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oduvil unnikrishnan wife press meet the

Popular Videos - Sheela & Oduvil Unnikrishnan. Sheela - Manassinakkare Movie Scenes | Innocent recollects his wife | Jayaram | Nayanthara . Manassinakkare Movie Scenes | Sukumari & Oduvil Unnikrishnan talk about the meeting | Nayantara About · Press · Copyright · Creators · Advertise · Developers · +YouTube. Spouse(s). Suchitra Mohanlal (m. ). Children, Pranav Mohanlal Vismaya Mohanlal. Relatives, K. Balaji (father-in-law) Suresh Balaje (brother-in-law). Awards, See accolades. Website, dayline.info Mohanlal Viswanathan (born 21 May ), known mononymously as Mohanlal, is an Indian In an interview with Reader's Digest in , Mohanlal said that. Krishnan Nair Shantakumari Chithra, often credited as K. S. Chithra or simply Chithra, is an She is the first Indian woman who was honored by House Of Commons, .. 36, , "Thenmerku Paruva Kaatru", Karuthamma, Tamil, Unnikrishnan Somro ' A new experience for music lovers; ^ Press Trust of India (7.

The language got the name Malayalam during the mid 19th century, the origin of Malayalam, an independent offshoot of the proto-Dravidian language, has been and continues to be an engaging pursuit among comparative historical linguists.

Tamils — Tamil people with a population of approximately 76 million living around the world are one of the largest and oldest of the existing ethno-linguistic cultural groups of people in the modern world. Between the 3rd century BCE and the 3rd century AD, Tamil people produced native literature that came to be called Sangam literature, Tamils were noted for their martial, religious and mercantile activities beyond their native borders. Medieval Tamil guilds and trading organizations like the Ayyavole and Manigramam played an important role in the Southeast Asia trade, Pallava traders and religious leaders travelled to Southeast Asia and played an important role in the cultural Indianisation of the region.

Locally developed scripts such as Grantha and Pallava script induced the development of many scripts such as Khmer, Javanese Kawi script, Baybayin. Tamil visual art is dominated by stylised Temple architecture in major centres, Chola bronzes, especially the Nataraja sculpture of the Chola period, have become notable as a symbol of Hinduism.

Tamil performing arts are divided into popular and classical, classical form is Bharatanatyam, whereas the popular forms are known as Koothu and performed in village temples and on street corners. Tamil cinema, known as Kollywood, is an important part of the Indian cinema industry, music too is divided into classical Carnatic form and many popular genres.

Although most Tamils are Hindus, most practice what is considered to be folk Hinduism, a sizeable number are Christians and Muslims. A small Jain community survives from the period as well. Tamil cuisine is informed by varied vegetarian and non-vegetarian items usually spiced with locally available spices, the music, the temple architecture and the stylised sculptures favoured by the Tamil people as in their ancient nation are still being learnt and practised.

It is unknown as to whether the term Thamizhar and its equivalents in Prakrit such as Damela, Dameda, the well-known Hathigumpha inscription of the Kalinga ruler Kharavela refers to a Tmira samghata dated to BC. It also mentions that the league of Tamil kingdoms had been in existence years before then, in Amaravati in present-day Andhra Pradesh there is an inscription referring to a Dhamila-vaniya datable to the 3rd century AD.

Another inscription of about the time in Nagarjunakonda seems to refer to a Damila.

oduvil unnikrishnan wife press meet the

A third inscription in Kanheri Caves refers to a Dhamila-gharini, in the Buddhist Jataka story known as Akiti Jataka there is a mention to Damila-rattha. Hence, it is clear that by at least BC, Thamizhar is etymologically related to Tamil, the language spoken by Tamil people 4. Choir — A choir is a musical ensemble of singers. Choral music, in turn, is the music specifically for such an ensemble to perform. Choirs may perform music from the classical repertoire, which spans from the Medieval era to the present.

Most choirs are led by a conductor, who leads the performances with arm, a body of singers who perform together as a group is called a choir or chorus. The former term is often applied to groups affiliated with a church and the second to groups that perform in theatres or concert halls. Choirs may sing without instrumental accompaniment, with the accompaniment of a piano or pipe organ, with a small ensemble, choirs are often led by a conductor or choirmaster.

Other than four, the most common number of parts are three, five, six, and eight, choirs can sing with or without instrumental accompaniment. Singing without accompaniment is called a cappella singing, many choirs perform in one or many locations such as a church, opera house, or school hall.

In some cases choirs join up to become one mass choir that performs for a special concert, in this case they provide a series of songs or musical works to celebrate and provide entertainment to others. Conducting is the art of directing a musical performance, such as a concert, by way of visible gestures with the hands, arms, face. The primary duties of the conductor or choirmaster are to unify performers, set the tempo, execute clear preparations and beats, and to listen critically and shape the sound of the ensemble.

The conductor or choral director typically stands on a raised platform, many choral conductors use their hands to conduct. In the s, most conductors do not play an instrument when conducting, although in earlier periods of music history. In Baroque music from the s to the s, conductors performing in the s may lead an ensemble while playing a harpsichord or the violin, conducting while playing a piano may also be done with musical theatre pit orchestras.

Communication is typically non-verbal during a performance, however, in rehearsals, frequent interruptions allow the conductor to give verbal directions as to how the music should be sung. Conductors act as guides to the choirs they conduct and they choose the works to be performed and study their scores, to which they may make certain adjustments, work out their interpretation, and relay their vision to the singers.

Choral conductors may also have to conduct instrumental ensembles such as if the choir is singing a piece for choir. They may also attend to matters, such as scheduling rehearsals, planning a concert season, hearing auditions 5. He first gained popularity in the early s for movies like Zanjeer and Deewaar, referred to as the Shahenshah of Bollywood, Star of the Millennium or Big B, he has since appeared in over Indian films in a career spanning almost five decades.

Bachchan has won accolades in his career, including four National Film Awards as Best Actor and many awards at international film festivals. He has won fifteen Filmfare Awards and is the performer in any major acting category at Filmfare. In addition to acting, Bachchan has worked as a singer, film producer. He has hosted several seasons of the show, Kaun Banega Crorepati, Indias version of the game show franchise. He also had a stint in politics in the s, the Government of India honoured him with the Padma Shri inthe Padma Bhushan in and the Padma Vibhushan in for his contributions to the arts.

The Government of France honoured him with its highest civilian honour, Knight of the Legion of Honour, in for his career in the world of cinema. Bachchan was initially named Inquilaab, inspired by the phrase Inquilab Zindabad popularly used during the Indian independence struggle, in English, Inquilab Zindabad means Long live the revolution.

However, at the suggestion of fellow poet Sumitranandan Pant, Harivansh Rai changed the name to Amitabh. Although his surname was Shrivastava, Amitabhs father had adopted the pen name Bachchan and it is with this last name that Amitabh debuted in films and for all other practical purposes, Bachchan has become the surname for all of his immediate family. Bachchans father died inand his mother inBachchan is an alumnus of Sherwood College, Nainital.

His mother had a keen interest in theatre and was offered a film role. Teji had some influence in Amitabh Bachchans choice of career because she insisted that he should take the centre stage 6. Rajinikanth — Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, known by his mononymous stage name Rajinikanth, is an Indian film actor who works primarily in Tamil cinema. He began acting in plays while working in the Bangalore Transport Service as a bus conductor, inhe joined the Madras Film Institute to pursue a diploma in acting.

Following his debut in K. While working in regional film industries of India, Rajinikanth has also appeared in the cinemas of other nations. Apart from his career, he is also a philanthropist, spiritualist. After his fathers retirement from work inthe moved to the suburb of Hanumantha nagar in Bangalore. When he was nine years old, he lost his mother, at the age of six, Rajinikanth was enrolled at the Gavipuram Government Kannada Model Primary School where he had his primary education.

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As a child, he was studious and mischievous with a great interest in cricket and it was during this time his brother enrolled him at the Ramakrishna Math, a Hindu monastery set up by Ramakrishna Mission.

In the math, he was taught Vedas, tradition and history which eventually instilled a sense of spirituality in him, in addition to spiritual lessons, he also began acting in plays at the math.

oduvil unnikrishnan wife press meet the

His aspiration towards theatre grew at the math and was given an opportunity to enact the role of Ekalavyas friend from the Hindu epic Mahabharata. His performance in the play received praise from the audience and Kannada poet D.

Bendre in particular, after sixth grade, Rajinikanth was enrolled at the Acharya Pathasala Public School and studied there till completion of his pre-university course. During his schooling at the Acharya Pathasala, he spent a lot of acting in plays.

In one such occasion, he performed villainous role Duryodhana in the play Kurukshetra and he began to take part in stage plays after Kannada playwright Topi Muniappa offered him a chance to act in one of his mythological plays.

During the time, he came across an advertisement issued by the newly formed Madras Film Institute which offered acting courses, during his stay at the institute, he was performing in a stage play and got noticed by Tamil film director K.

His rise as a playwright in s, marked the coming of age of modern Indian playwriting in Kannada, just as Badal Sarkar did in Bengali, Vijay Tendulkar in Marathi and he is a recipient of the Jnanpith Award, the highest literary honour conferred in India. For four decades Karnad has been composing plays, often using history and he has translated his plays into English and has received acclaim.

His initial schooling was in Marathi, in Sirsi, Karnataka, he was exposed to travelling theatre groups, Natak Mandalis as his parents were deeply interested in their plays.

As a youngster, Karnad was an ardent admirer of Yakshagana and his family moved to Dharwad in Karnataka when he was 14 years old, where he grew up with his two sisters and niece. After working with the Oxford University Press, Chennai for seven years, while in Madras he got involved with local amateur theatre group, The Madras Players. During —88, he was at the University of Chicago as visiting professor, during his tenure at Chicago Nagamandala had its world premiere at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis based on Karnads English translation of the Kannada original.

Karnad is known as a playwright and his plays, written in Kannada, have been translated into English and some Indian languages.

When Karnad started writing plays, Kannada literature was influenced by the renaissance in Western literature. Writers would choose a subject that looked entirely alien to manifestation of native soil, I could actually hear the dialogues being spoken into my ears. I was just the scribe, said Karnad in a later interview, Yayati was published inwhen he was 23 years old. It is based on the story of King Yayati, one of the ancestors of the Pandavas, who was cursed into premature old age by his preceptor, Shukracharya, Yayati in turn asks his sons to sacrifice their youth for him, and one of them agrees.

It ridicules the ironies of life through characters in Mahabharata and it became an instant success, immediately translated and staged in several other Indian languages. This established Karnad, now 26 years old, as a playwright in the country 8. Chithra or simply Chithra, is an Indian playback singer from Kerala.

oduvil unnikrishnan wife press meet the

Chithra also sings Indian classical, devotional, and popular music and she has sung in a number of Indian languages as well as Urdu, Latin, Arabic, Sinhalese and English. She has recorded more than 25, Songs for various films and albums and she is a recipient of six National Film Awards, six Filmfare Awards South and 34 different state film awards.

She has won all the four south Indian state film awards and she was honored with Indias civilian honor Padma Shri in Born in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, into a family of musicians, Chithras father and her elder sister K. Beena and her younger brother Mano is also a playback singer. Chithra received her training in Carnatic music from Dr. Malayalam Cinema, Chithra was introduced to Malayalam playback by M.

Radhakrishnan in and went on to become a singer for many Malayalam musicians. Attahasam, Snehapoorvam Meera and Njan Ekananu were the first few films in which she recorded her songs and she also performed live concerts with K. Yesudas in India and abroad. Tamil Cinema, She made her debut in the Tamil film industry through the song Poojaikketha Poovithu from the film Neethana Antha Kuyil and she was given the title Chinnakuyil after singing the song Chinna Kuyil Paadum from the released film Poove Poochudava.

The former Prime Minister of IndiaAtal Bihari Vajpayeementioned the film as an example of ignorance by Malayali towards global economic changes during the inauguration of the Global Investor Meet held at Kochi on 18 January Mohanlal appeared in Bharathan's Thazhvaram inas a widower seeking revenge for the murder of his wife by his most trusted friend. The film is considered as one of the greatest comedy films of all time in Malayalam. It also became the highest-grossing Malayalam film of the time.

InMohanlal produced and starred in Bharathamwhich is interpreted as a modern-day adaptation of the Ramayana from Bharath 's perspective. The film was a critical and commercial success, with his role as a Carnatic singer who is burdened by a jealous brother, earning him the National Film Award for Best Actor for that year.

He took help from his choreographer and his co-actors and professional dancers Vineeth and Monisha for enacting the dance scenes.

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The drama Devaasuramwritten by Ranjith and directed by I. Sasiwas one of Mohanlal's most successful films and is regarded as a cult classic. Sunny Joseph in Fazil directed cult classic Manichitrathazhuas a psychiatrist.

Spadikam was a work for which he won his third Kerala State Film Award for Best Actor and fifth Filmfare Award for Best Actor Malayalam for his portrayal of Thomas "Aadu Thoma" Chacko, a young man who becomes a thug, estranged from his father, upon failing to meet the latter's high expectations. He played the lead role in Gurudirected by Rajiv Anchal in The film was chosen as India's official entry to the Oscars to be considered for nomination in the Best Foreign Language Film category for Mohanlal acted in his first non-Malayalam film inin the Tamil biographical film Iruvardirected by Mani Ratnam.

The film was a commercial success, but was not well received by critics. The major issue was that the film showed uncensored scenes, as the submitted cut of the film to the Central Board of Film Certification was the version in which Mohanlal wins the leading lady.

Hence they were forced to remove the Mammootty version from theatres, replacing it with the original. However, in television premieres, both film versions were shown. It won him the second National Award for Best Actor and was the first film that got him international recognition by screening in various Film festivals. The film was selected for the competitive section at the Cannes Film Festival and his performance was critically acclaimed.

Except for Ravanaprabhu, these films were widely criticised for their repetitive plots, lewd dialogues, punch lines and male chauvinistic outlook. I don't see any other reason for the failure of well made female-oriented films like Mazha and Madhuranombarakkattu ". Mohanlal's performance was well received. The Hindu noted that the actor is "at his natural best" and "does not look stifled or anxious as other South Indian stars do when they appear in a Hindi movie for the first time".

Kilichundan Mampazham, promoted as a comeback vehicle for the actor, received good reviews and a decent box office collection. Vinuwas also a commercial success. It was well received by critics and performed well even in places where Malayalam films do not run in regular shows, such as VadodaraRajkotPune and Ahmedabad. The film received positive reviews and Mohanlal's performance was highly praised by critics. In the movie, his character does not speak in the second half.

The film was shot in Kashmirand was a notable commercial success. Inthe Indian government conferred him with the honorary title of Lieutenant colonel in the Indian Territorial Army. Mohanlal reprised the role played by Sanjeev Kumar from the original. His last film of the year, Evidam Swargamanuwas directed by Rosshan Andrrews. In the film, he played Adv.

Surya Narayanan who encounters some runaway suspects as they approach him for justice. Alexander the Greatdirected by Murali Nagavally was a comical racy entertainer released in May. Oru Naal Varumdirected by T. K Rajeev Kumarscripted by Sreenivasan and produced by Maniyanpilla Rajuwas a social satire about the corruption in India. It reunited the much-adored classic combo of Mohanlal- Sreenivasan onscreen.

His next film was Shikkara dark revenge thriller directed by M. Padmakumarin which he played a lorry driver who is haunted by his past. The film topped at the Ramzan box office. Mohanlal reprised the role of Major Mahadevan in the film. It was the third installment in the Major Mahadevan film seriesand the debut Malayalam film of Amitabh Bachan. Mohanlal's first release in was the multi-starrer Christian Brothersan action drama directed by Joshiy and scripted by Udayakrishna-Siby K. Released worldwide in March across screens, which was the largest release for a Malayalam film at the time, [68] this racy film was a commercial success and one of the top grossing Malayalam films of the year.

Despite mixed reviews, the film ran over days and became one of the highest grossing Malayalam films of the year.

oduvil unnikrishnan wife press meet the

It was a love story between three aged characters played by Mohanlal, Anupam Kher and Jayapradha. The film was highly acclaimed by critics and Mohanlal's performance as Mathews was well appreciated. For the first time, yesteryear actress Sheela shared screen space with Mohanlal. She played the role of his mother. Snehaveedu is credited as his th film.

It marked the return of the Priyadarshan-Mohanlal- Mukesh combo of the late s and 90s. The film performed well at the Christmas-New Year's box office.

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His first release was the much hyped big-budget romantic thriller film Casanovvadirected by Rosshan Andrrews and written by Bobby-Sanjay. He enacted the role of Casanova, a serial womaniser and the owner of Casanova's Eternal Spring — an international chain of flower boutiques.

Later, he appeared in a cameo role in the Bollywood movie Tezzwhich was released in April and directed by Priyadarshan. His next film was the B. Unnikrishnan -directorial Grandmastera neo-noir crime thriller about a cop who is forced to investigate a series of murders.

Mohanlal's well tempered, calm and subdued acting was appreciated by the critics. The film was exempted from the entertainment tax by the state government for creating social awareness in the society.

It featured the news media as the background. The film was well appreciated by critics, remarking that it was as an example of a well crafted thriller. The film dealt with the discrimination against women. Mohanlal at the 17th International Film Festival of Kerala in was a remarkable year for Mohanlal, it was the year in which the all-time blockbuster of Malayalam film, Drishyam released.

His first film of the year was Lokpala vigilante thriller in which he played a vigilante nicknamed "Lokpal". It was directed by Joshiy and written by S. Red Winedirected by Salam Bappuwas a non-linear investigation thriller based on a political murder. Ladies and Gentlemandirected by Siddiquewas a romantic comedy film set in the backdrop of IT companies. Geethaanjalia horror thriller directed by Priyadarsanwas a spin-off of the Malayalam classic film Manichitrathazhuin which he reprised the role of Dr.

Sunny from the original.

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His last release was Drishyamdirected by Jeethu Joseph. Neason and produced by R. Frauda heist film directed by B.

He appeared in an extended cameo role in his next film Kootharadirected by Srinath Rajendrana coming-of-age mystery film set in an untold period. He played a mysterious character in the experimental film, who at the end of the film revealed himself as a merman. His next was the comical political satire film Peruchazhiwritten and directed by Arun Vaidyanathan.

He played a young political kingmaker who is assigned to make a candidate for governor win the California state gubernatorial elections, where he uses standard Indian political gimmicks to win the election in the USA. Inhis first release was the Kannada film Mythri.