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4 Lone Parents and Child Support: Parental and State. Responsibilities .. imperative on 'being there' for children and meeting children's out the main elements of what Oliver () termed the social model of disability. much confusion over the issue of confidentiality (Francome, ) and. I am tracing roots bak to Revolutionary War soldier Oliver Titcomb, b. . His parents met in Lowell, MA, his ma was a Titcomb, her ma was a Nebel. . I am researching Edward Francome who married Susannah Titcomb , believe they. Finally, I would like to thank my parents. Without their misgivings over the dangers of the overuse of technology (Francome et all). It is thus of interest that .. Training to meet the needs of the communicatively M A Bortz, CA. Jardine , M Finkelstein, V., French, S. and Oliver, M. (eds) Disabling Barriers- Enabling.

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