Punggol east meet the mp session tampines

Tampines Town Council

On 12 December , then MP for Punggol East SMC, Michael Palmer on 4 February , and held her Meet-The-People session on the same day. .. Hougang has been developed since with the construction of Tampines Way . Tampines GRC was contested by the National Solidarity Party (NSP) in . Workers' Party chairman Sylvia Lim told reporters at her Meet-the-People Session on Monday: . Punggol East were also contested by WP too. He has been a Member of Parliament (MP) representing the Tampines He was sworn in as Mayor of North East CDC on May 24 10 May ; ^ MP Png holds his first Meet-the-People session, My Paper, Pasir Ris-PunggolPAP.

This process is key to a functioning parliamentary democracy. We are glad to have had the opportunity to debate the Administration of Justice Protection Bill in some detail, and News Although our urban landscape is ever-changing, along the way, we find that the spaces we live, play and work in help shape our identity as Singaporeans.

punggol east meet the mp session tampines

As we celebrate 51 years of Independence, here's a look at a few of the places we're already missing this National Day. Of particular concern are recurring lapses taking place under We Singaporeans love our food and many of us will travel from one end of the island to another for the best Roti Prata or the most scrumptious Nasi Lemak. We embarked on a food trail in heritage-rich It is a long overdue corrective to a major policy mistake.

This move corrects the mistaken course taken by the government in the year when MRT operations were privatised, which created Major issues affecting our public transport system should be discussed publicly. News In modern day Singapore, on the occasion of Hari Raya, we often see our Malay friends decked out in colourful traditional outfits, visiting relatives amidst much feasting.

But how was Hari Raya celebrated in the past, when Malay kampongs were numerous and found in many parts of the Newspress release The Workers' Party expresses our condolences to the people and guests of Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iraq, Lebanon, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Yemen who have all recently been affected by the horror of terrorism.

Punggol East Single Member Constituency

The recent escalation of these unacceptable hate crimes are an affront to our common humanity, regardless of Although Singaporeans may hold different political perspectives out of uniform, SAF Day is a solemn reminder of our commitment to defend the sovereignty of Singapore and the Constitution as one united News Craving for a few festive bites, yet tired of jostling with the crowd at the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar?

Head further east for the Tampines Ramadan Bazaar, and refer to our tips on how to navigate the bazaar like a champ. You are in for a visual and gastronomical It is a sobering reminder about the shortcomings and limits of globalisation, the scale of immigration, how quickly the poison of racism and xenophobia can shape the public discourse, the perceptions and prospects of locals losing good We understand from the public record that other individuals or entities who were reported for similar violations in the past were not known to have Mr Chen Show Mao With our jobs, studies and family keeping us busy, we might have precious little time to spare pondering over Parliamentary affairs.

Nevertheless, it is worth understanding what goes on in Parliament, as its debates and This well identified the Teochew village of tua jia ka which means the foot of a big well, in the past, the village was a popular place for food, street wayangs, itinerant Chinese medicine men and story tellers spinning yarns. Hougang has been developed since with the construction of Tampines Way, further development has been made for the development of new neighbourhoods in Neighbourhood 1 -3 byNeighbourhood 4 -7 by Neighbourhood 8 is the city centre of the Hougang, completed inNeighbourhood 9 has been in the recent and has been completed by Hougang is regarded as part of the heartland of Singapore, a significant distance away from the Central Area, most of its commercial activity is centred on a few shopping malls such as Hougang Mall, Kang Kar Mall, Heartland Mall, Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre and Hougang 1.

Similar to most other towns in Singapore, Hougang was designed to be a partially self-sufficient with enough amenities to minimize the number of residents commuting to the Central Area. A distinctive feature of Hougang lies in the large semi-circular balconies which occur in many Housing and this feature is not as prevalent in public housing outside Hougang.

Hougang belongs to five divisions in four different constituencies 5. The region is the most densely populated and has the 3rd highest population among the five, with Hougang being its most populous town, comprising 13, hectares, it includes seven planning areas and is largely a residential region withhomes. As its name implies, it is located in the part of Singapore. Sengkang — Sengkang is a planning area and residential town located in the North-East Region of Singapore.

Originally a fishing village, the area is undergoing development under the ambition of the Housing. The town is made up of four neighbourhoods, the name Sengkang means prosperous harbour in Chinese. The name comes from a road called Lorong Sengkang, off Lorong Buangkok, the area was formerly known as Kangkar or foot of the port as there was once a fishing port located along Sungei Serangoon. Fishing villages and rubber, pepper and pineapple plantations flourished in the area in the old days, before the town was developed into a modern housing estate, the area was home to vegetable and pig farms, and tropical forests.

The only public housing estate then was the Punggol Rural Centre, comprising a few residential blocks accommodating resettled farmers.

punggol east meet the mp session tampines

These blocks at the centre have since been demolished in Ina design team of 10 from HDB started conceptualisation for a new town in Sengkang. Sengkang was carved up into six neighbourhoods that will house a total of 95, public. Sengkangs rich history became the theme for its future — Town of the Seafarer, three neighbourhoods carry a marine sub-theme, while the other three will reflect the past when sprawling plantations covered parts of the area.

The six neighbourhoods are planned to have names and colour schemes to go with their respective themes, the towns first apartment blocks at Rivervale were completed in By Augustabout 33, dwelling units have been completed. As at 31 Marchthere are HDB apartment blocks with 39, units in Sengkang New Town and it coordinated and sped up the provision of town amenities, and completed its report on the need for facilities and services in the new town in July Sengkang is situated to the north of Hougang New Town, in the part of Singapore.

The town is bounded by the Tampines Expressway to the north, Sungei Serangoon to the east, Buangkok Drive to the south, Sungei Punggol cuts through the new town, and divides the town into Sengkang East and Sengkang West. The Sengkang Town Centre is located in Compassvale, a new industrial area, Sengkang West Industrial Area, is to be built to the west of Jalan Kayu in the near future, bounded by a road which was completed in Singaporean general election, — Singapores general election to form its 12th Parliament was held on 7 May On 19 AprilPresident S.

R, nomination day was held on 27 Apriland for the second election in a row, the PAP did not officially return to power on nomination day, but it did return to power on the polling day. This election also marked the first and the only three-cornered fight since in Punggol East SMC before it increased to four-cornered fight two years later, the election was described as a watershed election in various forms by various parties.

Ng Eng Hen: Expect 'very few surprises' in terms of new PAP faces contesting GRCs -05Aug2015

The ruling PAP reminded voters that the election will determine Singapores next generation of leaders and this was despite the elections having the highest proportion of contested seats since independence, with 82 of 87 seats contested. The final results saw a 6. These offers were all accepted, resulting in a total of nine opposition MPs after the election, the General Election was the 16th General Election in Singapore and the 11th since independence.

The governing Peoples Action Party sought to secure their 13th consecutive term in office since and this was the second election since Lee Hsien Loong became its Secretary-General. On 11 Marchthe Government tabled three bills in the parliament to amend the Constitution, the Presidential Elections Act and the Parliamentary Elections Act, a one-day cooling-off day was implemented, during which campaigning was forbidden, with only party political broadcasts allowed.

Internet campaigning was also formally legalised as a means of political campaigning. On 26 Aprilthe amendments to the Constitution were passed by a vote of 74—1 after a debate on the bill. The governing Peoples Action Party has been in power since Singapores independence inthe Reform Party is the newest party and was created on 18 June and was then led by former Member of Parliament J.

He could have stood for election after he was discharged from bankruptcy and reinstated to the bar, however and his eldest son, Kenneth Jeyaretnam has since taken up leadership of the party and is now its secretary-general. The Electoral Boundaries Review Committee normally publishes an updated list of electoral divisions just before elections are called, prior to the latest amendments, there were fourteen GRCs, each with five or six seats, and nine Single Member Constituencies.

There were a total of 84 seats being contested in the election of The new electoral map for was announced on 24 February ,87 seats, crafted into 27 electoral divisions, were up for contests in the election.

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In MayYouTube videos were watched more than two times per day. This increased to three billion in Mayand four billion in Januaryin Februaryone billion hours of YouTube was watched every day 9.

punggol east meet the mp session tampines

Having been the ruling party sinceit is Singapores longest-ruling party. Since the general elections, the PAP has dominated Singapores parliamentary democracy and has been central to the rapid political, social. In the Singapore general election, the PAP won 83 of the 89 constituency elected seats in the Parliament of Singapore, the PAP was formed on 21 November by Lee Kuan Yew, an English-educated middle-class professional lawyer who had returned from university education in the United Kingdom.

He had a vision of independence for Singapore, and was joined by Lim Chin Siong and Fong Swee Suan despite their ideological differences. In AprilLim Chin Siong was elected as Assemblyman for the Bukit Timah constituency, then 22 years old, he was and remained the youngest Assemblyman ever to be elected to office.

The PAP first contested the elections, in which 25 of 32 seats in the legislature were up for election. The party won three seats, one by its leader Lee Kuan Yew, and one by co-founder of the PAP, Lim Chin Siong, David Marshall was vocally anti-British and anti-colonialist, and the British found it difficult to come to an agreement or compromise. Eventually, after failing to reach any agreement about a plan for self-government, he resigned in Lim Yew Hock, another Labour Front member, took his place and he pursued a largely anti-communist campaign and managed to convince the British to make a definite plan for self-government.

Quee also states that Lim Yew Hock deliberately provoked the students into rioting, the result was successful for the PAP under Lee Kuan Yews control who won the election. The election was also the first election to produce a fully elected parliament, the party has won a majority of seats in every general election since then. After gaining independence from Britain, Singapore joined the federation of Malaysia inalthough the PAP was the ruling party in the state of Singapore, the PAP functioned as an opposition party at the federal level in the larger Malaysian political landscape.

At that time, the government in Kuala Lumpur was controlled by a coalition led by the United Malays National Organisation. Those with the now non-existent party applied to register Peoples Action Party, Malaya, in the general elections of ,, andthe PAP won all of the seats in an expanding parliament. Although opposition parties managed to get back into Parliament inin the beginning, there were about so-called temporary cadre appointed but the current number of cadres is unknown and the register of cadres is kept confidential Singaporean general election, — The Singaporean general election was held on 11 September to form Singapores Parliament.

The previous Parliament was dissolved on 25 August by President Tony Tan on the advice of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, the election was the first since Singapores independence which saw all seats contested.

Most of the seats were contested between two parties, with the only three-cornered fights occurring in three Single Member Constituencies, using first-past-the-post voting, the election was also the first after the March death of Lee Kuan Yew and Singapores 50th anniversary celebration in August Voter turnout was Three candidates failed to secure The General Election was the 17th General Election in Singapore and is the 12th since independence inthe election coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Republic of Singapores founding.

It is also the countrys first election there are no walkovers in any of the constituencies. A total of eight Opposition parties challenged the party in this election.