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reader meet the author blogspot comics

Until then, keep reading comics you guys. .. Recently I put up a blog post of some questions and people started using them at panels, which I. How authors can blog successfully for long-term platform and book marketing efforts, with The problem is that few authors meet those conditions. A potential reader should be able to easily tell if they're going to benefit from reading your .. However, I doubt you'll be able to keep Comic Sans or blue. I met Gord Downie about four years ago. Dark Horse Comics has announced that writer Jeff Lemire and artist Dean Ormston's creator owned “Readers are super keen to find out how our heroes are stuck on the farm and more answers.

A page from Spud Takes Root. Reading the strips you could almost hear someone's baby crying from the flat next door, a dog barking down the street and the noise of cars on the motorway off to work, the soundtrack of aotearoa urban suburbia. Twenty years later, young cartoonists I was meeting were still drawing inspiration from Barry's work - the youthful energy he captured on the page was as relevant today as it ever was.

Aki in Tiko by Barry Linton. Barry also drew from more than just his surroundings, he had a wide ranging list of interests that he explored in his comics. The level of research he did for his comics could be described as obsessive, in the best possible way.

For Aki - a comic about seafaring in the Neolithic Age - he painstakingly created a series of model ships out of paper and cardboard to accurately depict his designs for the comic. He was also interested in space and life on other planets, resulting in radiantly colourful comics about U. Os, aliens and space exploration. He also dabbled in pornographic comics that brimmed with good natured sexual mischief, generally produced for his own amusement and the occasional erotic anthology.

The Best of New Zealand Comics, when it was published inBarry was one of the first cartoonists I approached to take part. By the seat of his pants.

And manages more often than not, to get away with it. A lot of times, Hal acts like an ignorant, idolized super-hero fratboy: There are a lot of DC heroes that I respect as persons read this essay about Lois Lane as an inspirational character, for example. Or is he an evil person trying to pretend he is nothing more than a harmless moron? His treatment of Carol Ferris [Link] is pretty outrageous for one thing.

Hal never paid any attention, and kept chasng her around the disks in a way that would get him into a lot of trouble nowadays. He also treated his family in a rather cavalier fashion: Back in the old days, he and his brothers, Jack and Jim [Link] and their wives would go and visit their rich Uncle Titus.

And smirk when he did it. Carol Ferris inherited Ferris Air and employed Hal as a test pilot. But frequently, an evil Alien energy, the Star Saphire Linkwould latch onto Carol and transform her into a dangerous sexual predator Link. Hal and Carol had several relationships… but they never stayed together too long. To his credit, he seems to date only one at a time, which is nice, but he has this pathological fear of commitment, and never lets anyone get too close.

Nevertheless, Hal has a habit of using women, and then dumping them in a minute.

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Whenever I learn about specific heroes, their powers and their individual supporting casts, there is a moment when I feel overwhelmed: Every hero has an origin story, a specific home town, one or several love interests… For the longest time, Hal Jordan even had a non-superpowered sidekick, the youthful Inuit airplane mechanic Tom Kalmaku Link. There are snarky articles that make fun of the weirdest and most stupid twists Link. Most heroes have a junior counterpart… a female counterpart… a kid sidekick… a romantic interest… an elder statesman… a civilian companion… an authority figure… a black sheep… a contextualizing city… and sometimes even an animal companion.

He always has a unique and usually brilliant take on things. I hated the stilted dialogue and the naive conflicts. I really liked the books starting the issue [Link]when writer Steve Englehart [Link] took over: Then sadly, the Guardians disbanded, and went off to make whoopie with the Zamarons, and they accidentally executed Sinestro, and mostly the Corps was shut down… with the exception of a few, who all went to live on Earth with Hal.

I have no idea what you talking about. Reviews were so bad that I did not read this. Even that era was fun, because Englehart had a sure way with the different voices of the characters: Guy came out of his coma and became a whole lot more fun, and John and Katma got married [Link]and Hal was busy making out with an underage Arisia [Link]which was a bit squicky [Link]but hey.

For the longest time, I really did not like these Green Lantern Corps characters too much. All they ever did was paint the actresses blue or green or pink — but they all had long legs, high heels and perky perky breasts. They might have antennae, and weird eyebrows, but they were all definitely humanoid females.

reader meet the author blogspot comics

All the better to be lusted after by Hal Jordan. She was this HUGE and completely unattractive Warrior Woman [Link]who could have picked up just about any Green Lantern other than [massive drill sergeant] Kilowog and broken them in half. They ended up prettying her up after a while [Link]which was a shame [Link!! She was a silicone-based life-form, if I remember correctly, and basically was made out of rock. She still had breasts of course, because otherwise how would you KNOW that she was a woman, but she was a fun character.

She also had this totally unrequited crush on Hal. Hal of course was busy lusting after all the other more nubile alien women. There are some really cool alien races in the Corps, however: Kilowog has to be one of my absolute favorites.

His planet of Bolovax Vik [Link] was unfortunately destroyed, but he had had a wife and a family.

How Comics Helped My Kid Love Reading

There is also Leezle Pon [Link]who is a super intelligent virus, and I think that there is a mathematical equation that is a Lantern [Link]and one that is shaped like a cube.

In these first years after the Crisis, almost all major super-hero series thrived: There were smaller series like the excellent! The writer was Gerard Jones Linkthe art came from Pat Broderick Link — and Hal was noticeable older now, with grey temples and a midlife identity crisis. Suddenly, Hal got these weird gray sideburns, and became morose and even more angsty than when he was going around with Ollie twenty years earlier.

At the same time however, Guy was becoming more and more interesting.

stefan mesch

And suddenly making perpetual horndog Hal Jordan suddenly look as though he was forty was a poor move. Instead of being charming and charismatic, he suddenly looked like a creepy older uncle.

The 8 opening issues Link of this series had Hal flying around, searching for a new place in life. And they must be one of the most annoying comics that I have read… because all the characters looked like gay fetish men Link. Hal Jordan was doing his own thing in his own book there for a while, yes. Occasionally, Guy would drop in and play off of Hal, and these issues were usually hilarious.

Over time, he grew mad and started stealing whole cities from different planets to transplant them to Oa: The series is remarkable for the eye-popping, weird 90ies art it reminded me of artist Anthony Ausgang, Link and the Charles-Bukowski-like, deliberately erratic dialogue and storytelling. But it was an ambitious concept — and nothing that I can see DC Comics publishing today, in And next, Hal turned crazy and killed all his friends.

The story started when Superman was killed by a monster in Link. With Superman still dead, his old enemy Mongul Linkan alien despot with the personality of a schoolyard bully decided to attack Coast City.

Instead of getting him some therapy, they yelled at him and told him to stop moping. Naturally, this just made him mad [Link]. And then he tried to fix things, and they yelled at him some more. So he flew back to Oa, and basically just mowed down everyone in his path…. Hal murders the friends who try to stop him — Boodika, Kilowog, Arisia, and many more — and steals their power rings Link.

Then, he kills Sinestro Link …. To this day, the book is one of my favourites, and I can highly recommend it to everyone who knows nothing about the DC universe.

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So Hal was turned into a huge villain, and tried to destroy the Universe, and it was a pretty shabby treatment for someone who had been one of their classical heroes, really. He also beat the crap out of Guy, tore out his eye and put him into another coma. In the end, Ollie shoots him in the heart to stop him Link. It gave us Kyle Rayner. But getting to Kyle. Frankly, the idea that Ganthet [the last surviving Guardian, Link] just found him standing in an alley outside of a bar [Link] is hilarious.

And he does fulfill the first requirement of being a good Green Lantern… he has a really fabulous arse [Link]. When we first meet him, he lives in LA with his girlfriend Alex deWitt Link and has only been out of college for a couple of years. Kyle has an overbearing mom, an absent dad and he really likes the comfort of a long-term relationship: He only found it by chance, and since there is no Oa and no Corps anymore, he has a hard time learning the ropes.

Interestingly, Alex turns out to be very helpful there: He was spending a lot of his time trying to figure out how the ring worked, and how to BE a Green Lantern, without a Green Lantern Corps. The Craft and Creation of Comics Room: Saturday is the big hollywood day. We usually hide in the green room for lunch. If I haven't run into Joss Whedon up until this point at a hotel bar I like that he started going to Comic Con again after two giant Avenger moviesthen on Saturday he's easier to bump into, relaxing and having a good time.

We stop by Mike Mignola's booth to make sure we say goodbye to him, as he doesn't do Sundays anymore. Close by, we might try to walk around artists' alley for a bit, but nothing sticks out. A lot of crazy talented creators with original art, prints and commission lists. People who sells books usually have booths on the other side of the convention floor, where we used to have our booth, and we have always been book people. We make comics so people can read them.

For the past few years, we have tried to have at least one signing at the CBLDF booth as well, where they have a great selection of our work from all publishers we work with. At the end of the day, the CBLDF live art auction will take place at the Bayfront, on the Sapphire AB room, starting at 8 PM, where you'll be able to bid for some amazing original art from your favourite creator.

There are some pretty neat Frank Miller, Jeff Smith and Howard Chaikin originals being offered, among many other incredible pieces of art. The night is full of wonders. We have a much better time at dinner, usually catching up with old friends. For the past few years, this has been editor's dinner for us, so to speak. Bob Schreck, Diana Schutz, Karen Berger, Sierra Hahn, Pornsak Pichetshote, all great editors, dear friends, and during the craziness of Comic Con, we catch up with them, and they catch up with us, and we start our night just right.

We met some great cartoonists while on those dinners, which always involved big tables and lots of people. I met Jeff Lemire in a dinner with Karen. I met John Cassaday in a dinner with Sierra. Saturday is the night that never ends, no matter if California law says otherwise, and we all meet up at some point after the Hyatt bar closes.

The backsteps crew doesn't disappoint. Will Dennis always has our backs, fellas. We'll need breakfast before going to the panel. I'm not sure Albuquerque will wake up in time to get anything to eat, but at least he's a special guest of the convention and there will be people who will go to his hotel room and make sure he attends his own panel. He was taking care of Eduardo Risso last year. I bet he'll take care of Albuquerque.

Every friend we didn't have a chance to talk to during the convention will stop by, have a few drinks, have a few laughs. Things start to die out earlier on Sunday, like the magic pixie dust starting to wear off.

reader meet the author blogspot comics

The Hyatt bar is still open, and some other friends are there. It might close soon, tho, and so we'll cross the street and stop by the Lion's Share. When will we ever go to sleep? Probably on the flight back home, the next day, and for the entire following week.

We have been going since every year. Aside from that, we've been there every year.

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It's our safe port in the american market, where we know our way around, where we see our friends. This is one of those years where we decided to focus on work. And, like those years, we did miss San Diego greatly throughout the week. I recommend the experience. I still think it's a special show.

You don't have to go 20 times. But do it at least once.