Meet the ukippers racist mario

UKIP removes Italian MEP for racist insult at black Italian minister - Telegraph

meet the ukippers racist mario

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader blasted Mario Borghezio for Group meeting that unless Mr. Borghezio was expelled that UKIP We have sent out an unmistakeable signal that racist comments are unacceptable. Ukip is finished after electing Gerard Batten, but Nigel Farage is set to make a comeback and an Islamophobe installed: Ukip's extraordinary general meeting was . Marney was outed by the media for her numerous racist comments .. after its landing at the Mario De Bernardi military airport in Pratica di. Mario Borghezio said Congolese-born Cecile Kyenge, who was recently appointed minister for integration, would be more suited to being a.

Against live animal exporting, but okay with fox hunting. You couldn't make it up. When Nigel Farage said racist accusations were down to tabloid newspapers and not the party Farage thinks UKIPs racist image due to tabloids - minutes later one of his Councillors says this Frankly because of the hatred of the Tabloid press against us, against the party, against any comment anybody makes so that is the problem.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage blasts 'repugnant' comments of MEP expelled for racism

You can be racist in private, just not in public? MeetTheUkippers — That woman!! But I really do have a problem with people with negroid features. When Rozanne Duncan was suspended for her comments, but still defended herself… Even after those awful comments Rozanne still tried to defend herself.

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We agree with Beverley Knight. She is definitely deluded!

meet the ukippers racist mario

You really are deluded aren't you? The manifestowhich Farage has called "drivel", called for taxi drivers to be required to wear uniforms, dress codes for the theatre and for the Circle line on London's underground to be made a circle again.

But you can tell a lot by the friends he keeps. And some of the types he hangs out with in Brussels would be seen as a rough crowd here. There are the figures in the xenophobic and rightwing Italian Northern Leaguethe second largest grouping in the Europe of Freedom and Democracy group, which Farage chairs. Umberto Bossiits founder, once called for illegal immigrants to be shot. Farage knows they can be a bit unreconstructed.

She was, said Mario Borgheziomore suited to being a "housekeeper" or a low-level council official than a minister and would impose African "tribal traditions" on Italy. The True Finns are firm friends too. One of them collided with a spot of bother for floating the idea of mandatory armbands for foreigners to make it easier for police to identify them.

meet the ukippers racist mario

The Danish People's party: Frank Vanhecke is there too. He's the former leader of Belgium's Vlaams Blok, the far-right party disbanded after a court said it broke anti-racist laws. None of them are as obviously clubbable as Nige and he may want shot of them after the election. But they have been his Euro-mates for a while. It's a magnet for unsavoury types here Andre Lampitt in a Ukip promo film. Ukip Domestically Ukip talks a good game. We only want respectable types, it says. But as Jeremy Hunt has pointed outit does seem effortlessly able to attract — among the decent — a proportion of rum characters.

Nigel Farage Explains Why UKIP Is Often Called Racist - This Morning

When they say racist, Islamophobic or plain offensive things, Farage wields the stick. But even he must wonder why they pitch up on his party's doorstep in the first place. Andre Lampitt, we know. Having starred in the latest Ukip TV ad, he was outed for dismissing Ed Miliband as "a Pole", asserting that Enoch Powell was right, Islam was Satanic and that Africans should be left to "kill themselves".

He has since been suspended.

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And then there was David Silvesterthe councillor who attributed the winter floods to gay marriage. William Henwood popped up this week, calling for Lenny Henry, who seeks equality in the creative arts, to emigrate to "a black country". These were outriders, perhaps. But what about fellow MEP Gerard Battenwho called for British Muslims to sign a special code of conduct promising not to engage in violent jihad. Farage said that wasn't party policy. And would any other party have welcomed to a senior post Neil Hamilton, the disgraced poster boy of the cash for questions scandal?

His election role has reportedly been downgradedbut he's still deputy chair. At the weekend, he was on the BBC wearing his party hat and preaching the Faragian gospel. A strange choice to hoist on to the Ukip soapbox, but not the strangest. Is it worth mentioning that two of Ukip's intake ended up in jail for EU expenses fraud? The party that isn't like the other parties seems to be like the other parties after all.

meet the ukippers racist mario

It has rewarded offence Recently the party has taken the stick to those who might tarnish its journey into the electoral mainstream. Perhaps that is because with favourable polls comes harsher scrutiny. But hitherto, it seemed to have little problem with those who caused outrage or offence. Poor Godfrey Bloom had to biff Michael Crick of Channel 4 News with a party brochure to get himself disciplined, but prior to that, the nonstop misogyny and references to aid being sent to Bongo Bongo Land were viewed benignly.

meet the ukippers racist mario

In we encountered Paul Wiffen. He was London chairman of Ukip when he thought to hold forth on Community Care website, addressing those whose views were different.

He did not win. It is my entitlement, he says. I use EU money to hasten its demise. His take on the allowances, as revealed in the Guardianis clear and may be instructive. Is this above board, he was asked.

meet the ukippers racist mario

Instead, they are famed absentees. This seems a badge of honour. They get elected to the European parliament, receive a salary and allowances for being members of the European parliament.