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meet the santas film

Meet the Santas is a sequel to Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus. Beth is engaged to This page about a Christmas movie is a stub. Please help. Because she is marrying the man who assumed the mantle of Santa Claus last December 26, Beth's postponed wedding has to be rescheduled for Xmas eve. Needless to say, he saves Christmas and meets his soulmate — and . This film also does a great job of showing the inner working of Santa's.

Author Debbie Macomber has created a cottage industry for fictional small-town romance. Her novels are all bestsellers and have a rabid fan base. Indeed, the New York Times reported about a Macomber-themed cruise where the author gave knitting lessons to the attendees, among other things. And a bonus nugget of trivia: This movie also stars Faith Ford Christmas Maybe' This movie has a bunch of things going for it: He'll go on to be Santa, the role he was born to play, in at least two other movies.

meet the santas film

But when her father falls ill, Mary returns to the life she left behind at the North Pole to take over for her dad and implement her innovative ideas for running Christmas. It's a real lesson in logistics and efficiency. This film also does a great job of showing the inner working of Santa's Workshop elf office politics included. In the sequel, "Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe," the stakes are a little higher. An elf tries to steal Mary's boyfriend — not to mention her job overseeing Christmas.

Sadly, there are two bizarre casting changes in this installment. Mary's boyfriend is mysteriously played by a different actor than in the original and — perhaps more quizzically — Wendt is no longer Santa Claus.

That fatherly role is now played by Paul Sorvino who is more accustomed to playing mobsters in movies like "Goodfellas" and "The Gambler. Wendt returns as Santa in another movie Yes, yes, it's a match made in Yuletide heaven. So I read it and I thought it was very cute and fun — and then somebody mentioned that maybe George was going to do it.

And I thought, 'Ohhhh, I've got to do it! When he introduces his fiancee to his parents, the truth is revealed: He's the son of North Pole celebrities Mr. The film is directed by actress Leslie Hope known for playing Kiefer Sutherland's wife on the hit show "24". Claus' Grab two elements from movies mentioned above — an acting Sorvino and a romantically challenged member of the Claus clan — and voila!

You have "Finding Mrs. Claus" starring the great Steve Guttenberg or that film's underrated sequel, "Meet the Santas.

meet the santas film

Claus Mira Sorvino feels neglected by her less-than-attentive husband, she travels to Las Vegas of course to help a little girl with her Christmas wish. Did Hallmark say yes even before you finished your sentence?

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I don't know if it was exactly that. It was a smart thing to do. Mariette is a terrific actress and a wonderful, really interesting person. I happened to do a small part in one of her Polaroid commercials about 25 years ago. With James Garner, yeah. That waiter was me. Did Mariette remember you? I actually thought she did because she gave me such a big hello, but no, she didn't. So what do we do next, if the sequel breaks the ratings record? Of course, for the kids.

We're going to do a different spin on the third one. We're going to Hawaii. A place not usually associated with wintry Christmases!

True, but you know, Hawaii's a beautiful place. Let's talk about Veronica Mars. What did they tell you about Woody before you began filming? Just that he's a very rich man, the owner of a burger chain, who comes into town wanting to be mayor. He's got a great wife and a great daughter, and he's going to try to make a difference in Neptune.

meet the santas film

Did they tell you to play it as if your character had some secrets in his closet? It's a very savvy show and one that is written very well, so I expect I'm going to have some good stuff to do. They all have a special place for me, they're all special victories in a very tough business. As a matter of fact, I do.

meet the santas film

I look at my [track record] and go, "Bro, I'm the luckiest guy in the world, and I just want to keep doing what I'm doing. Have you seen a script or heard ideas?

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Yeah, I've heard a ton of ideas. A movie this big, a franchise this big, it's like building another stealth bomber. You have the whole nostalgia thing working for you.

More than that, you've got this brand that was built up with a lot of good will. Police Academy is still a very popular film in this country, and in the world. Millions of people a year see it.