The powerpuff girls meet rowdyruff boys movie

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the powerpuff girls meet rowdyruff boys movie

The Girls and Boys race each other around the world this is one of the few movies to have a known plot. This comes in the Later, The Powerpuff Girls and The Rowdyruff Boys then fly off to race around the world. . Characters of The Movie. Mojo Jojo is so outraged at his constant defeats against the Powerpuff Girls that he decides to beat them at their own games, by creating The Rowdyruff Boys. Mojo also has the opposite feelings for the Rowdyruff Boys in that he sees them as his own sons, while he outright despises the Powerpuff Girls and wants to.

Though, despite they're on and off relationship, they still have feelings for each other. She acts as if she has an antoganistic side in this flim.

The Rowdyruff Boys

The cute bubbly one. She dislikes her sisters arguements between Brick, which leads to them being sucked in a race. She has an interest in Paris, consider to her the most romantic place in the world and plan to have their wedding day with Boomer in Paris. She has an interest in fashion. She is the group's tomboy. Like Bubbles, Boomer, and Butch, she is very annoyed by Brick and Blossom's rivary and ends up on a crazy adventure with her sisters, and love interest. Her love relationship with Butch is quite shy, but have love feelings and both have an interest of ninjas, karate, kung fu, japense video games, violence, and japense cartoons.

Planned to be voiced by: The main protagonist of the flim. He shares an on and off relationship with Blossom, often, yet the two have romantic feelings for each other.

the powerpuff girls meet rowdyruff boys movie

He can be quick-tempered and harshed when provoked. He acts as if he has an antagonistic in this flim. The cute one alongside Bubbles and also shares her theme of being "the joy and the laughter. He considers Europe, since he knows how to speak French a special power similar to Bubbles power how to speak spanish. Though, he force to fight Bubbles, due to his brother's demands. The tough yet hyper-active one of the Rowdyruff Boys. He has a dislike with Brick and Blossom almost always fighting each other leading up to a crazy adventure around the world.

These techniques have not been specifically named and, like the Boys' individual powers, it has not been seen since "The Boys are Back in Town. They also have a team maneuver called "Ballistic Barrage" The boys jump down to ground level and rush toward the girls.

the powerpuff girls meet rowdyruff boys movie

They leap from building to building, zigzagging down the street, and fly high before dive-bombing their targets. All three girls are subjected to a merciless battering, which does not end until they have been drilled into the pavement.

Then the boys jump out of the way. Special Abilities and Skills Aside from having the same powers that the girls have, the Rowdyruff Boys, have special abilities of their very own; such as: The word "overkill" doesn't even begin to describe this situation. Whenever the boys get kissed by the girls, they grow bigger, stronger, tougher, more dangerous and more powerful. This was only used once in " The Boys are Back in Town " and it will most likely never be used again because all the Powerpuff Girls need to do is not kiss them again.

However, if we count " The City of Clipsville " as canon since the Girls fell in love with the Boys, it's most likely that HIM removed that power from them to prevent the same mistake to be repeated. It can also temporarily blind and suffocate the girls, as seen in their self-titled debut episode. In order to use this ability, they must have inhaled Burritos or a similar substance of the same magnitude.

PowerPuff Girls S05E07 The Boys Are Back in Town

As seen in their return episode, the boys can produce an energy blast by creating a whirlpool of pure energy. Weaknesses One big difference between the Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys are their weaknesses. The Rowdyruff Boys, on the other hand, have several significant weaknesses that they all share. Due to the boys' being having a higher tolerance for damage than the girls, they are almost impossible to defeat in head-on combat, this is proven in their first encounter where they were the only ones that could defeat the Powerpuff girls in a fair fight, these weaknesses must constantly be exploited by the Powerpuff Girls.

This is the reason why they are defeated in The Rowdyruff Boys.

the powerpuff girls meet rowdyruff boys movie

After the Powerpuff Girls regain consciousness following their defeat at the hands of the boys, Ms. Bellum tells them that there is one thing all boys hate, hinting at their weakness. Bellum's advice, the girls each land a kiss on the boys, causing them to explode. Ever since their revival in "The Boys Are Back in Town," they have become immune to girl kisses thanks to Him's anti-cootie vaccination. While it doesn't have the same effect on the Boys as the kisses did, this is undoubtedly another big weakness.

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Due to their enormous size and immunity to their previous weakness in "The Boys are Back in Town", they were nearly unstoppable. Blossom then deduces that their size will diminish whenever their masculinity was threatened. With that, the girls emasculate the boys from pulling down their pants to treating them like babies. It is unknown if this weakness still exists.

the powerpuff girls meet rowdyruff boys movie

In the episode "Boy Toys", the Powerpuff Girls agree to form an alliance with Princess to use her weapons to defeat the Rowdyruff Boys. The girls don't actually cause any harm to the boys even though they aim their weapons at them, a tank, plane, and boat. The boys are awed at how much destruction the weapons cause and soon take advantage of each of them. The boys aim the weapons at each other and end up enjoying playing with them so much that their own laughter subdued them.

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But they were not really defeated, they just could not move because they had so much fun. If the boys or girls are separated, they are easily defeated.

the powerpuff girls meet rowdyruff boys movie

All three of the girls can only work together and all 3 of the boys can only work together or else they will never be able to fight and win. This is shown when Boomer is ordered by Brick to get sweets. The Powerpuff Girls spot him after stealing sweets from another boy and the three girls easily defeat Boomer.

His injuries included a black eye, missing teeth, messy hair, and torn clothes. Presumably, the Rowdyruff Boys share the same weakness to Antidote X that the girls have, as they were also created using Chemical X.