Meet the teacher night parent letter

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meet the teacher night parent letter

Meet the Teacher Introductory Letter Laughing with Lane: Currently and Back .. from Day Have parents fill out this simple note at Meet the Teacher night so you. Back to School Night (also known as Open House), is a teacher's chance to tell One year I had a welcome letter waiting for the parents at each child's desk. Sample Welcome Letter to Parents For Back-To-School. Dear Parents,. On behalf of the staff at XXXXXX School, I am happy to welcome you to the

meet the teacher night parent letter

Inform your parents of their child's schedule. Parents want to know what their kids are doing each day. If you can't print out this information for them, let them know where they can find it.

Let your parents know how much you value their children. Teaching is truly an honor. Parents trust you every day with their most prized possessions. Remind them that you know this and plan on taking good care of their babies!

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There's nothing like being greeted by a happy, smiling face, and knowing that's who your child sees every day, too. Another small piece of advice: I loved this because it enabled me to hear about each of the children and see who their parents were.

meet the teacher night parent letter

I know not every Back to School Night allows for this time-wise, but it was really a nice idea especially if you teach a grade like Pre-K or Kindergarten, where parents are still getting to know each other, too. Other ideas for teachers on Back to School Night: This also helps if you have early visitors- give them something to do while you are still getting ready! Sometimes I'd even leave out an email list, just to make sure I had the most up-to-date emails on file have each parent add their current email address to the list.

My classroom was like my second home. So many years spent prepping and stressing for the big night- now it's nice to be the guest and visit my child's room with eager anticipation. I don't have many tips for parents because basically, all you really need to do is show up! I know sometimes that's not always possible, but if it IS possible, then get there when you're supposed to, simple as that!

Leave your kids at home. Don't be that ONE parent who brings their kids, for whatever reason. There's always one, and I know, again, that things come up, but your kids really should not be with you on that night. Just my opinion, but I am sure most of you agree. Ask if they would be willing to send home the hand-outs for you. It shows you are interested and care about your child's year ahead! Remember that this is not conference time. As tempted as you are to say, 'How is little Johnny doing in math?

Sample Letters to Parents

Write down any basic questions you might have for the teacher. Although you might be tempted to arrive in your flip flops and sweat pants, I just think you should present yourself with respect especially if you want respect in return.

Simple — organize your classroom so that students and their families automatically know what to do without any direction or assistance from you. Another tip is to set out fresh flowers at your sign-in sheet. Again, this will free you up to give enough attention to each family. These station signs you see above along with all of the other printables can be found in my Meet the Teacher resource.

Also, they are editable so that you can change the text to fit your classroom.

meet the teacher night parent letter

In addition, I used standing alligator clips found below to stand them up on tables. This is something you can easily create using my Meet the Teacher letter editable template.

How to Plan Your Meet the Teacher Open House Night

Parents love to talk about the college you went to, your family and children, etc. You can edit the text to share personal information with your students and families! Another thing you can do to have a successful night is get parents involved. I provide parents with a detailed parent letter outlining my classroom policies and expectations. In addition, I always like to include some helpful tips for parents that they can use to get their child prepared for school each day.

In order to learn more about my students, I also like to set out a parent questionnaire. There is no one that knows your students more than their parents. This questionnaire will provide you with a lot of great information and show parents that you care and appreciate their input. Meet the Teacher Open House night is an opportunity to gather other important information to help your year run smoothly.

Two very important forms that will help you manage your class effectively include a transportation form and a volunteer form. Getting this info before the year starts is a lifesaver.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at x or jane. Thank you, Sample 2 Dear Parents: I am looking forward to a very successful year and I know you are too. I have high expectations for your child and I will do all that I can to help your child achieve those expectations.

meet the teacher night parent letter

I will be expecting all work assigned in class to be completed. Of course, all children do not work at the same pace.

meet the teacher night parent letter

Some children will get their work done in class and some will not. Whether or not your child gets his or her work done in class has no effect on their grade. If your child does not complete an assignment in class, he or she will be required to complete it at home.