Meet the robinsons dvd easter eggs

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meet the robinsons dvd easter eggs

Sep 26, SATURDAY SIX: Six GREAT Easter Eggs in Disney Animated After watching Mermaid approximately 1,, times on VHS (and DVD, and blu ray, . 1 – Paperman and Meet the Robinson references in Wreck It Ralph. Nov 4, Easter Egg Database Meet the Robinsons is informed by Disney's past, but it shatters many of the comfortable formulas the Meet the Robinsons is the strongest movie to come out of the studio in quite a long time, and. Oct 30, Meet the Robinsons (DVD + Blu-ray) Angela Bassett (voice), Paul .. Celebrate Meet the Robinsons' Anniversary With these Fun Easter Eggs.

The image is brimming with fine detail, from the pebbled texture of the T-Rex's skin to the distinctness of each individual blade of grass on the Robinsons' front lawn. Its colors, particularly after Lewis leaps forward into the future with Wilbur, leap off the screen. Bright, vivid, and sumptuously saturated, these are the sorts of hues that DVD could never hope to fully reproduce.

Nothing about Meet the Robinsons' razor sharp and richly textured image disappoints. As this is a direct-digital transfer, there aren't any print flaws to sneak in, and not a single compression hiccup was spotted throughout.

Though not quite as immaculate as a Pixar production, Meet the Robinsons has a gorgeous visual style that translates beautifully in high definition -- there are some shots that look lovingly painted rather than rendered on a bank of computers, and I mean that as the highest possible compliment -- and this is easily one of the most instantly striking releases I've seen on either of these next-gen formats.

Celebrate Meet the Robinsons’ Anniversary With these Fun Easter Eggs

Disney has included another of their 24 bit uncompressed PCM soundtracks on this disc. The sound design of Meet the Robinsons isn't as kinetic or hyperactive as a lot of the other computer animated movies I've seen over the past few years, but it's still a very strong effort. The lower frequencies are tight and punchy, and the surrounds get a fair amount of use, most aggressively in the more action-oriented sequences.

The voice acting comes through perfectly, nicely balanced in the mix against the music and whirring sound effects.

meet the robinsons dvd easter eggs

The depth and clarity of the soundtrack are both outstanding, making for an overall impressive experience. One of the most intriguing audio options is an isolated effects track -- no dialogue, no music, just sound effects. Also included are Dolby Digital 5. Almost all of the extras on this Blu-ray disc are presented in high definition. The disc opens with a set of high def plugs for Enchanted, Wall-E, and Ratatouille, but don't be quick to mash the 'title menu' button on your remote your first time through -- Enchanted kicks off with high definition excerpts of a slew of Disney animated films, leaving me even more eagerly awaiting their arrival on Blu-ray.

Director Stephen Anderson chimes in with a great audio commentary, focusing much more on the way the characters and story evolved throughout the lengthy development process rather than the nuts and bolts of production. Anderson notes his attachment to the material, being an adopted child himself, delving into everything from the way Lewis' first encounters with the Robinsons are almost like a date, side-stepping around the recording of voice actors who hit puberty while production was underway, why the two time machines look so different from one another, and using vivid primary colors, smoother textures, and rounded edges to contrast the future from the present.

The bits with the "special guest" that pops up a few times are kinda goofy, but they're short enough to not really get in the way. Definitely worth a listen. The 18 minute making-of featurette "Inventing the Robinsons" runs through the earliest days of production, from the real-life family members that inspired A Day with Wilbur Robinson to a scrapped live-action adaptation of William Joyce's book.

Headed up by Stephen Anderson, the featurette then delves into the unconventional process of Meet the Robinsons being storyboarded in its entirety and screened for the studio before getting the green light, and the footage shown gives some indication how drastically the movie changed over the years. I'm geeky enough to have wanted to hear more about the technical end of things, which gets kind of short thrift on the disc, but this is a solid featurette. Following Blu-ray 3D releases for their recent animated pictures released, as in theaters, with both the regular flat versions and with the extra-DDisney continues to be the main proponent of the BD3D format, now going back to update their combo packs of originally released theatrical 3D titles to present these editions in the home.

Chicken Little 81 mins, 1. The artists themselves did pretty well, having had to largely learn to draw all over again with a mouse of a different kind, and Chicken Little made its point well enough, the new technique on a story usually reserved for good old-fashioned cartooning marking itself out as a different kind of bird from the outset. Chicken is torn between trying to tell his friends Fish Out Of Water, Abby Mallard and Runt Of The Litter the truth, while also trying to live down the initial incident and making things up with his father Buck Cluck, who loves his kid but learns himself that he must trust him when the aliens eventually show.

Of course, all comes right in the end, but to reveal any more would spoil what slim plot there is. But when it stammers, it feels the product of too much executive level interference.

meet the robinsons dvd easter eggs

More than once, one can almost hear the request of one such person asking for a vocal gag to be added hint: Being a CGI movie, we get ample amounts of comedy, pop-culture references wherever else are you going to see a live-action clip of Harrison Ford as Indy — strangely not being shown in ratio — turn up in a Disney animated film?

The film had been in production for a good few years, going through director and story changes, and even a central character gender switch Chicken Little was, at one point, a girl to be voiced by Mrs Incredible, Holly Hunter! Seeing it again naturally refreshes the memory, but the frenetic pace, hyperactive characters and comical alien intrusions still remind me of a simpler and slightly more fun movie: Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius.

Six GREAT Easter Eggs in Disney Animated Films

Then again, the posters — and the cover art here — have him dressed up in a super cool suit, Men In Black style — surely the clothing of someone almost twice his supposed age? For a G-rated movie, there are also some mysterious themes a Streisand-loving pig?

Meet The Robinsons 95 mins, 1. Chicken Little had been highly promoted — a visibility factor that Robinsons lacked — and seemed to show Disney following the spoof animation crowd rather than blazing the trails as they had done for so long before.

Help is at hand in the form of young Robinson, who whisks Lewis to the future to show the kid that he does indeed have a part to play. The film begins purposefully slowly, in a refreshingly small and intimate way that will pay off enormously towards the end, when this opening takes on an emotional new meaning. But a moment with some big-band happy singing frogs still feels totally out of place for me in a world where other creatures retain their animalistic habits, and there remains, for me, no real heart in the future, which is what Meet The Robinsons really needed to ground the sheer lunacy of what were are being presented with.

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If any are familiar with the musical play Blood Brothers, the experience is somewhat akin to what happens on stage in that production. As most will tell you, it comes over as being pretty amateurish throughout, with many audience members leaving at the intermission, but then…the end comes, an event that hits you hard, and the first thing you want to do is go right back in and see it all over again.

meet the robinsons dvd easter eggs

Though once things have been given a chance to breathe for a moment the film once again strives to tie up its loose ends Lewis finding a family, all the coincidences that occur in the last seconds of the film neatly — too neatly — it all somehow works. Meet The Robinsons is all about its ending, the moment that compels an audience to go back and watch it right over again, and though it is sometimes a tough slog to get there, it truly pays off handsomely.

All Meet the Robinsons Clues FOUND! (Meet the Robinsons: Part 2) [Theory]

It works, but I felt the threat could have been bigger and more of a build up to a proper showdown. Doris really needed, and deserved, a slightly grander ending, with Bowler Hat Guy being given a little more resolve too. Most of the second act — meeting the Robinsons themselves — are elements I recognise from the book, but with a book one can read and turn the pages at their own pace, not being as so frantic and allowing the artwork to work its own charm.

This is why further viewings are a must. Meet The Robinsons, then, is certainly more wondrous when seen again, where characters with little emotional impact can present themselves anew, and not least because the fates of heroes and villains are both known up front, allowing for these extra new angles to play with a completely alternative perspective for the audience. However, with all the talking animals, cars, bugs and penguins that continue to star in such fare, it feels fresh again just to be able to return to good old human family values, and Meet The Robinsons gives families a very good reason to sit down together again.

Bolt 96 mins, 1. Those that saw the original artwork saw a completely new kind of feature threatening to emerge from Walt Disney Feature Animation: A couple of name changes the Studio unit to Walt Disney Animation Studios, the movie to Hollywood Dog later, and the production was underway again, now about a German Shepherd acting pooch who gets lost on location and has to find his way home.

None of this seemed to matter when the movie opened in theaters: Add a plot summary Titles starting with M Continuity mistake: During the scene where Lewis is first on the roof-top, and Mildred comes up to speak with him, the box he is sitting next to is plain wood on one side, and tallied on the other.

meet the robinsons dvd easter eggs

When there is a close-up of Lewis' legs and the torn paper, when he's ripping the pages out of his book, the box has stencilled writing that is upside down. When Lewis is tearing out the pages of his notebook, his bag is open.

When he discovers that Wilbur is not a cop from the future - from the tanning salon coupon - he goes to grab his bag. This time his bag is closed and in the opposite position. Share Edit Other mistake: Right at the beginning of the movie, when Lewis 's real mum picks him up from the box and hugs him, it's no more than three seconds before she hears Lewis from the future slipping on the step.

meet the robinsons dvd easter eggs