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meet the spy music 10 hours

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Only a few have come to light and often only years later. Israel is typically wary of exposing the exploits of the global arm of its vaunted intelligence community out of fear of revealing its well-cultivated sources or undermining its mystique. Here is a look at some of its successes and failures: Capturing Adolf Eichmann Lifting a half-century veil of secrecy, the Mossad opened its archive in to reveal the full story behind its most legendary operation — the daring capture of Nazi mastermind Adolf Eichmann.

meet the spy music 10 hours

On May 11,a seven-man Mossad team waited near the Buenos Aires bus station where Eichmann arrived each evening from his job at a Mercedes-Benz factory, where he worked under the alias Ricardo Klement.

Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann stands in a protective glass booth flanked by Israeli police during his trial June 22, in Jerusalem.

meet the spy music 10 hours

Eichmann was held in a safe house for nine days until the group flew out in an El Al plane. He was drugged, dressed in an El Al uniform, seated in first class and passed off as a crew member who was ill. He was convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity and was hanged inthe only time Israel has ever carried out a death sentence.

meet the spy music 10 hours

He obtained top-secret intelligence that is widely credited with helping Israel prepare for its swift victory in the Middle East war. InCohen was caught radioing information to Israel. He was tried and hanged in a Damascus square.

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His remains have yet to be returned to Israel, where he is regarded as a national hero. A female Mossad agent, masquerading as an American tourist, lured Vanunu to Italy where he was drugged, abducted, and secretly transported by boat to Israel.

meet the spy music 10 hours

Vanunu served 18 years in an Israeli prison. Israel neither confirms nor denies its nuclear capability. The most famous, Oleg Gordievsky, betrayed the KGB for ideological reasons and did enormous damage to the Soviet espionage machine.

Skripal was a gung-ho former Soviet paratrooper who participated in daring undercover missions in China and Afghanistan. The GRU military intelligence invited him to join it in late Skripal spent his first foreign tour in s Malta.

Israel-Syria spy thriller screens in Tel Aviv before US debut

Everyone was trying to survive in the new economy and Skripal sought to invest in a hotel in Malaga. Skripal agreed to work for MI6.

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The arrangement lasted eight years. He did not know about operations, but willingly handed over details of its organisation and command structure — a big intelligence coup. Back in RussiaSkripal continued to communicate with his British handlers.

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He wrote in invisible ink in the margins of a Russian novel, and got his wife to deliver it to MI6 during a holiday to Spain. He was, it appeared, an anti-Gordievsky: Inthe FSB security service arrested him after a Spanish tipoff. True, Vladimir Putin takes a dim view of traitors. But Skripal had served a prison sentence.

meet the spy music 10 hours

He was traded for Russian deep-cover agents living in the US — an honourable swap under the old rules.