Meet the spartans carmen electra slip

Movie Review: Meet the Spartans

meet the spartans carmen electra slip

From left, Carmen Electra, Sean Maguire and Kevin Sorbo in "Meet the As various Spartans slipped one another the tongue (Eewwww!). Carmen Electra, 42, tearfully opened up about her stormy relationship and in the films Scary Movie, Starsky & Hutch and Meet The Spartans. Read latest Carmen Electra Breaking News Stories and Gossip. at the US box office by spoof movie Meet the Spartans after its opening weekend. . York fashion show on Wednesday (14MAR07) when she slipped up and fell on her bottom.

For them, it is standard operating procedure. To say that this movie is mindless, unfunny and insipid is to do disservice to the words mindless, unfunny and insipid. Not to mention, those words seem woefully inadequate after seeing this — much like Friedberg and Seltzer themselves. I do not say this lightly.

I've stood toe to toe with the man dubbed the very worst director in the world, Mr. Uwe Boll, and felt his hot breath and spittle as he screamed at me for ten long minutes.

There is no love lost between me and the gap-toothed wonder. And yet I stand here today to tell you he no longer deserves the moniker 'worst in the world. By two thieves masquerading as comedians. Friedman, Seltzer and their film Meet the Spartans all seem to operate under the assumption that if you make a pop culture reference, people will laugh.

meet the spartans carmen electra slip

They don't seem to think that the reference needs to be in any way insightful, original or humorous. It just needs to be present and accounted for. Does it make any sense that Brittany Spears shows up, shaving her head in a barber's chair in front of the Spartan pit of death? And it makes even less sense when her kids, Fed-Ex, Ryan Seacrest and the judges of American Idol are all kicked in after that. But that doesn't stop these two from throwing that at you for what feels like five solid minutes and seemingly thinking along the way that this is, in some way or another, actually entertaining.

meet the spartans carmen electra slip

And when these two short bus riding tools aren't busy throwing non-sequiturs at you, they're surfing youtube for the finest in year old, vintage humor. Remember how funny it was the first time you saw the It's Raining Men cut of the trailer? But wait, there's more. In fact, would you believe there's actually humor to be mined…from …being somewhat…homoerotic?

Massawyrm Has Words For MEET THE SPARTANS. None Of Them Good!!

I…I never would have thought. I mean, Leonidas and all those half-naked Spartans? Bold choice for humor there guys. Never would have thought of that tact. Really cutting edge stuff.

Movie Review: Meet the Spartans

There's an old adage about two monkeys and a football that comes to mind. But they're not done yet. Gay jokes aren't the only weapon in their comedic arsenal. No, when these two aren't sword fighting in the audience's mouth, or mistakenly thinking gay Spartan jokes are still funny, you feel the moments when their 'parodies' run out of steam.

The joke seems to wear thin even on the filmmakers…and then they turn to reality television. The Judges from American Idol show up to judge a performance.

meet the spartans carmen electra slip

The judges from America's Top Model show up to judge a body. The Judges from dancing with the Stars show up to judge a stomping of the yard between the Spartans and the Persians. If it has a panel of judges, it is referenced in this movie.

Meet The Spartans: Sean Maguire, Kevin Sorbo, Carmen Electra

This was mainly due to the lack of major openings, while its holdover results were merely average. It did very well in India, but exact numbers were not released. Perhaps it can expand there.

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However, from where I'm sitting, this isn't the biggest news of the weekend. Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour.

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It isn't the only new release this week, but it is looking very likely that it will be the strongest. Granted, a lot of this has to due with Super Bowl Sunday, which siphons off a lot of potential moviegoers, especially the younger male demographic. Spartans Too Much for Rambo January 29th, We are one month into and so far there are a lot more positives than negatives at the box office.

Granted, it is early and it is unlikely the box office will remain this hot for long, but it is still good news. Movie Website Reviews for Weekend of January 25, January 26th, The last week in January isn't a great time to release a movie, and the quality of the sites reflects this.

That said, the best of this week's list, Rambo - Official Site - is worthy of recognition and the winner of the Weekly Website Award. Rambo and Cloverfield Fight for Top Spot January 24th, It's the final weekend in January and so far the month has been stronger than expected. Hopefully that will continue this weekend, and at the very least there should be a good battle at the top between, Rambo and Cloverfield.