Meet the robinsons walkthrough hive

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For Disney's Meet the Robinsons on the Xbox , GameRankings has 38 Find Robinson Garden Charge Ball VR Disk. Find Hive Charge Ball Court (10). This page contains Disney's Meet The Robinsons Video Walkthroughs for Playstation 2 called "Walkthrough Part 10 The Hive - Lower Level". Check out our strategy guide for Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. in the same manner as it is shown in the walkthrough, you can start from any point that you wish. .. CHAPTER 4-HOW I MET MY FRIEND FRIDAY . the nail and poke a hole in the beehive, you will see a drop of honey appear on the hive.

To use a hint, click on the word "hint" that is on the chest that is in the lower left side of the page. Once you click on the hint, the list of items will be highlighted and the rest of the scene will go dark temporarily.

Click on the name of the item that you would like for the game to show you its location.

meet the robinsons walkthrough hive

Once you clicked on a particular item, the scene will go dark and the only thing that will be shown to you will be the item that you asked for.

In some instance I was able to give you more than one solution so you could at least get a better idea about what to do in a section. If you leave the game without completing a puzzle all the way through, you may get a different layout when you open the game again. In order to retrieve that item, please follow these steps. Click on the "clean stick" that is on the left side of the page, next to the ladder.

The item will actually flash briefly on the screen. Once you click on the clean stick, it will go into inventory, which is located on the left side of the screen. Grab the clean stick from inventory and place it on the cannon that is on the right side of the screen. The clean stick will clean the cannon and will return back to its original location but now it will be named "dirty stick".

Grab the dirty stick and place it on the white seagull that is on the left side of the page, once the seagull turns black, you will be able to click on it and that item will be removed from your list of items. To access the lower deck, click on the opening that is on the lower right side of the scene.

You will see some green lights appear and you will see "Lower Deck" written with an eye icon over it. To locate the mousetraps look for contraptions that have a piece of cheese next to them.

Also look for contraptions that look like they shut and close or have sharp pieces on them. If you get stuck you can look at the screenshot provided for all their locations. The dog is located behind the bars on the lower left side of the scene but you cannot access the keys at this time.

The match is in the top right side of the page, you will barely see the tip of it. Grab the match and place it on the fire that is on the top right side of the scene and the match will light up.

Place the lit match on the dynamite that in the lower left side of the scene. HINT "" Click on the number that is on the lower left side to gain an extra hint Once the dynamite explodes the dog with the keys will be accessible. Grab the keys from the dog and place it on the glowing chest that is on the top right side of the scene. Once the chest open, click on the small green stamp that is on the letter.

For access to the galley click on the left panel of the back wall. There is a bowl in the scene that also counts as a dish. Click on the barrel that is in the back of the scene and you will find the hook inside the barrel. Click on the hook to cross the item off your list. CATS-2 One cat is on the lower left side of the scene. Pick up the "Arabic Knife" that is on the lower right side of the scene and place it on the rope that is on the cabinet door that is on the left side of the scene.

Inside the cabinet you will find the other cat that you need on the list. The screenshots that follow will show you the exact location of all the blue items. The 2 gloves are highlighted in green.

Meet the Robinsons Achievements

YouTuber Shirrako offers up a short playlist of the puzzle adventure game to offer you a guided, video tour through Robinson: You can check it out below. The very first task is to remove the debris from the small water mill. Simply use the triggers to grab the objects blocking the mills and throw them away. The next puzzle is based on distributing energy through the proper outlets. This puzzle is featured at the 10 minute mark in the video above.

The next task is to repair the dinosaur scarecrow. There are some cylindrical canisters on the ground. Simply pick them up with the device and place them on the arms and head of the scarecrow.

You may have to rotate the objects to get get them to fit properly. The hat is located on top of the device near the cliff. Remove the canister and Laika will come out. You will need to find three more HIGS units.

Walkthrough Part 10 The Hive - Lower Level for Disney's Meet The Robinsons

Use Laika to scare off some of the other dinosaurs by the security gate by using the the D-Pad to direct Laika to a location — using the up pad — and then have Laika scare off the other dinosaurs using the left D-Pad. You can venture outside of the safe zone by heading through the pathway leading toward the Farm.

Follow the pathway through the mountain pass toward the farm. Break apart the terrasaurs nest by pulling the pieces out from the nest, which will cause the terrasaur to drop the HIGS unit into a nest below.

meet the robinsons walkthrough hive

Place a scarecrow by the nest to scare the terrasaurs off from their nest. You can scan for some objects and head through the cave to progress to the next area.

Meet The Robinsons - Walkthrough

Follow Laika through the cave toward the area where the long-necks are. You can move some of the debris out of the way to create a pathway with a tree log. Use the space debris scattered around the tar pit to create bridges across the pit. You can scan some of the dinosaurs within the pit area, and continue to make your away across the pit by picking up debris and creating makeshift bridges. Have Laika roar some more at the long-necks to get the long-neck to move so you can have HIGS solve the puzzle.

meet the robinsons walkthrough hive

Help Laika get across the pit and then climb up the rock face. Head to the area where the supplies are scattered about on the rock. HIGS will suggest for you to feed the long-neck and offer some of the orange supplies to the dinosaur.