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meet the rutles album

What are the best albums by The Rutles? eBay eBay, LP THE RUTLES Meet The Rutles (BEATLES) COMPLETE NEAR MINT Condition. Released for the first time on CD in the UK, The Rutles album was the soundtrack to the original TV spoof documentary film All You Need Is Cash. The brainchild. The Rutles, an Album by The Rutles. Released 24 February on Warner Bros. (catalog no. HS ; Vinyl LP). Genres: Musical Parody, Pop Rock, Comedy.

The short was a wild success, and the show received many calls asking about the Rutles some of them even thinking that these were the Beatles. When Idle returned to England, he began writing a feature-length Mockumentary for the BBC, but when he again met up with Michaels, who offered a larger budget with NBC, he committed to doing it with them.

The Rutles was perhaps the first SNL spinoff to be made, but because of its initial failure and the nature of its rehabilitation, they aren't consistently linked. It originally aired on NBC ; it was the lowest-rated program on that night. Apparently, it aired just before the revival of Beatlemania. It has since been Vindicated by History and Vindicated by Cable. It is also important because it is one of the few films about the Beatles more or less that was made before John Lennon was killed and got the Dead Artists Are Better effect.

The story that The Rutles tells parallels the history of The Beatles closely, if inexactly. There are side-stories about how The Rutles affected the wider world, which is, in fact, more than anyone, including the narrator, will admit. It was made with outtakes from the first film, with some new footage with Eric Idle's Narrator and a host of new interviewees tying them together.

There were also albums; besides the soundtrack to the first film, there was Archaeology intimed to compete with the Beatles' Anthology and made without Idle's involvement; Halsall's vocals were featured on two tracks created from rehearsals, making them the last Rutles songs released with his involvement.

It did surprisingly well, considering the competition. Ina fan released the Rutles' equivalent of the Beatles' Love, entitled Lunch. It can be streamed at the official site for the project. For another comical take on the Beatles story, see the novel Paperback Writer. Personal problems now began to split the Rutles into smithereens.

They would sing together, but they wouldn't talk. Pretty soon, they wouldn't even sing. By Marchthings had gotten so bad within the group, that both Dirk and Nasty got married. Not to each other, of course Dirk had become enamoured of Martini, a French actress who spoke no English and precious little French.

meet the rutles album

When they married in London, the service was conducted in Spanish, Italian and Chinese, just to be on the safe side. Nasty, meanwhile, visited an exhibition of broken art at the Pretentious Gallery, Soho. The art exhibits had all been dropped out of tall buildings and then put on display.

Amongst the little piles of rubble, Nasty found the artist herself; Chastity, a simple German girl, whose father had invented World War II. Chastity fascinated him with her destructo-art.

They talked all through the night, as she outlined her plans to drop artists out of planes.

The Rutles (album)

They announced their engagement next day at a press conference held in a shower. Stig, meanwhile, had hidden in the background so much, that ina rumour went around that he was dead.

He was supposed to have been killed in a flash fire at a waterbed shop, and replaced by a plastic and wax replica from Madame Tussaud's. Several so-called "facts" helped the emergence of this rumour; One: Even as "the Quiet One", he hadn't said a word since In fact, he sings "E burres stigano", which is very bad Spanish for "Have you a water buffalo?

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On the cover of the "Sgt. Rutter" album, Stig is leaning in the exactly same position of a dying Yeti from the Rutland Book of the Dead. If you sing the title of "Sgt. Rutter's Only Darts Club Band" backwards, it's supposed to sound very like "Stig has been dead for ages, honestly. Stig, was of course, far from dead. But not, in fact, far from Esher. He'd fallen in bed with Gertrude Strange, a large-breasted, biologically acommodating American girl, whose father had invented the limpet mine.

When they met, it was lust at first sight. Barry, meanwhile, had also spent a year in bed, as a tax dodge. Eric Manchester thinks he'd either received appalling financial advice, or he was desperately trying to start a "Barry is also dead" rumour.

At the final meeting, legal people and accountants, filed into a small 8x10 room. Only 87 came out alive. The black hole of Savile Row had taken toll of some of the finest merchant banking brains of the generation. Luckily, that's not very serious. But the Rutles were obviously self-destructing fast. In the midst of all this public bickering, "Let It Rot" was released as a film, an album and a lawsuit. InDirk sued Stig, Nasty and Barry. Barry sued Dirk, Nasty and Stig. Nasty sued Barry, Dirk and Stig, and Stig sued himself, accidentally.

It was the beginning of a golden era for lawyers. But for the Rutles, live on a London rooftop, it was the beginning of the end.

meet the rutles album

Sixteen years after the fresh-faced Pre-fab Four first burst into the public eye, and 8 years after they split up, just where are the Rutles today? Dirk has formed, with his wife Martini, a punk rock group, called "The Punk Floyd". He sings, and she doesn't. Nasty has turned his back on the world, and sits with his thoughts and his memories.

Barry is a hairdresser in the Reading area, with two fully equipped salons of his own. While Stig works for Air India. As an air hostess. Dirk McQuickly[ edit ] What Ron and I'll do is probably to write some songs, you know, and sell them to people. We tried to write some for the Rolling Stones, and they're probably gonna buy them. It's not up to me.

If you come to me and ask me, I'm gonna tell you the truth, because it is the truth, I have had tea. Ron Nasty[ edit ] Thank you very much. And now we'd like to do a number, dedicated to a very special lady in the audience tonight! Dialogue[ edit ] Interviewer: Uh, I'd like to be a hairdresser.

I'd like to be two hairdressers. I'd like to own a squadron of tanks. Yeah, they're very nice, you know. Roger McGough is a Liverpool poet. He is the author of many books set in and around Liverpool, including: He was born in Liverpool, attended school in Liverpool, was even married in Liverpool, and his football team is of course Everton. He is a member of The Scaffold, a light comedy group that played the Cavern in the early 60's.

And during those incredible years he lived, wrote, loved, watched football and drank in Liverpool. Roger, did you know the Rutles? Roger McGough, Liverpool poet, writer, author, humorist and a man who knew the Rutles.

How much is my Rutles vinyl album from 1978 worth? Anyone else love this album too?

We felt every girl in America would want to sleep with a Rutle. Yes, we have a complete line of Rutles, all ready to go. The Rutle t-shirt, the Rutle plate, the Rutle cup, the Rutle acne cream, the Rutle hairclips; all a complete line of Rutle products. All I need for you is just your word, and we're in business. I like the way you work. Brian Thigh was a top record executive in London, in Thigh, you'be been known for many, many years as the man who turned down the Rutles.

You said the guitar groups were on their way out and would never make any money at all in the 60's.