'll find much more than that in total.

You can explore the back room and basement, but other than a bed to sleep in, you'll find little else of interest. Leave the arms shop and run straight across to the door ahead which would be on your right if you were just entering the area. This is the slavers' barracks, and should be guarded by two well-armed women who will attack you as soon as you enter.

Take them both out as quickly as you can, combing their bodies for goods. Then, concentrate on searching around for anything you might want to take with you. Regrettably, there's little of any substantial value here, but you can find Boxes of Detergent and Milk Bottles aplenty. The real valuable stuff is in the Power Fist you should find, as well as the numerous bottles of Whiskey lying about.

You can also grab Nuka-Cola from the machine and Pilot Lights from the two ovens. Adjacent to the barracks, once outside, is another set of doors. The slavers' doctor will attack you when you enter don't let down your guard if no one seems to be there

meet the kids southwest of paradise falls