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How the Thor: Ragnarok End of Credits Neatly Set Up Infinity War. The latest cliffhanger is a doozy. by. Joanna Robinson (We'd guess Thor has that grassy Norwegian cliff where Odin made his last stand in mind.) In the first. Roberts (Clifford) Doll's house suite. Roberts Sing a love song again sweetheart. Robillard (Hattie) That little old shack down at the end of the lane. Robins (Victor): I'll meet you by the blue lagoon. Robinson (Bee) See Robinson (Bernice) Robinson (Bernice) Illusions. Marisha is so excited to be coming straight from Broadway to make her West End debut! Marisha has been playing Asmeret Ghebremichael. Lorrell Robinson.

Cliff Robertson

The film was never completed, or released. Career decline[ edit ] Robertson returned to supporting parts in Three Days of the Condora big hit. He was one of several stars in Midway Robertson turned to television for Washington: Behind Closed Doors then had the lead in a thriller, Dominique He returned to directing for The Pilotalso playing the title role, an alcoholic flyer.

Robertson played Hugh Hefner in Star 80 He attempted to make Charly II in but it did not happen.

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He played villains in Class and Brainstorm Late in his life Robertson's career had a resurgence. He commented on his website: That in itself is a fine residual.

Television[ edit ] Robertson's early television appearances included a starring role in the live space opera Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers —as well as recurring roles on Hallmark Hall of FameAlcoa Theatreand Playhouse 90, The Outlaws three episodes. Robertson also appeared as a special guest star on Wagon Train for one episode, portraying an Irish immigrant.

He had starring roles in episodes of both the s and s versions of The Outer Limits.

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Inhe portrayed a retired Buzz Aldrin in an adaptation of Aldrin's autobiography Return to Earth. Inhe portrayed Henry Ford in Ford: The Man and The Machine. At the last water incident, the particularly soaked and annoyed band member ducks and Cliff gets squirted instead, which momentarily stops the song altogether before the all have a laugh and continue. The performance by Alfred Marks is intentionally bad as if an old man playing rock music.

At one moment, Cliff interrupts and begins singing the song himself, before his "father" sends him back off stage. The Shadows are at the back of the stage actually performing the backing.

It is a straight stage performance of the song. Cliff and Peter Elliott appear in a pre-recorded comedy sketch about swimming and diving, narrating it live. This is a set up for the following song performance. The audio and orchestra appear to be done live for the TV show, but the actual video is a pre-recorded bit done poolside, following on from the previous sketch.

This coincided with their first album for Fontana, and the following year they booked the city's Philharmonic Hall: Turning professional meant that they looked to concert halls rather than folk clubs for their gigs, and they also achieved a reputation beyond the folk enthusiasts through the first of a series of BBC television programmes, Dance 'n' Skylark.

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By the time their concerts at the Octagon Theatre in Bolton were being broadcast, they were becoming household names, and on subsequent television programmes they appeared alongside Liverpool-born comedy actor Derek Guyler and Harry Secombe.

Many of the folk enthusiasts felt that the Spinners had sold out, but no one could deny their enthusiasm. They could turn the biggest concert hall into a front parlour sing-song and, following the example of one of their heroes, Pete Seeger, had the ability to persuade the most reluctant audience to sing along. Cliff, in particular, had great respect for their fans, and often sought out the Liverpudlians in the audience, especially when touring overseas, and later sent them Christmas cards.

In Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders "borrowed" Cliff to add his deep voice to the word "love" in the recording of their chart success, Game of Love. The Spinners supported many charities and humanitarian causes through their singing, and raised money for Mother Teresa through War on Want, as well as for Queen's Park School for young people with learning difficulties in Lincoln, where Cliff was on the board of governors.

The group disbanded intheir 40th year, although there were several reunions, most recently a private concert when Cliff visited Liverpool for his 80th birthday. Following an earlier knee operation, Cliff had convalesced in Australia, where he met a Spinners' fan, Dorothy, who was a nurse. By this time he had been widowed twice: