Minecraft animal school meet the students

Meet The Rangers | Minecraft: Education Edition

minecraft animal school meet the students

3) Students should meet and share what they have individually learned. Students are then to collaborate together to produce a real-world. The main idea behind this lesson is for students to role play being a do you think the work of rangers helps to protect and conserve animals?. Our Minecraft club meets once a week for an hour during lunch. For our younger students in Junior School, we are introducing them to.

Ask students to take notes on the following: There are several rangers in the Ranger HQ.

minecraft animal school meet the students

What are the roles and responsibilities they undertake? Students should click on the Rangers to find out.

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After an initial exploration, invite each group or pair or individual to select one of the Rangers to shadow find their Ranger the assigned colored trail. Learners should spend time shadowing the ranger to find out more details about their specific role. Ask each group to collect as much information as they can about each of the tasks, and how it contributes to protecting wildlife.

Once learners have interacted with the different characters in the map, and have gathered information they set out to find, have a class discussion based around the guiding questions above. Ask each group to prepare a short profile in whichever format you choose — presentation, video, sway, poster presentation on their specific ranger to share with the rest of the class.

Seeing Students Grow Through Minecraft | Minecraft: Education Edition

Refer students to the video links in this resource. These will give them an accurate insight into their specific ranger. The collective sharing of information about each of the different Rangers should provide a broad perspective on the kind of work undertaken by Wildlife Rangers. As an individual activity, invite students to write a creative account of a typical day in the life of a Wildlife Ranger.

The diary entry should be from a first-person perspective and should assume that the reader is someone who has never been to this country before and therefore descriptions of the landscape, the wildlife habitat — and the animals themselves will greatly enhance the account. It's well worth a read to really understand how Minecraft can change a child's life.

minecraft animal school meet the students

The social benefits of Minecraft should definitely not be underestimated. It is a great tool for supporting those students who sit on the social fringes. Our Minecraft club meets once a week for an hour during lunch. Here are some ideas if you want to start your own Minecraft club at your school: Think about the version of Minecraft you want to run.

For our younger students in Junior School, we are introducing them to Minecraft: Our Junior School teacher can host the world on his laptop, and students can connect in from their laptops. I did run an Environmental Science workshop using Minecraft: Education Edition on Microsoft Surface tablets with touch screens.

These sessions were run with students from Year 3 to Year 6. Some younger students were more confident in interacting with the game using the touch controls rather than a keyboard and mouse.

minecraft animal school meet the students

This flexibility in Minecraft: EE provides great opportunity for differentiating access to the game. If you have access to touchscreen laptops, give this some consideration. Having said that, students will pick up gameplay very quickly using a keyboard and mouse.

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For continuity and access at home, we give our Middle School students access through the full version of Minecraft, and we have had our IT Department run up a Minecraft World Server that students can access from home. Depending on the scenario, we will give students access to creative tools, or survival in this world. We have two worlds running concurrently — one for challenge-based activities, that we can quickly modify or reset, and a second world which is survival only, and accessible off-campus.

minecraft animal school meet the students

We use an approvals process to bring students into the game, and prevent anyone from joining the server externally without us verifying who it is first. Check out the videos and screenshots below. One of these is actual in-game video from one of our sessions. The other is a fly through of our public server.

minecraft animal school meet the students

The in-game footage is raw. The academic year has just commenced in Australia, so this was our second chance for the club to meet, and the kids are still getting all of those beans out! I'll keep posting to my YouTube channel with more in-game footage as we work on some new challenges.