Meet the mini 10v price

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 - External Reviews

meet the mini 10v price

2GB Upgrade for a Dell Inspiron Mini 10v System: Electronics. Crucial memory is often available at lower prices than lower-quality modules. Read reviews of Dell laptop Dell Mini (Netbook). Read genuine customer reviews from people who have bought this computer and choose from the. If you can handle the odd touchpad, the Dell Inspiron Mini 10v is a solid 10 inch Dell's Mini 10v is their low cost version of their Mini 10 netbook and in many.

Even after adjusting the opening angle there is practically no flapping evident. Both hands are needed to open the device. However, closing works one-handedly. The mini-notebook is closed automatically below a certain opening angle and can thus do without a transport latch. Connectivity Interestingly, Dell has omitted a VGA connection directly on the case of the Inspiron Mini 10 and provides a future-proof HDMI connection for the full digital picture and sound transmission.

meet the mini 10v price

There are two possibilities to transmit video signals to a, for instance, projector or a display with VGA connection: The extension-docking station with VGA connection for notebooks from Kensington offered by Dell as accessory. For an additional The converter itself, for instance the HDFury about One of these is executed as a Powered-USB Principally, the port arrangement is by and large alright in view of the form factor for both lefties and righties.

Lefties have a special advantage with the device, as there is only the cardreader built into the front left side. The left-sided USB 2. After which only the power socket and a connection for a Kensington lock follow on this side. In return, the audio ports have been placed in the far right front. This is quite beneficial for connecting the headphones and the microphone. Then on the right, placed almost centrally, the HDMI connection follows. The back side has to be kept free from interfaces due to the battery.

The convergent front edge can't bid any interfaces, either. Kensington lock, power socket, USB 2. This also supports Draft-n and provides for quick wireless data transmission via WLAN at according infrastructure. A surcharge of The basic configuration only includes a Dell Wireless mini card Bluetooth builds an interface, over which the Mini 10 can communicate with small mobile appliances such as mobile phones and PDAs or even peripheral devices.

Along with the built-in microphone also in the upper display bevel and loudspeakers, video telephony via internet is also possible without a headset.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Series

As to the operating system: Recovery data carriers are just as included as a CD with drivers in the scope of delivery. A whole range of other accessories can also be ordered in the online-configurator - of course with a surcharge. Among other things, the warranty can be extended from a standard 12 month warranty to 24 months for an additional Input Devices The keyboard uses the whole available width. The alphanumeric keys have turned out pleasantly sized for a netbook with a side length of 16 millimeters.

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The other keys in the first row are broader in the back due to the grouped arrangement of the arrow keys. Thanks to a standard layout, a typo-free touch typing is possible right away.

There is nothing to be criticized in regards to the type feel.

meet the mini 10v price

Contrarily, the keyboard works surprisingly quiet and smooth, and also with sufficient palpable feedback. Because the keys have a matt surface, the type feel turns out to be pleasant, too. Regrettably, this doesn't apply to the shimmering silver wrist rests, though.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Series - External Reviews

The Inspiron Mini 10 offers a sufficiently wide touchpad as mouse substitute, even if a bit narrow with 37 millimeters height, but with 77 millimeters breadth. The roughened surface feels pleasant and the mouse cursor control is precise and possible without problems, as long as there's not too much pressure applied when the touchpad is stroked. The touchpad reacts somewhat too sensitive at tap-to-click or multi-touch features with the driver's presettings, which are configurable in the driver.

It happened time and again in the test that the image was enlarged instead of a change of the mouse cursor's position. It offers a more attractive chassis than its predecessor, better audio and video performance, and over 9 hours of battery life—nearly double the previous generation. CNet As a master of the build-to-order PC, it's no surprise that Dell has managed to create a reasonably customizable version of the Netbook.

While most vendors offer them as one-size-fits-all solutions or with only very minor options, such as color and hard drivethe Inspiron Mini 10 has plenty of ways it can become the perfect Netbook for you. Dell's popular Mini 10 is the most customizable Netbook we've seen. Adding extras such as a higher-resolution display makes it more useful, but also blurs the price line between Netbooks and mainstream laptops. However, there is plenty of entertainment value in having a built-in TV tuner, especially if it means a backseat of quiet children on a long car ride.

Factor in its lengthy battery life, and this Dell Mini 10 is a decent choice for those who want their TV on the go. Computer Shopper The Mini 10 netbook gets jazzed up with a stunning design, a beautiful display, and a TV tuner. The base price is below average, the performance is about average, the design is exceptional, and the TV tuner is downright cool. And to boost the value quotient, Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: While the latter is designed to be a cheap as possible in the name of robust portable computing, the goal of the 10 proper is to be more a jack of all trades.

Like all the current crop of Atom netbooks though, the lack of a decent GPU is an annoyance and, in this case, the HDMI port brings that annoyance into somewhat sharper relief. PC Authority The NC10 is also the better performer, as well as offering that staggering seven-hour battery life. It's possible Dell will come up with a world-beating netbook, but this isn't it.

meet the mini 10v price

CNet So far, Dell's netbooks have been hit and miss. We liked the cute Inspiron Mini 9, but were less enamoured with the under-powered Inspiron Mini 12, so we were keen to see how the Inspiron Mini 10 shapes up.

The annoying trackpad and awkwardly designed battery pack are big letdowns, however. Dell still has some way to go before it produces a really stunning netbook. Although the Mini 10 is an improvement on the Mini 9 and, for that matter, the Mini 12, Dell is still playing catch-up with the major players in this market, and it's hard to recommend this machine when you compare it with the other inch netbooks available such as Samsung's NC10 and N and Asus's HE.

With poor battery life and unimpressive performance the Dell Mini 10 does its job perfectly well but at the asking price is less than impressive.

meet the mini 10v price

Mobile Tech Review The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is marketed primarily as a secondary laptop for people who would like to take their light to moderate workloads to places where a full-sized laptop might not dare to go, and this is indeed who it will work best for.

Techradar A great screen, but better options exist at this price. While the excellent keyboard and screen of the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 provide strong selling points, the limited mobility and poor components restrict usability. It's not that the Dell is a bad netbook — far from it — it's just that many better netbooks can be bought at this price. PC Advisor Battery life was the damper on an otherwise very well turned out netbook.

In size, style, general performance and ergonomics, this Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is a must-see for any shortlist. If you need a slightly faster 1. Fudzilla The Inspiron Mini 10 is pretty much a mixed bag, and although it shows promise and offers a few nice features and design concepts, it has a few serious shortcomings as well. For some reason Dell chose to launch it with a 3-cell battery, which doesn't provide you with a lot of juice.

Most vendors are slowly phasing out 3-cell units in favor of 6-cell or 4-cell batteries, even on entry level SKUs. Of course, you can get a 6-cell power pack for the Mini 10, but you're basically paying for something you are supposed to get straight out of the box, and that's something no consumer enjoys.