Meet the parents spoof

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meet the parents spoof

Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller, stars of the 'Meet the Parents' franchise, Robert Mueller and Michael Cohen in a 'Saturday Night Live' parody. Crass comedy has lots of sex, profanity, drugs. Read Common Sense Media's Meet the Parents review, age rating, and parents guide. Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller surprised viewers by showing up in the "SNL" " Meet the Parents" spoof during the show's cold open on Saturday.

She shows off her dance moves, then twerks and bounce and backs up to the couple with her massive booty for them to scream while she bounces and crushes them under her butt.

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The extended scene is she has backup dancers and she bounces and shows off her dance moves until she shakes her massive booty right to them for them to scream and knocks them over with both of her buttcheeks to end it.

Andy initially seems to harbor no resentment towards Julia for marrying Grant, going so far as to help Julia shop for her wedding dress. At the dress store, Julia hits her head on a power box and finds that she can read people's thoughts. Julia finds from reading Andy's mind that she wants to get back together with Grant and plans to split the two of them up.

Julia and Andy fight each other, Kill Bill -style. In one alternate version of the film adaptation, they walk off the screen—presumably to the left—in order to engage in "foot fellatio" to quote Danny Jack Cortes verbatim. She cannot forgive Grant, and agrees to marry Nicky.

meet the parents spoof

Once at the altar with Nicky, Julia is regretting it and has flashbacks about her and Grant. Frank objects to the union and realizes he was wrong about Grant who liked her even when Julia was ugly having seen the flashbackhe persuades her to go after Grant who is revealed to have waited for months.

meet the parents spoof

Julia journeys to meet him as he is leaving, while tossing aside Andy who was pursuing him too. Julia arrives too late and sees Grant on the streets before she falls off the roof, though is conveniently caught by Grant.

meet the parents spoof

They get back together and get married, with Hitch officiating. Andy and Nicky meet at the wedding, and fall in love.

meet the parents spoof

Meanwhile, Grant and Julia leave in a horse and carriage. Julia also gets a present from her mother-in-law: King Kong comes on and rips off her dress, leaving her clad in a leopard print bikini. King Kong then gropes her, she says "I like hairy guys" and King Kong roars and flattens her.

meet the parents spoof

Greg loses his cool on an airplane and gets removed. Lots of lying and sneaking around by Jack, who mistrusts everyone and spies on everyone.

Meet the Parents

Violence Frequent comic peril and pratfalls. Greg's over-exuberance in water volleyball results in an injury to his girlfriend's sister, bloodying her nose and giving her a swollen-shut black eye. While trying to catch Jack's escaped cat, Greg starts a fire, causing destruction to the site where his girlfriend's sister's wedding was to be held. An overflowed septic tank's seepage into the yard results in a truck getting stuck and spraying fecal matter on the characters with its tires.

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Jack and Greg engage in reckless high-speed driving in one scene. Sex After Greg loses his suitcase by the airline, he is given the wrong suitcase; Jack pries it open and discovers a variety of sex toys. While trying to initiate sex, Greg uses a pet name for his penis as he begins to fondle the breasts of his girlfriend. Greg inadvertently positions a nanny-cam so it's looking up the skirt of his girlfriend's mother.

An ex-boyfriend of Greg's girlfriend tells him how she's a "tomcat.