Meet the press ratings since chuck todd took over for jay

Chuck Todd kicks off 'Meet the Press' gig with Obama. Can he boost ratings? -

meet the press ratings since chuck todd took over for jay

Meet the Press transcript archive June Jay Sekulow, Sen. .. Jason Chaffetz, Anita Dunn, Chuck Todd, Kathleen Parker, Will. It's a fight over the direction of the court for a generation or more. . Since the president gave-- we gave a lot to the North Koreans. . CHUCK TODD:I take your point To listen to an audio podcast, mouse over the title and click Play. John Kasich ( R) joins Chuck Todd to talk about the state of the Republican party, Rep. Chuck Todd will begin as host of “Meet the Press” this Sunday with an interview of President Obama. With an office shelf stocked with a George W. Bush bobblehead, every As Todd takes the reins of the longest-running program on to that,” Jay Rosen, a media critic at New York University and regular.

Albans left, and St. Nearly every program on CNN, which is rivaling MSNBC to be the least trusted name in news, underperforms because the network is ignorant of its bi-ignorance. In reality, though, it probably means they are creatures of the permanent establishment class, only concerned with the opinions of very set of Acela Corridor natives that Todd conceded has failed America.

And both sides are fed up with it.

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Bernie Sanders I-VT expressed this anger from the left. I know that the gap between the very, very rich and everybody else is growing mightily. Anger at the media establishment. The American people want real change.

But Todd, along with every CNN host, still wants to live in a fantasy land where most Democrats think like Evan Bayh and most Republicans think like Tom Davis and the mainstream press serve as brokers. Those are two different things. He even admitted on Reddit that his mainstream media brethren have lost touch with Middle America.

The coasts have dug out, other small cities and big towns have not. She was known for her tenacity. At Nightly News, Turness set about hiring more diverse correspondents and pushing for bigger exclusives, but she ran up against resistance from Williams, who was used to running his show his way. But eventually, thanks in part to some effusive praise in a presentation to advertisers in the fall, Turness won him over.

Over the holidays, Williams would even send her an optimistic note, according to a friend: Weeks earlier, Matt Lauer had told her that the s desk was for sale at an L.

The catalogue listing said: Williams seemed genuinely moved. He announced on the spot that he had decided to stay at NBC for another five years. Burke broke into applause. No one had expected him to make an announcement that night. Taken together, the upheavals portray a news division that has allowed talent to take over. That was the theme that echoed through interviews with dozens of current and former NBC News journalists, executives, agents, and rival-network officials: Whether Fili-Krushel and Turness were in the process of righting those management problems or exacerbating them is the subject of much debate at NBC.

meet the press ratings since chuck todd took over for jay

But whatever the case, their turn at the wheel seems to be over. In the wake of the Williams crisis, Burke began a series of secret conversations with Andrew Lack, a former NBC News president, about coming back to run the division. On the morning of March 6, the network announced that it was appointing Lack chairman. As part of the regime change, Fili-Krushel would take a corporate position at NBC Universal and Turness would remain as president, albeit substantially diminished by the reorganization.

One of the more interesting things to note about Lack in the current context is that he and Williams go way back. Lack also advised Williams during the depths of the crisis last month and even lobbied Burke for a shorter suspension. But no one believes that will solve the problems of NBC News. David Gregory on Meet the Press, holding a high-capacity ammunuition magazine during a December airing of the show. It was a difficult brood to manage, with behind-the-scenes infighting often spilling out into the press and even on-camera.

Caught in the power struggle was Ann Curry, who was unceremoniously dumped from the morning show after a year of poor ratings in the anchor chair, resulting in a famously weepy on-camera good-bye. Morale was bad, and the press was brutal.

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Burke ordered Fili-Krushel to clean up the mess. Turness arrived in New York with big plans. But she also gave NBC News staffers reasons to chafe at her management style.

In an interview with the New York Times in Augustshe offended staffers while trying to make the point that NBC needed to step up its digital efforts. Tom Brokaw advised Turness to call veteran journalists, like justice correspondent Pete Williams, to repair her relationships.

On top of the ratings meltdown, Gregory had found himself mired in embarrassing on-air flaps. He violated Washington, D. Gregory had never been a natural heir to Tim Russert, even by his own admission. So the network hired a consultant to interview his friends and family in the hope of finding ways to translate his wry off-camera personality to the show. Producers coached him to reveal more about himself on-air—to talk, for example, about being an observant Jew.

Despite his obvious shortcomings, Turness dug in and tried to save Gregory. In January, she convened a meeting in Washington with Gregory and his producers and proposed a flurry of ideas to shake up the show—booking politically active celebrities like Angelina Jolie and taping in front of a live studio audience. Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough made an aggressive play though one that was not taken seriouslyas did Washington correspondent Chuck Todd. Gregory became the target of humiliating leaks.

meet the press ratings since chuck todd took over for jay

Turness defended Gregory and huddled with executives to try to plug the leaks. By last summer, Turness finally came around to what others had been saying for a year: Gregory had to go. She secretly began searching for a replacement. Todd was the obvious heir, but Turness and Fili-Krushel also considered blowing up the show. At one point, they sat down with Jon Stewart to gauge his interest.

Stewart passed, and in late July, they settled on Todd. As both sides were negotiating his exit, word leaked out and NBC decided to cut him loose without an on-air farewell. Meanwhile, Turness was discovering that the hothouse of Manhattan media was far more intense than anything she had experienced in London.

The New York Post mercilessly chronicled her missteps. She was seen as both too harsh in her treatment of Gregory and too weak in taking so long to make the decision.

Those concerns, however, were drowned out by a powerful voice: In meetings, according to sources, Lauer told producers that the programming, not the talent, was to blame for the soft ratings. Celebrity and crime were out. Disgruntled staffers rearranged the letters and came up with their own acronym: Producers began to grumble that Lauer was preventing Today from evolving.

When Fili-Krushel proposed installing a troika of female producers to oversee the show, Lauer and Guthrie nixed the plan. Turness reportedly had her doubts about Morales in that role anyway. Morales was furious when, months earlier, Turness told her she needed more personality on the air. Turness was boxed in. To catch GMA, Today needed to consider a talent shake-up, but in Juneshe had helped persuade Lauer to re-sign his contract.

And Lauer would fight changes tooth and nail.

Chuck Todd kicks off 'Meet the Press' gig with Obama. Can he boost ratings?

The situation came to a head in September. But Horowitz had a cocky style and a big mouth, and he immediately set the staff on edge. According to one senior Today staffer, he would play a game of Survivor with producers. But then he told Natalie that Tamron was trashing her. Fili-Krushel even heard Horowitz was badmouthing Turness in his second week on the job.

Horowitz told Lauer he wanted to swap out Morales and Willie Geist by the end of the year to find a visible role for Josh Elliott.

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