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To say that Sakura was unhappy when Sasori explained to her .. The rock star lifestyle was fun in certain moments, but sometimes, it really wore on her. .. So there she was, meeting Sasori's grandmother when she hadn't. Sakura is a neko who trusts no one after being abused for years and Sasori is a lonesome rock star who doesn't have anyone to talk to. This is a re-post of my story, Rock Star Rising, which was taken down due to song .. "Oh!" Sakura interrupted when she and Sasori's eyes met.

Nicknamed Pein for breaking so many girls' hearts in this school people have lost count. Yes, Konan had done her homework. Status, she thought, holding back a smirk; going down. Naruto Uzumaki, Konan remembered from her little research. There was cheering at the back of the class. In Sasori's case it was — another Iwaga, hotness that everybody wants to screw and the same questions from the crowd. In Deidara's case, however, it was — another Iwaga, glowing like gold on the outside, freezing as ice on the inside; eyes set on a goal.

Even though Deidara knew his sister better than himself, he had no idea what her goal might've been. But he was sure to find out soon enough, and the only thing left to do then, would be to watch the show. Deidara and Sasori both looked in Pein's direction when they heard him chuckle.

Deidara raised his eyebrows as Sasori rolled his eyes and sighed, seeming annoyed at his friend's old habits. Many students in the class gasped in surprise. The two redheads were stunned into a frozen state, while the blond didn't look the slightest bit surprised. Of course she knew their names and Pein's real name, Deidara thought, rolling his eyes at his show-off sister.

She probably even knows in which hospital their parents were born in. They didn't have any more opportunities to chat during the class, but plenty for Pein to keep glancing at the girl when he thought she wasn't looking. What he didn't know was that Konan was perfectly aware of his every movement. The technique of seeing through her eyelashes when her eyes seem to be closed had been the basics of her training.

Literally, a child's play. Right when the bell rang, Pein sighed in relief and turned to face Konan. He was about to open his mouth, when, to his supreme annoyance, Sakura was already by his deskmate's side, greeting her with a wide and friendly smile. Konan returned the smile lightheartedly and nodded. Pein hadn't even had the chance to spill one single word. To any other guy, this kind of ignorance coming from a hot chick might've seemed absolutely normal and only made them bite their nails out of anxiousness of seeing the girl again.

On Pein, it had a slightly different effect. He felt like a world famous rockstar, stepping onto the stage only to confront the situation where no one recognizes him. Feeling completely out of his element, he couldn't help but stare after the two girls, his eyes keeping wandering down to the newcomer's skirt. Had he not been caught off guard, he would've been able to think straight and guess the girl's game, since she was related to Deidara after all and even though he didn't know the blond's full history, he knew enough to be able to draw his own conclusions.

But given the circumstances, he put the girl's behavior down to her innocent and airhead personality, completely forgetting what impression she'd left the day before. After seeing Konan leave, Sasori and Deidara burst out laughing again, earning a death glare from the very annoyed Pein.

If anything, friends were to annoy one even further. Konan thanked her and was about to part from her, when something popped into her mind. Sakura laughed a little at an inside joke before answering. A sweet and kind girl sharing a room with a chick everyone considered an asshole.

Contrary to what the pink-haired girl might've thought, Konan had to admit she was rather pleased with the situation. Overbearing and foul-mouthed people may have seemed repulsive to some, but to her they were like soul mates. His electric guitar rested across his lap with the guitar strap hanging loosely over his neck. You're having a baby… yeah.

His tone was clipped and businesslike as his hazel eyes drifted over each band member. Fans become loyal to certain members. This will likely be very bad for us. We can hold an audition. The fans will lose faith in Akatsuki. For the first time that day, Itachi spoke up.

My younger brother's girlfriend. She could be a fucking floozy. How do we know she's any good? I say go with the audition.

Konan spoke in a rational voice. They went with only the best of circles. Itachi was the eldest son of the head of the household, and while his participation in Akatsuki was a source of controversy with the posh and proper family, he still made appearances at gatherings.

They were still his family, even if he was the black sheep of the lot. This weekend, they were throwing a party at the main house.

Bunch of high and mighty assholes looking down at me. Like I need that. Especially since, not that he would ever admit it, Itachi was the one Uchiha who didn't always get on his nerves. It was their smug superiority that always managed to piss Deidara off. Someone on the Uzumaki side. Despite the vast pool of differences between them, the two got along surprisingly well. He wasn't planning on it, but it made sense.

He was the band manager, so if there was going to be a new addition, he needed to meet her first. That, and his family was an old and powerful one, too, which warranted him an invitation which he'd thrown in the trash, but that was neither here nor there. Everyone was dressed formally with glasses of champagne and expensive wine.

Some classical music played through various speakers, but it was on a very low volume and obviously only being played for background noise.

Sasori had the misfortune of encountering his grandmother, Chiyo, at the party. Why aren't you married yet? Even though Sasori was head of the household after his father's unfortunate death, Chiyo still got invited to these parties, and the senile old bag just loved to make appearances to remind people she wasn't dead yet. Of course—pregnant women couldn't drink. Konan's blue hair was pinned up in an elaborate bun with a white origami flower.

She was wearing a beautiful deep blue halter dress that showed off her curves. He always got along with Konan, which was rare because Sasori usually didn't bother with women. They tended to overcomplicate things with their excess emotions and pointless actions.

Konan was calm, level-headed, and mature with an elegance about her that Sasori found surprisingly artistic. Her sense of humor was about as dry as a martini, but Sasori found that amusing, too. Understanding spread over Konan's face. Pein's getting another drink. I think Pein is, too. Konan bit her lip to keep from giggling at him. He would never admit to liking her or caring, she knew, but Konan was aware that there was a teeny, tiny soft spot in Sasori's cold, black heart.

She liked to think it was big enough for her, Deidara though Sasori would never, ever, in a million years ever, admit thatand one more person. If she could just get him to pick a girl and settle down… Sasori's eyes caught a familiar flash of pink, and he switched his gaze from Konan to a girl who danced right past the two of them with a young man who was probably her boyfriend.

Sasori recognized her right away. It was Sakura, the pink-haired girl from the costume store. This time, she wasn't in some ridiculous fairy costume. She was dressed in a silky red gown with long white gloves and delicate high heels.

Her pink hair was pinned up and curled at the loose ends that framed her face. It was such a rare occurrence that Sasori stared at anything that he didn't actually realize he was doing it until Konan mentioned it. He stopped staring and asked, "Who? It was more like… thirty seconds. Sasori didn't have to think of a response, though.

Pein arrived and offered Konan another glass of lemonade to replace the one she'd just finished. He had a glass of his own; it looked like the same champagne Sasori was drinking. It was a rare thing to see Pein in a suit. He raised the hand that wasn't holding his champagne glass to adjust the tie around his neck with a bored expression on his face.

Pein's bright orange hair was done up in messy spikes, as usual. The myriad of piercings on his face were probably a bright, shining reason why everyone at the party was doing their best to avoid him.

Sasori found himself slightly envious of that luxury, but not enough to go fill his face full of metal ornaments. Sasori followed his gaze and saw Itachi a mild distance away. He was politely cutting in on the dance between Sakura and her boyfriend. The resemblance between Itachi and the younger man was undeniable. Uchihas were pretty easy to spot, though, with their onyx eyes and unruly black hair. When Itachi placed his hand on Sakura's arm, she laughed and made a show of saying, "Unhand me, villain!

And then, Itachi and Sakura linked arms and stepped away from the young man who just had to be Itachi's younger brother. His fuming face was rather priceless, but Sakura looked happy.

Wait a minute… if Itachi was bringing her, didn't that mean… "Sakura, I'd like you to meet some friends of mine," said Itachi. The grin on her face was absolutely devious. Whatever she was thinking, Sasori wanted to shut it down now. He didn't get the chance. They came in my shop a few days ago. He looked skeptical when he turned to Itachi. She is a very talented musician.

What's this about, Itachi? Someone who knows her way around a keyboard and can sing. She looked a little awkward. So, I'm sorry, but I don't really have the time for another job right now. Akatsuki is a very popular band, and—" "And it would take up more time than I have to give," Sakura said, though she did look apologetic. But I have my degree to think about. I can't fault you for that. It was nice meeting you, Sakura.

You know how he gets… Sorry, Itachi. The two appeared to be in a heated discussion, and Sakura was gesturing wildly toward Itachi and their friends. The animosity between Itachi and his brother was no secret, and it seemed Sakura was paying the price for taking time to speak with Itachi. She will think about this, though. We should approach her again. He was still watching Sakura argue with her boyfriend. Say, you know where she works.

Why don't you talk to her Monday? Of course, he always hated his brother for reasons Sakura could not fathom, as Itachi had always been nothing if not nice and polite to herand therefore liked to put limits on whether or not Sakura could be around Itachi at any given time. He loosened the tie on his fancy suit with a frustrated tug. His eyes were dark with seething vengeance. He's not your friend. He—" he broke off and looked away in his anger. When he switched his gaze back to her, he had regained his composure.

But when I tell you to stay away from him, I expect you to do as I say. All previous amusement from before had faded. You can't order me around like one of your lackeys. Sakura's hands clenched into fists. It was an old insult, one from their childhood, and it never sat well with her. Sasuke knew this, and Sakura knew he deliberately used it.

Sakura tried to take a calming breath. She didn't need to lose her temper and cause a scene, especially at Sasuke's family's party. You already shoved Naruto aside. Will you do the same to me? Are we so easily replaceable to you? Naruto is a useless idiot and even he gets it now. What do you think that says about you?

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She pulled back her hand and slapped Sasuke right across his face. One of those guests was Naruto—she recognized his blonde head and bright blue eyes immediately. He was standing on the other side of the room with his mother and father, more illustrious guests the Uchihas had invited. Tears formed in Sakura's eyes, but they didn't fall. She told herself that her eyes were watering from her frustration. When she spoke, her voice was low and hollow. And I won't chase after you this time. He turned to Sakura, took one look at her face, and the rage in Naruto's expression softened.

He put his hand on her shoulder and said, "C'mon, Sakura; let's go home. He raised his glass to his lips and took a drink. Itachi watched his brother for a moment, but when Sasuke stormed off angrily, the older brother switched his gaze to Sasori. Sasuke had just thrown that away? When she walked pass Sasuke he just remember that girl he bumped into this morning.

Then she walk to the limo and got in. Meanwhile Hinata was at the Konoha High is her boy outfit. When she stepped out the limo she felt the presence of something evil. You already know who that was. She was getting chase by the fan club. She dodged them and got to the stage.