Team fortress 2 meet the engineer sub italia

The Tin is a cosmetic item for the Engineer. It is a metallic team-colored version of the Engineer's default hard hat with goggles bolted to it. What goes around comes around, ya snotty little nance. Icon external link wav. png Click to listen. — The Sniper on stealth. Meet the Engineer. Meet the Engineer Titlecard [hide]. 1 Video transcript; 2 Notes; 3 See also; 4 Related merchandise; 5 External links.

- В одном из ваших мозговых штурмов. - Это невозможно.

  • Meet the Engineer

Я никогда не распечатываю свои мозговые штурмы. - Я знаю. Я считываю их с вашего компьютера.

team fortress 2 meet the engineer sub italia