Meet the robinsons wilbur fanfiction naruto

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meet the robinsons wilbur fanfiction naruto

a/n: ok, so i've recently watched harry potter for the first time, and i liked it, so that's up for requests, but keep in mind that the requests of the characters are very. Wilbur from Meet the Robinson's & Violet from The Incredibles = Willet! Wilbur & Violet: Jack-Jack (part 1) Wilbur Robinson, Meet The. More information (I have no words. An amazing Willet Fanfiction) .. let me naruto run into your heart . A 50 chapter story starting when Franny and Cornelius met, to their first date, to Robinson industries, to Wilbur, to Wilburs collage graduation.

T - English - Chapters: One shot with some marital fluff don't worry, none of it's inappropriate. Desperate times call for extreme measures, and Tsunade issues a priority S class mission to every Leaf ninja: Even her own friends rolled their eyes when the subject of frogs came up.

LewisFranny Meet the Robinsons - Rated: A series of drabbles, all different and fun. They are YAOI, mind you! Most of them are Kakairu, but there are other pairings, of course. Kakairu, genrai, sasunaru, gaaralee, shinokiba, gaarashika Naruto - Rated: He agreed to look after Hinata's kitten while she was off on a mission.

Humorous and short oneshot. But nobody had asked whether it could have side effects We Are reviews How can one guy get the attention of the love of his life, when she's blinded by so many others?

Featuring the teenage trio -Lewis, Franny, and Wilbur- in a heartbreaking journey that was meant to be. Who knew how jealous Cornelius could really get! Those who know me know that my oneshots are always warm, fluffy and fuzzy.

Major fluffy romance warning, if such a thing exists. After a botched dimension jump, the duo finds themselves almost completely stranded in the yearand they're not the 3D characters you remember. But accidents only the Robinson family could get themselves into interfere with the natural order of things, leaving more than one person depressed. Rated T to be safe. Cornelius' attempts to study are futile at best.

meet the robinsons wilbur fanfiction naruto

XD Meet the Robinsons - Rated: Franny tries unsuccessfully to stuff her boyfriend with romance. XD Read and review!

Every relationship has its surprises. Such a cute couple Wilbur tells Lewis of the first prototype time machine, how it had been a 'dark day at the robinson house.

Meet the robinsons clip Wilbur fading from existence

Saddened, she is forced to tell Lewis he has to go back to his own time, making him terribly upset and causing Wilbur to admit that one of the time machines was stolen which explains the dinosaur and that the other is broken.

Furious, Franny decides to call Cornelius, but when Lewis defends Wilbur and asks to at least go back and see his mom as Wilbur "promised", Franny is furious, confronting her son and causing him to admit the truth, causing a hurt and betrayed Lewis to run off. Franny, before heading into the house, tells Wilbur that he's grounded until he dies. When Doris and the evil Bowler Hat Guy, who is really Michael Yagoobian when he was a kid, changes reality, Franny and the rest of the family are controlled as Doris's slaves and chase him.

Later, when Lewis sets everything right, Franny is concerned about him, asking if he is hurt or if he has any broken bones.

Franny Robinson

Lewis tells her that he's fine and feels a lot better than he has in a long time. When Cornelius, who is in reality future Lewis, arrives home from his business trip, he is shocked to see his younger self there, and he turns to his family questionably. At first, it seems like she doesn't have an answer, but she catches Wilbur when he tries to get away, indicating that he has everything to do with it. Cornelius understands completely, while an upset Wilbur says "ratted out by the old lady.

Before Lewis leaves to go back to his own timeline, Franny gives him some advice for the future: Cornelius reassures Lewis this is true, and when Lewis arrives back at the science fair, he meets a young Franny. She tells him that she believes that frogs have more musical abilities than people, but that people think she's crazy and demands to know if he thinks she's crazy too, as she takes on an aggressive stance.

The Life and Times Chapter Wilbur, a meet the robinsons fanfic | FanFiction

However Lewis, remembering what he saw in the future and future Franny's advice to him before he left, tells her that he thinks she's right, endearing her to him. She is last seen smiling with Bud and Lucille as Lewis reflects on what a bright future he will have. Video games Meet the Robinsons Starting before the story of the film, Franny runs into Wilbur after his adventure in Egypt to tell him to take out the trash, which is the start of his adventure.

In the altered timeline, Franny laments how depressed Cornelius is working for Stanley at Magma Industries and when Wilbur fixes the timeline, she reveals that she and Lizzy have been friends since childhood.

meet the robinsons wilbur fanfiction naruto

Franny being called "annoying little girl" by her future son, Wilbur.