The contortionist handbook ending relationship

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the contortionist handbook ending relationship

3 discussion posts. Sam said: Did you like the ending, did you feel it was abrupt or lacking, or how did you interpret the ending? I kind of felt as thou. can anyone explain their interpretation of the ending of the book? when keara writes.. johnny, and the the pages are just blank? is that what. All about The Contortionist's Handbook by Craig Clevenger. determine whether or not the OD was accidental or an attempt to end his life. Clevenger seems to spend more time with his relationship with his father and the women in his life.

the contortionist handbook ending relationship

Craig Clevenger comes up with an interesting and perfectly realised concept, featuring an engaging anti-hero whose story is told with the gutsy sass of an Elmore Leonard thriller, shot through with an elegant literary sensibility. While this constitutes a potent enough blend, The Contortionist's Handbook also has in play that wondrous alchemy that is the real beauty of the winning novel.

What this generally comes down to is the writer's ability to order their material and tell the story effectively. Craig Clevenger reigns supreme here: The novel has substance too; its biting critique of American psychiatric and criminal justice systems often evokes a modern One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

The hero of this seldom less than gripping tale is John Dolan Vincent, a highly gifted forger who suffers from life-threatening migraines and black-outs.

In order to escape from the terrible skull-crushing pains he experiences, Vincent self-medicates. Following such episodes he invariably wakes up in a county hospital compelled to undergo psychiatric evaluation. At this point, things get interesting. Taking his forging skills to their apogee, Vincent emerges into a new identity he's previously faked for himself, to avoid detection for crimes committed in his previous lives.

the contortionist handbook ending relationship

If you have an extra finger on one hand, and ginger hair to boot, this requires great vigilance as well as skill. The main problem for Vincent, though, is that he needs to outwit the psychiatric evaluators and convince them that he is neither a suicide risk nor insane and thus worthy of release from hospital.

The Contortionist's Handbook by Craig Clevenger

The stakes are high and the writing a match for it: Sudden The girl that turned John Dolan Vincent onto cocaine. She was a stripper that choked Vincent until he was unconscious while giving him a lap dance and she then stole his money.

Three nights later they slept together. Jimmy The doorman of the nightclub where Sudden danced. He was Sudden's cocaine hookup, who then became Vincent's hookup, who then introduced him to Ray, Jimmy's hookup.

Tied up in knots

The employers of the club became the source of Vincent's mob connections, as Vincent made social security numbers, passports, etc. Jimmy insisted that Vincent meet with more people to work for, but when Vincent became Paul MacIntyre, Vincent decided to disappear instead.

the contortionist handbook ending relationship

Sharon Worked with Sudden at the nightclub Vincent frequented. She needed her life to get cleaned up in order to keep her son that the State was threatening to take, so Vincent gave her and her son Paul new identities. Sharon took her son to live with her parents in Virginia, and so Vincent used the identity that he had made for her son to his advantage.