Meet the people session bishan community

Meet the MP session

meet the people session bishan community

The replacement for Mr Zainudin, he helped out at Meet-the-People sessions from to and has served in Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC Community Club. Two Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC residents could become MPs on their home as important as Meet-The-People sessions or formal settings," he said. from my community work, to benefit residents of Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC. MPS is defined as Meet the People Session somewhat frequently. Tampines WebTown: A Community Pilot Project. bishan-toa payoh grc 7 bishan-toa payoh town council news may / june bishan-toa payoh north bishan east.

Mr Chong, the oldest of the three at 49, will take over Mr Wong's ward, Toa Payoh, a job which gives him "big shoes to fill", he said.

Mr Wong described him as one who "works very hard" and has "strong, sound values". He comes with a good heart," Mr Wong said. Mr Saktiandi, 41, has been doing volunteer work for more than a decade, starting with the youth wing of the Association of Muslim Professionals.

Asked why he wanted to stand for election, the former kampung boy and now father of three said: I believe in the Singapore dream. I want to hear from residents on how we can improve their living environment, improve their lives, for both HDB and private estates," said the year-old, who is married and has four children.

Mr Hri Kumar, whom Mr Chee will replace, describes the new candidate as "quick and sharp to grasp issues" although he has not been active in grassroots work for long because of his position in the civil service. But Mr Chee is said to have recently undertaken grassroots work in Marine Parade; he is also a volunteer with SCORE's Training Committee, which focuses on training inmates and helping them find jobs after their release from prison.

Read more about the coming Singapore General Election here. And the party that convinces the voters here that it can best take care of them will win their support. Former senior civil servant. His last post was second permanent secretary in the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Married to a year-old housewife.

meet the people session bishan community

They have a son, 15, and three daughters, 12, nine and four. Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and computer science, and Bachelor of Arts in economics from the University of California at Berkeley Hobbies: Travel, reading and jogging Why politics? Going into politics is not an easy decision.

I have four young children and my wife and I were concerned about how this will affect our family and the time I have with them. I eventually managed to persuade my wife to support my decision.

I explained that we are at a very critical juncture of our nation's development.

Meet-The-People Session (MPS)

And this is a time when we need people who can contribute to step forward. I have useful experience in the civil service and community work. I volunteer with Score Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprise where I help inmates, provide training for them and help them look for work after their release from prison.

So there are areas where I can make use of my past experience, both from the civil service and also from my community work, to benefit residents of Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC. What issues will you focus on?

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I would like to see a caring, inclusive, harmonious society because it is the necessary criteria that will hold us together as a country. Favourite spot in Singapore? There is also a range of shops nearby: It is a vibrant HDB heartland. Married to a housewife, They have four sons aged between nine and Jogging, soccer, golf I have been involved in charity fund-raising, social enterprise and the labour movement. I've also had two years in the grassroots, as vice-chairman of the Citizens Consultative Committee for Bishan East.

Going into politics gives me a different, bigger platform to do more for people.

meet the people session bishan community

You can help to shape policies by gathering feedback on how policies affect people on the ground. I feel my private sector experience is a plus. I've spent time working with people from all levels, nationalities and cultures and I've been in the hospitality industry for 15 years.

I think this will be very useful on the ground when I interact with residents. The key role I want to play is to understand how policy impacts the ground. You can't change the policy for an exception.