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He had made Lily Evans hate him, and drove her into the arms of James Potter, his worst enemy. Lily had hated James as much as Snape himself had.

Even after they had no longer been friends. But Potter had changed. Potter had become a man, and Lily had fallen for the man Potter had become. But he, Severus Snape had not. He clung to his hate and his jealousy as if they anchored him to her, even after they had driven her away from him.

He still clung to it even now, taking it out on Lily's child. A child that could have been his had he only just let it all go and grown up. But when he looked at the boy, all he could see was the arrogance of James Potter, the boy who'd spent nearly every waking moment torturing Snape.

Mocking him, showing off for the school. How he had hated that boy. And now that hate was focused on a boy who by all accounts was nothing like Snape's school rival. Snape poured another tall glass of fire whiskey and downed it, coughing as the liquid scorched his throat. He felt his left forearm itch again. He didn't need to look, he knew what he would see. He'd gone straight to Dumbledore the first night he'd felt it irritating him. It had been nothing more than a faint tattoo until this past summer.

Dumbledore had nodded sadly and they had talked as they often did about preparing for the Dark Lord's return. Dumbledore had always believed that Snape's former master would rise again one day, and that the war had never truly ended. And now, here was the proof that he had been right. Snape knew, as did Karkaroff, who'd come to see him the night before.

Snape had not spoken to any of the other Death Eaters, but he knew they must be feeling it as well.

meet the spookies macmillan

And so, Snape had a choice to make. Live up to Dumbledore's expectations and become a man, or go crawling back to the Dark Lord like a beaten dog, and be another pathetic sycophant to be slaughtered for his master's gain. Snape was rattled out of his musings when there was a small faint knock on his door. Snape waved his wand, opening the door, and nearly choked when he saw the boy standing in the door way, hand raised to knock once again.

Potter was looking at him, and Snape saw that he actually looked nervous. Haven't you done enough to me? He took it the half empty bottle and Snape's reddened cheeks, and glassy eyes. Harry wondered exactly what kind of drunk Snape was, and he flexed his arm, making sure his wand was ready. Snape sat up suddenly, and regretted it immediately. His booze addled mind swam and the room spun. Snape had to grab onto his desk to keep from falling over.

You were my teacher and I disrespected you. I was angry at you for vanishing my potion and not listening to me, and I spoke out of anger. Things got really out of hand. What good would it be to humiliate you when no one was around. I feel bad about what I said, and for my part in what happened. I spoke out of turn. Don't misunderstand me, I meant every word of it, and I still do, but I was wrong to say it, especially in front of your other students.

He stared at Snape for a moment and then with a slow respectful nod, turned to go. Harry turned and Snape motioned for Harry to sit. Harry did so, keeping his eyes on the potions master who poured himself another glass full of the amber liquid.

But then you learned that my parents were in danger…" "You were the one in danger. I begged the Dark Lord to at least spare your mother's life.

He said that he would, but I knew it was a lie. I also knew your mother and she would never just stand aside and let someone kill her child.

meet the spookies macmillan

The Dark Lord knew that Sirius Black was your father's most trusted friend, and ordered us to hunt him down so that we could learn the secret. Then, one night, he called off the search, and he told us that he had learned where your parents were hiding. Harry looked as if he was about to speak, but Snape cut him off.

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I was arrested at the front gates of the school. I was a known Death Eater, and no one but Dumbledore knew I was a spy. So, while I was being put into jail, the Dark Lord killed your mother and father, and then turned his wand on you. He'd heard this story from Sirius, but his godfather hadn't had many details.

Hearing it now from someone who was involved was indescribable. It was heart wrenching. Somehow, Harry felt for some reason, like he was listening to a final confession. He didn't know what to say, or even if he could speak at all. His throat felt tight and dry, and he felt his hands shaking, though Harry wasn't sure why. He grew up and stopped bullying me, while I sought any opportunity to hex James Potter.

And then, he sacrificed himself to save your mother and you. Snape stared at him for a long moment. She died because of me.

Meet the Spookies by Amanda Cant

They sat quietly for a long time then, just staring at one another. Snape looking pitiful while Harry was trying to process everything. Snape brought his glass to his lips and emptied it, refilling it at once. Snape looked into the boy's eyes and saw the ghost of his mother reflected in those bright green orbs.

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I don't have that power. Why wouldn't you try and become something greater, something that she would be proud of? As he gazed upon into boy, he was taken back many, many years to a simpler time when he lay on a grassy hill with a petite redhead girl staring at the clouds and talking about magic and what the future promised them. She had looked at him with those soul searching green eyes and Severus had felt like he could be anything that she had wished him to be. He gave a weak wave, dismissing Harry from the office.

Harry nodded and rose from his seat. He gave Snape one last pitiful glance before leaving the potions master to finish drowning his guilt.

With a flick of his wand, the door shut behind the boy and Snape stared at the nearly empty bottle. Somewhere in the depths of his mind he could hear a very disappointed familiar voice chastising him.

Was it too late? A new war was brewing, one in which he would be in the very center of. How did he wish to be remembered by those left behind? Could he actually be the man Dumbledore knew he could be? The man that Lily had wished him to be? Did he even have the strength and the courage to find out?

Harry had slept fitfully and awoke feeling more tired than he did when he'd gone to sleep. Everything Snape had told him was still echoing inside his mind, and Harry was angry that he hadn't thought to ask the question that had plagued him ever since he found out as a small child why his parents were dead. Why had Voldemort come after him in the first place? Dumbledore had promised to tell him everything when the tournament was all over. Snape had spilled his guts and Harry had learned far more of what had happened the night his life was irrevocably changed forever than he'd ever even guessed.

Sirius had never even known half of what Snape had confessed to him. But he still had no idea why! The problem was that Harry didn't feel like he could go talk to the Snape again. The man had been very obviously drunk yesterday, and Harry didn't dare bother the man who would most likely be suffering a paralyzing hangover.

Ok, sure, he could brew up a hangover potion, but they only did so much. Harry had to push it all to the back of his mind for now. He had more urgent matters that needed his attention. Pansy Parkinson being the most pressing matter at hand. The girl had ruined his first date. He'd embarrassed and hurt Tracey's feelings, and Harry just couldn't let that stand.

So, he'd gone to see Sirius and Remus early Sunday morning. If anyone could help him think of an appropriate punishment for the girl that would not even come close to implicating him, it would be the last surviving marauders. They hadn't failed him, and Tracey had been very happy to help him, though she had no idea what she was getting involved in, as Harry wouldn't tell her a thing.

He simply asked that she provide him a single strand of Pansy's hair, which she had done an hour later. Harry went to the entrance of the Great Hall before his regular morning run and warded the archway, keying it to Pansy specifically. He unfolded the parchment where Sirius had written the instructions, and Harry followed them to the letter. When he was done, the archway flashed a dull purple. Smiling, Harry made to do his workout and get back so he wouldn't miss the show.

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When Harry was cleaned, dressed and prepared for the day, he practically sprinted to the Great Hall, and took a seat along the Hufflepuff table where he would have a clear view of the entrance.

When he saw Tracey and Daphne enter, he waved them over to join him. They looked wary of sitting with the Hufflepuffs, but when Cedric, who'd taken a seat next to Harry scooted up a bit to make room, they sat down. Harry introduced the two girls to the Hufflepuffs that Harry was counting as friends, and breakfast began. However, Tracey's curiosity got the better of her and Harry had barely begun spreading jam on his toast when she had to ask… "Why did you want us to sit here?

Every head in the Great Hall turned to see a girl with a very engorged posterior holding handfuls of black hair, which had clearly fallen out of her now shiny bald head. Tracey's eyes were in danger of popping right out of her head, while Daphne coughed and sputtered and held her nose, where pumpkin juice had just came shooting out in a stream onto her plate of eggs. Susan and Hannah who were sitting across from Harry were holding on to each other to keep from falling off their bench, tears in their eyes, faces red from serious lack of air as they laughed.

Megan Jones was holding onto Ernie Macmillan who was pounding the table so hard the goblets were shaking. Cedric was turning purple, while Cho Chang, who had decided to join her boyfriend that morning was wiping her eyes. Sally Anne had hid her head in Justin's chest, clinging to his robes to keep from falling while Justin was howling uproariously. Pansy Parkinson couldn't even begin to believe what was happening to her. As she entered the Great Hall with a few of her cronies in tow, she felt her skirt being lifted in the backside and her balance became thrown off.

As she tried to take a step, a loud thunderous bang that sounded like someone had slammed on the head of a drum, sounded. Then, her vision was blurred as her hair fell in her face… and kept falling. Reaching up, She gripped two fistfuls of her shiny black locks and pulled away, her eyes bulging at the sight of her hands full of her own hair. There was nothing left but to scream in horror. And then it got worse. Her scream had alarmed the rest of the students who all turned and laughed at the sight of the bald girl with the ginourmous butt.

Pansy turned, nearly toppling over, and ran away, the sound of giant drums being hit ringing out with every step.

Meet the Spookies

Tracey wasn't fooled, nor was anyone else sitting near them, but they all got the unspoken message. Tracey grabbed Harry by the neck and hugged him tightly. There was a chorus of catcalls, but Harry didn't feel himself get red. Instead he just stared into Tracey's grateful eyes for a moment or two before she let him go and they begun enjoying their breakfast.

We've had one date that got ruined. I don't know if that makes us a couple. She's nice, and I like her, but I don't know. I guess I'm just letting things happen in their own course, you know? Harry looked down the work bench and spied the girl in question looking at him with undisguised desire. Lavender was very pretty. Arguably the prettiest girl in the entire fourth year.

She had bright blonde hair that was kind of curly, which was currently being held out of her face with a blue headband. She had blue gray eyes, and a fairly athletic body. Harry was really beginning to hate the Hogwarts uniforms.

You really couldn't get a decent look of the girls bodies with those long robes covering them. Harry gave a soft smile to Lavender and she winked.

meet the spookies macmillan

Lavender kept us up half the night speculating on exactly what you've done with girls. She's extremely curious about you now. It was fun though. At first I was just playing around, but then it was like I had to see who broke first, you know? It's a matter of pride that she can make boys blush and cower. I think she likes making boys, umm… I think uncomfortable would work here. I thought I was going to have to spell it out for you.

Other students looked up, and Harry just laughed at Hermione's discomfort. Do girls really like to be grabbed and all that? I mean, you know, pushed against walls and have their hair pulled and all that? Harry turned and gave her a very pointed look. She really liked talking with Harry.

He treated her as an equal. He made fun of her, but not to be mean like just about everyone else in the castle. He made her laugh, and she found that them more she was around him, the less uptight she felt.

I do know the Weasley twins, and if I asked, they'd make your life a living hell for the rest of the year. What would I have to be happy about? And that we never saw you come in last night? That must be it. That is most certainly it. The girls both stared at one another, both were very curious now. Tracey slapped his arms again. Stop beating me, sit down. I was really nervous, but it turned out she was as well. She told me all her friends had told her of my reputation and warned her that I was just trying to get in her pants.

If after that night she felt her friends were right, then I wouldn't bother her any longer. We took a walk around the lake, and just talked.

She's so much smarter than I suspected, and she's got a quirky sense of humor. Blaise merely arched an eyebrow, giving her a sour smile. When I walked her to her Common Room, I asked if we could see each other again. She asked if I would be interested in studying with her and her friends tonight. He looked upset, and Daphne noticed that Neville and Hermione looked as if they were trying to calm him down, while Ron was stuffing his face, as usual.

Get out there and take your life back. Go ask Longbottom and Potter out. Don't worry about what the rest of the House thinks. Do what you want to do. You know what it's like in our House. You know how most everyone feels about Gryffindors on the whole, and those two in particular. Dating a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw is a pretty forgivable sin, depending on who it happens to be.

But, to date a lion makes you less than scum. Imagine the charming nicknames, and the inventive taunts that will be continually tossed in our direction. Especially coming from you. I know very well how much you truly care about other people's opinions. While some of what you're saying might be true, it's not all as bad as that. Tracey was about to retort when Daphne held up a hand. We're going to have more difficulty because the boys we like are lions.

But, it doesn't mean that we're not going to try. We're just going to do it in our own time. Now, finish your breakfast, so we're not late to class.

Tracey and I have Runes this morning, and we might be able to get some information we can use to get our boys. Blaise watched the interaction between the two girls, and simply shrugged. Daphne looked over to the Gryffindor table hoping to see Harry, but he wasn't there. She saw Weasley and Neville and Granger, but no Harry. She kept watch throughout her meal, but Harry never showed up.

She didn't have time to think on it, because she had to get to Runes, and that thought perked her up. Granger would be there, and she could get a little more information on Harry. Runes was going to very enlightening. Daphne and Tracey had hurried to Ancient Runes, and taken a bench in the middle of their class. Tracey watched the door, keeping an eye out for the bushy haired Gryffindor to enter the class.

She was the only lion to have taken the class. The rest of the class was made up of nearly all the fifth year Ravenclaws and a handful of Hufflepuffs. Tracey nudged Daphne as Hermione was beginning to pass them. Daphne stuck out her hand and lightly tapped Hermione, who stopped and glanced at the Slytherin girl. Daphne gave a slight nod of her head, motioning that Hermione should join them. At first, Daphne thought she had been too subtle.

Hermione looked as if she were going to continue on to her customary seat at the front of the class. But then she shook her bag off her shoulder, and sat right next to Daphne, taking out her quill and her book. Professor Babbling brought the class to order, and began what had become the obligatory start of term speech regarding the upcoming OWL tests, and that this year would be very difficult and arduous with heavy amounts of homework. Once the professor set out their first assignment, the three girls all bent their heads and began working on the translations.

I didn't see him this morning. Ron and Neville won't talk about it either. Harry's been sleeping in the Common Room and then getting up before everyone.

I think he was in the Library this morning, but I'm not sure. Hermione paused her writing and seemed to wince. I told you, Harry's a very private person. Getting him to open up is like training a troll to dance. Daphne continued looking up her rune. I think he's afraid he's burdening you with his problems if he tells you what's eating him. A lot of times, you really have to drag things out of him.

meet the spookies macmillan

Not that he'd listen to you, either. This stopped Hermione cold. She nearly dropped her quill. She recovered quickly, though, and continued with her assignment.

She has been since second year. Or shall I share how you've been obsessing over Potter? Hermione seem to be trying to hold back her own laughter. He's only really started hanging out with us this year. He and Harry bonded on the train over something, and Harry keeps asking Neville to join us. I think he's great, but I think Ron is having difficulties sharing his best friend. He's none too happy that you're writing him, Greengrass. She turned a page in her book, keeping up the illusion she was hard at work.

Not to defend Ron, but he does have a lot to overcome. He's still trying to find his place. A way to shine. His brothers all overshadow him, and he feels quite inferior at times. His laziness doesn't help him, either. Again, Hermione nearly dropped her quill.

Daphne stifled a laugh. Why did you think he's was so upset over you attending the ball with Krum? He wanted to take you. Everyone in the school can see it.