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meet the robinsons dvd trailer friends

Meet the Robinsons is a very good but underrated film. have to listen to the same few lines in movie trailers, you quickly grow to hate them. source: a bunch of my animation-school friends worked on the movie. . world for some reason, and because all the DVD packaging was designed with those. Meet The Robinsons Limited Edition Artwork Sleeve DVD: Ralph El Demoledor (Doblada) - Trailer - YouTube Dvd Blu Ray, Trailers, Hamada, who team up with a group of friends to form a band of high-tech heroes. Meet the Robinsons [Blu-ray]: Angela Bassett, Daniel Hansen, Jordan Fry, Tom Selleck, Share this product with friends This item requires a region specific or multi-region DVD player and compatible TV film at first it didn't look that appealing in the trailer and it wasn't a story I had ever heard of before.

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And when a strange teenager named Wilbur Wesley Singerman shows up claiming to be from the future, Lewis finds himself ensconced in a race against time -- not to mention through it -- to stop his mysterious adversary from changing the world into an industrial wasteland. Notwithstanding its 3-D animation, the film seems custom-designed as part of Disney's classic storytelling tradition: But the story itself takes a long time to get going, not the least of which because Lewis' quest -- to find a family -- is obscured by a lot of visual flourish, and more than a few completely nonsensical comedic sequences.

meet the robinsons dvd trailer friends

There's such a flood of colorful imagery towards the beginning of the movie that many audiences will have no clue what's going on. Lewis' introduction to the Robinsons is so fast and frenetic that it barely makes a lick of sense, and still has yet to soak in to this viewer as anything other than a blob of punch lines and loopy camerawork.

Once the film gets past this, however, the rhythms of the story, characters and the comedy all seem to fall more comfortably into place.

meet the robinsons dvd trailer friends

Bowler Hat Guy's comically inept attempts to infiltrate the Robinsons and retrieve Lewis are genuinely hilarious, while the action proves exciting whether you're a kid or an adult. In particular, the decision to allow his drones the self-awareness to recognize they're not ideally suited either for the heavy lifting as a smartly-dressed frog or the finesse work as a lumbering T-Rex makes for some of the film's funniest jokes.

While there's still no solid explanation as to exactly why the filmmakers felt that jazz-singing frogs was an appropriate addition to the story, their usage reveals how a moderate degree of self-reference can actually enhance classic storytelling.

meet the robinsons dvd trailer friends

Otherwise, however, Meet the Robinsons turns out to be a sweetly-rendered story that also happens to look terrific: When Wilbur tosses Lewis onto the time machine, he should have broken or hit the glass covering the back half. And he is on all fours when the machine becomes visible, which shows he would have had his face hitting the driver seat, yet he scrambles back into the passenger seat without a problem, then is seen barely leaning forward to talk to Wilbur in the future.

Goes along with the other factual error about the time machine: How could he go through the back half of the roof, but not all the way through the time machine? Near the end, right when "little wonders" starts, Lewis takes a moment to look at his future family, Lucille, Frannie, etc.

meet the robinsons dvd trailer friends

When there's a closeup on Lewis, his memory scanner reveals a reflection of no one in the gym, except for Lewis, even though people are supposed to be standing in front of him. Share Edit Continuity mistake: In the scene after Lewis and Wilbur crash the time machine and are pushing it across a huge field, right before Lewis says "What about your parents?

In the next shot, when Wilbur responds "Mum never goes.

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It's now to the left of the screen. When the time machine crashes, Wilbur is holding the detached steering wheel.

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In the next shot, the wheel is still attached. In the beginning, when Goob falls asleep, he misses the catch, by almost a foot or so.

meet the robinsons dvd trailer friends