Niko meet me at the end of pier castle gardens pool

Grand Theft Auto IV: FAQ/Walkthrough

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Go to your 3 HDD, right click on the usable section it has a blue line on the top of the usable section; the unusable partitioned part has a black line over it and click Delete Volume--click Yes.

The blue bar be- comes black as well. The black bars are now a solid black bar. Click through the pages then click Finish. When it's done formatting your com- puter will recognize the drive and let you make the most use of it. Thanks to Cammern--see her video at the next link. Write down the number in case you want to revert to it if you add a separate GPU and let it handle memory for graphics.

Use the drop down box to select MB. Dial back anti-aliasing in favor of post-processing FXAA or such--downgrade texture filtering to 4X anisotropic.

Grand Theft Auto IV Walkthrough

In the game turn off V Sync. Food is fortunately back to being an optional way to increase Health. The "still- likedressingup" code still isn't back, but clothes changes are still a supple- ment to dating. The "San Andreas" dating system is back as a system of male and female Friends. Beyond building up a Like stat with them you can let them interrupt to suggest Bowling, Darts, etc.

Fortunately, it was so unpopular it became optional in "V. Night scenes should still probably be avoided for You Tube videos, but they aren't as murky on You Tube as those for SA.

It's still pretty brown and grey compared to "Vice City. The VC way was more fun to explore for me. Character motions are more lifelike with the Euphoria game engine. I'd remap to key to move it away from W so I didn't accidentally press it all the time. The protagonist can not only shoot a sub- machine gun but a handgun and use thrown weapons from vehicles. The "camera" used when the lead character uses vehicles is the same as it was in "San Andreas.

I'd still prefer the "Vice City" method of having it point forward when you press acceleration and just add the "San Andreas" method of holding down the RMB to aim it elsewhere. I'd rather not have to keep using the mouse to aim the "camera" forward. I'd like my right hand free to press lean forward and lean back keys for 'cycle stunts.

It should at least be an option. At the airport, the jets aren't usable vehicles but the red radar dishes twirl again, and propellers in motion look good again.

The little dots of light in the sky are still there and they've been joined by little dots of light on the roads. Markers look like upside-down insignias for a U. Army PV2 Private or Corporal. The Skimmer weenies are back putting out videos of wrecks and calling them stunt movies. Loop de loops with a motorcycle are about as easy to do as wheelies with a VC Sanchez, so they do a lot of those, too.

The buildings in "IV" have more ledges and fire escapes to land a stunt on, anyway. They're also bothering people about the controls for flying vehicles basic- ally the same as for motorcycles: I could fly in wider and wider circles and bail. A car might drive under a truck like a spongy Nerf vehicle, so it looks like some things about SA handling have been carried over to "IV"--probably for Skimmer weenies that wreck into things more often.

It feels like driving around in molasses in "IV" probably for the same reason. Niko can ride window washer lifts to roofs and climb ladders. Click an icon to see information about the location. Bribes and Firetruck and Ambulance missions are gone.

Pay 'n' Sprays are back although you need to have Niko be out of the sight of law enforcers to use one to get rid of a wanted rating. If a vehicle is upside down and not on fire, it won't explode. If you wait, Niko will eventually be arrested. You can still run at this point, however, by hitting buttons. This will automatically bump you up to two stars though, and you'll definitely be shot at least once.

The helicopter will make it both difficult to escape and to survive. Since the chopper isn't restricted by roads, it will have a much easier time tracking you and will make it harder for you to escape the wanted circle.

Gunmen from the chopper can also make your life difficult. Also, watch out for the police Patriots, which will set up road blocks on all the major bridges. Police boats will also pursue you if you decide to swim or boat away. You will also start experiencing the pain of the shotgun. Much like their vehicles, the N.

They wear Body Armor, so they take longer to take down. The cops in these helicopters carry assault rifles, which can decimate you or your vehicle in moments. This is pretty much a more intense version of five stars.

This doesn't last very long, and all you have to do is behave for its duration.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Flying Rats (Pigeons) -

If you get caught doing something again, you'll have your stars back in full force, wasting the effort of losing the level in the first place. The most obvious is just by escaping the wanted circle. I usually divide escaping into three steps: Drive FAST to escape the view of any helicopter if applicableor alternately, change up your route as much as possible if you're around tall buildings.

Duck down streets to lose any vehciles following you. It's nice to drive for a while to get them to "clump up," because then you can slam on your brakes at an intersection that they're all bound to crash at, and they will have a hard time following you when you take your new route.

Escape the wanted circle. If you have followed the above two steps, there should be no one following you anymore. Police can still pop up on the map though, so instead of trying to get out of the circle as quickly as possible, play it smart and take it sort of slow so you can pick streets that lead out of the circle, but have no cops.

You go in, they paint your car, and your wanted level disappears. However, you'll still have to behave for a moment after you leave the garage, since you'll still have a blinking wanted level. Pay 'N' Sprays appear as spray paint cans on the map. Also, you'll have to be sneaky about entering them. If a cop sees you enter, you won't be fooling anyone see steps 1 and 2 above to lose pursuit.

The first is Francis McReary, and you earn the ability to call off a police pursuit if you complete the mission "Blood Brothers" [M] a certain way. There are spoilers in that section of the walkthrough though, so be warned.

Once you use this ability once, you may not use it again, ever. Once you unlock her ability, she can take away up to three stars from your wanted level if you call her. You can use this ability three times before you need to go on a date with her, at which point you can use the ability again.

In fact, you can avoid it entirely by getting a melee weapon as soon as you start the game. Regardless, I will vaguely explain the fighting mechanics in the game, despite having avoided it myself. Press A at the correct time to dodge, and then hit X or Y to counter. You may get hit a few times, but mostly, you will either block or dodge. As soon as you see the dodge animation, quickly hit X, Y to execute a counter-attack a punch followed by a reverse side-kick that knocks the enemy down and usually out.

If you run into the line of sight of a cop without fighting back, the cop will arrest your attacker without bothering you. Also, you can use a random person on the street for cover from your opponent's blows. The attacker will hit the random person rather than you. Sometimes this will make the person run off screaming, but if you're lucky, they will get angry and start attacking your attacker, drawing any attention off of you!

You will almost never find yourself in a gun battle without some sort of cover available, even if you're not on a mission for some reason. Pretty much anything can be used for cover, from walls to car doors to trees. Press RB when you're near most anything, and Niko will duck behind it. For example, if you're taking cover behind a wall, and there's a gap in the wall, you can dart across the gap to the other part of the wall by holding in the direction of the gap and pressing RB.

You can even auto aim at enemies. It's very easy to kill enemies this way. You can even switch which enemies you want to aim for this way.

It's good to do this anyway, as the auto-targeting feature will pick up on enemies that you may not have noticed while you're still safe in cover. Niko will pop out of cover automatically and begin shooting. He will duck back down when you release the trigger. To kill enemies more effectively, aim a tiny bit up so that Niko's first shot is more likely to be a head shot.

If, for some insane reason, there's no cover around, you're probably screwed, but you can try rolling around to avoid gunfire.

Grand Theft Auto IV FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by glenster - GameFAQs

Press X while locked on to an enemy and strafing to perform one of these rolls. This will greatly help later on. This is an extremely effective way to get rid of opposition quickly. You can throw grenades from cover too. These weapons are deadly, fast, effective, and it's easy to refill their ammo, as your enemies usually will be fighting back with the same weapons!

Cars and red barrels can typically explode, especially when they're in the midst of a heated gun battle. Try to use these types of items to your advantage and to avoid them when they would be detrimental to you. In other words, don't crouch behind a vehicle for too long! This is helpful when there are enemies in cover that you can't get to without running up to them to shoot them. Look for surfaces like concrete pillars and crappy wooden walls that you can shoot through.

Try to use your intuition. Usually something will change or feel different about a mission when there are no more enemies to kill in the immediate area. If you can't get an enemy to come out from cover, and you know he's there, you may have no choice but to run up and shoot him before he knows what's happening.

More often than not, this tends to work. You can tell if an enemy is below you or above you by looking at the direction of the arrow on their blip unless you have a tiny TV, sorry. If you hold off on shooting when you're in an area with plenty of traffic, sooner or later a cop will come by and notice the commotion.

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If he doesn't catch you shooting, he'll start shooting your enemies. Soon more police will arrive and possibly take care of everyone for you! Usually, you won't be able to get in front of the enemy car, no matter how fast you're going, and any gunshots will do no damage to the car. It's best during these chases to stay at a low speed without going so slow as to lose the target and focus entirely on keeping up. For maximum damage, shoot into either the back or front of the car.

After all, shooting a car door isn't going to be as effective as shooting the engine. HBK writes in on the matter: They are on the left hand side of most cars I've tested, and if you shoot them, especially from about a foot away with a shotgun once or twice, Niko will first catch fire, then after a second, the entire car will explode. Press X to cycle through your choices. This is most effective when you are a couple car distances in front of a target, so it can't always be used well.

At this point, the target s usually get out and flee, and you can finish them off however you'd like. This is the quickest way to end a chase, and can sometimes happen if you just crazily shoot in the general direction of the driver.

I decided to do it this way simply because this is what I would be looking for in a guide if I needed to find one myself. That being said, you can actually just skip around to whatever mission you want to by reading the contents. There are a few missions I'll have written strategies for that will assume that you've done some things before the mission, but for the most part, you can use the walkthrough as a case-by-case mission reference as well. Each mission description has three parts: The basics, an overview of the different stages of the mission, and a detailed walkthrough.

East Hook, by the ship Ends: Hove Beach, Roman's Place Rewards: It's Your Call Overview: Just don't blow the car up or kill Roman! This intro mission starts as soon as the opening cutscenes end.

Your cousin Roman is a bit too much over the line to drive, and so Niko takes the wheel. There are a lot of things going on at first drunken chatter, the game's control tutorialbut you can take some time while you're not on the roads to practice driving. When you're ready, follow the yellow GPS line on the mini-map in the bottom left corner to reach Roman's Place. When you get inside, you'll be introduced to the game's saving and auto-save features. Take a moment to peruse the menus and familiarize yourself with everything.

When you exit the house, you'll also be taught about the game's "garage" system similar to the garage system for saving cars in the previous GTA games, minus the actual garages and how to heal by eating food from a stand. A lot of the game has already opened up to you, so go ahead and run around if you want. Roman can wait, and there's plenty to do around the city.

When you are ready though, head to the R icon on the map. You can either sweat it out on foot, or just nab a car and head over. Look around first if you decide to jack a car though, since there are sometimes police milling around. This will be good practice for later. The Cousins Bellic Starts: Hove Beach, Cab Office Ends: Hove Beach, Cab Office Rewards: Drive Roman to the hardware store.

Roman gives you a cell phone and heads in. After a while, loan sharks pull up and start to head into the building don't attack or scare them! Use your phone to call Roman before they get into the building.

They begin to chase you. Quickly follow the GPS back to the Cab office to lose them. The mission begins similar to the first one; you're in Roman's taxi driving him somewhere.

This time, it's to a hardware store, but this mission has nothing to do with tools. Instead, Roman is gambling and trying to make up some lost money. So just head to the hardware store. When you arrive, you can just park in the spot out front, but to make things easier later on, head PAST the parking spot, turn around, and park facing the other way assuming you were following the GPS.

Roman gives you his old cell phone before heading inside. As you're waiting, use the right analog stick to look around.

Roman will call you after a bit, and you can answer if you'd like. Soon after that, the Albanian loan sharks will pull up on the other side of the street Niko will spot them, even if you don't, and drop an audio clue.

At this point, press up on the d-pad to pull up the cell phone menu. Press A to enter the phone book and call Roman before the loan sharks enter the building or else the mission will end. Roman books it out of the building and hops in the car. If you parked facing the other way like I mentioned, you can just drive straight and follow the yellow line. Otherwise, you can either drive past the loan sharks and double back to the GPS route, or spin the car around quickly.

Either way it's not really that hard, although they will begin shooting at you if you get too close. When you reach the cab office, the mission will end. Roman will have a new mission for you, but not immediately. You can just run around the block a few times until the R appears though. It's Your Call Starts: Hove Beach, Russian Shop Rewards: Michelle as a cell phone contact and potential girlfriend Some free clothes Unlocks: First Date Bleed Out Overview: Drive to the subway station to pick up Mallorie and Michelle use your horn to get their attention.

Drive to Michelle's apartment to drop them off. Roman suggests buying some new clothes to better impress the ladies. Drive there and buy at least one article of clothing the first one will be free.