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meet the triplehorns

Jeanne Tripplehorn tells Melissa Whitworth about her latest project, Douglas's psychiatrist and girlfriend in Basic Instinct, where she met a. The Night We Never Met: Matthew Broderick, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Annabella Sciorra, Tim Guinee, Michelle Hurst, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson. Date Night is a American comedy film directed by Shawn Levy, written by Josh Klausner Phil steals a reservation from a no-show couple, the Tripplehorns, despite Claire's misgivings. While eating they are approached by two men.

Hensonbut discover Collins and Armstrong are also detectives, presumably on Miletto's payroll. Realizing they cannot trust the police, they decide to find the real Tripplehorns.

They return to the restaurant and find the cellphone number of the Tripplehorns. He is consistently seen never wearing a shirt. At his apartment, Grant traces the cellphone signal to an apartment owned by Thomas Felton.

How Jeanne learnt to stop worrying and love polygamy

They arrive at Felton's apartment and break in. It turns out that they went to the restaurant, but left when they spotted Collins.

meet the triplehorns

Realizing they are in danger, the couple give the flash drive to Phil and flee. Phil and Claire crash the Audi head-on into a Ford Crown Victoria taxicabresulting in their Audi and the Ford being attached at the bumpers.

Phil and the cab driver J. Smoove decide to drive off to get away. Phil climbs into the Ford to navigate while Claire navigates the Audi.

Phil checks the flash drive on the driver's Amazon Kindle and finds pictures of district attorney Frank Crenshaw William Fichtner with prostitutes. The cab falls into the river; Phil and the driver escape, but without the flash drive.

In a subway, Phil determines that Felton obtained the flash drive to blackmail Crenshaw.

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They return to Grant's apartment, and Grant is reluctant to help after becoming exhausted by their incompetence, but Phil begs and he agrees. Phil and Claire go to an illegal strip club that Crenshaw frequents, with Claire under the guise of a new prostitute and Phil as her pimp.

Tripplehorn - if you don't know the name, you will recognise the face and the pout - made her big screen debut in as Michael Douglas's psychiatrist and girlfriend in Basic Instinct, where she met a gruesome end.

Since then, she has been the conniving mistress in Sliding Doors and Kevin Costner's love interest in the doomed Waterworld.

How Jeanne learnt to stop worrying and love polygamy - Telegraph

She turned down the romantic lead in Four Weddings and a Funeral because of a death in the family, but eventually worked with Hugh Grant in the comedy Mickey Blue Eyes. I love to do quality work but family is always most important to me. She plays one of three wives in Big Love, a raunchy drama about a "progressive" polygamist family living in Utah.

But when I read the script, I was struck by how sensitive and respectful it was to the subject. Dressed in black with perfect skin and long, delicate pianist's fingers, she has a sharp, careful answer to every question thrown her way.

meet the triplehorns

She gives little away. There is not one famous person you can mention that we don't know something about. She says she owes her versatility to the rigorous training at Juilliard and is as comfortable in a Chekhov play as in a Hollywood blockbuster. It prepared me for anything. Her next film, Waterworld, reportedly brought Universal Studios to its knees and, at the time, Costner's name was mud.

We were filming on the world's largest floating structure. The set was huge.