The rescuers down under meet wilbur take off flight simulator

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the rescuers down under meet wilbur take off flight simulator

This site takes all the mistakes from Whatsits Galore's Disney Glitches site and . The opossum family that Bambi meets is shown as a reverse image when he looks at .. Two of the vultures pick up Mowgli to fly him out of reach of Shere Khan's . Both Orville and Wilbur in The Rescuers Down Under communicate while in. Hold on tight for a thrilling, fast-paced adventure unlike any other with THE RESCUERS DOWN UNDER! The world's bravest mice, Bernard and Miss Bianca . Disney's Meet the Robinsons (DVD-Rom) - - Disney's Meet the Robinsons is . The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under - 3-Disc Set About Time Movie, Inside out / a Pixar Animation Studios film ; story by Pete Docter, Ronine del His journey takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious stranger named Wilbur .

They meet up with Wilbur, the cousin of Orville from the original and fly to Australia and meet Jake, a kind of tough mice in a way. Which sets up a love triangle between the 3 mice over Bianca. First, 2 things stood out for me: It's a really great score and especially love the opening theme.

The "Mcleach" theme is nice but it sounds like everytime Mcleach arrives with his massive truck, the score repeats itself, kind of like how the Imperial Theme always showed up whenever Darth Vader was around.

Second is the animation. You can see the transition Disney would make into more detailed and complex animation that they would do in the Lion King or the Deep Canvas system from Tarzan and Hercules's Hydra fight. Personally my favorite is either entering Australia with the Opera House or Orville's dive in-between New York buildings.

Too bad Disney couldn't replicate this type of film cause the rest of the sequels were just god awful. They even made 2 Aladdin sequels, nevermind one. But this was the first one and oddly enough, it's the only good one despite advancing technologies. I didn't make it all the way through 3rd grade for nothing! Eva Gabor and Bob Newhart reprise their respective roles of "Miss Bianca" and "Bernard" from the first "Rescuers" film and are joined by John Candy as an aeronautically challenged albatross.

Read more The line above is spoken with delicious and wicked glee by George C. Scott as the film's villain "McLeach", one of the outstanding vocal contributions to this under-appreciated release. Young Adam Ryen is the voice of the child hero, "Cody". This lighthearted adventure takes place in the Australian outback and the animators have taken great care in depicting its combination of breathtaking beauty and harsh desert areas. There are some "tense" moments but they are few and far between, not too intense to frighten small viewers.

Bruce Broughton's score is dynamic and ranks as one of the best for a Disney animated film. The best of Disney's recent animated adventures The voice talents of Bob Newhart and Eva Gabor, Read more Though not as well known as other recent Disney features, this animated sequel the first in Disney history has much to recommend it -- excellent computer-aided animation, unusually fluid camera movement, a clever script, and a rousing musical score by Bruce Broughton.

Sadly, it doesn't have memorable or engaging characters. The large cast of Australian animals never gets enough screen time to make an impression. The voice talents of Bob Newhart and Eva Gabor, whose easygoing chemistry and comic aplomb made the first film a pleasant romp, are utterly wasted here.

Still, this sequel was never meant to be character-driven. In this respect and many others, it's a departure from what audiences have come to expect from a Disney cartoon. There are no songs, not much dancing, and surprisingly little comic relief. Instead, this cartoon is a straightforward, unpretentious action-adventure, guaranteed to satisfy a family audience. This time they're called to Australia after receiving a message that an eagle and a Read more This is a full-of-fun animated movie from Disney.

This time they're called to Australia after receiving a message that an eagle and a little boy have been kidnapped by a devious poacher, McLeach played to the hilt by George C. The animation is much different from the style seen in the original, but is more suited for the various flight sequences boasting the lofty grace of the eagle; not to mention McLeach's motorized cage. The film has a message about the plight of endangered species as well. Composer, Bruce Broughton's score is dazzling and rousing.

I wish Disney would reissue the entire soundtrack. Glen Keane is among the main animators. This is a very enjoyable film. Even though it is a sequel it stands very solidly on its own merits. The DVD version is beautiful and highly recommended. The only thing these films share are the two main characters Binard and Bianca and the plot point of saving a child in jeopardy. Where the original was a touchy-feely story of abandonment, this film tackles the very different issue of wildlife Read more You hear a lot about this film being Disney's first sequal, but don't let that freak you out if you've never seen the original Rescuers film.

Where the original was a touchy-feely story of abandonment, this film tackles the very different issue of wildlife preservation.

I find this to be a far better film than The Rescuers although I loved it as a child and still hold a special place for it in my heartand a welcome change of pace form the usual Disney fare. This was the first film to use Disney's new CAPS system of filming animation and the results are truly stunning. Bright vivid colors, blending and shading, sharp crisp lines, and subtle use of computer animation are the hallmarks of the "new" Disney and it all began with this film. The opening sequence is a great example of what the system can do and remains one of the most thrilling openings to any Disney film.

More breathtaking scenes, like the flights with Marahute, futher attest to the technological achievement of the film. Story wise this film gives us Disney's most realistic depiction of childhood to date B. He's strong willed, bright, has a sense of adventure and never seems overly cute. He's just a boy who wants to save his friend, the last golden eagle Marahute, from the evil poacher.

Some very fun and comic characters are introduced notably Frank the lizzard to offset one of the meanist villans ever, Percival McLeach. He's drawn in a realistic way that exaggerates his features just enough to give him a very menacing look. Believe me, when he yells at Cody you will recoil in fear! With all this high praise you might be wondering why this isn't a more widely known film.

Well it had the unfortunate distinction of following The Little Mermaid, which sent the studio in the direction of Broadway-styled musicals. I haven't mentioned music for the film because there isn't any. Althought the score is fantastic and a hotly sought after collectors itemthere isn't one song in the entire film. Simply put, it got lost under all the hoopla about Disney's new style.

People were looking for more of the same from Disney and soon they would get it. Rating the DVD itself, I'd give it a 5 for picture and sound, but only a 3 for bonus material. Disney has released a few DVD's with outstanding bonus', however this isn't one of them. All you get is a trivia game that will be really easy to win after you see the film and a mode that tells you the story in words or has a voice over read it to you. But don't let the meager bonus material stop you from getting this DVD.

Now that time has passed and most of us are looking for something new from Disney, take a look at this overlooked gem. You'll be overwhelmed by it's adventure, granduer, beauty and most importantly, fun. Is this movie from Disney? Miss Bianca finds out about the case, but the problem is Bernard doesn't know about case, I guess that he thinks Miss Bianca Read more I doubt it.

The makers at Walt Disney tend to have viloence in thier animated movies. The Rescuers Down Under was out 13 years after the orignal movie. ScottCody recures the bird and takes him to a ride to her nest, where 3 eggs about to hatch. Cody doesn't know that McLeach had only ready killed the bird's father and now is after the mommy bird. After Cody's visit he saves a mouse from a trap and Cody winds up in the trap.

And is saved by McLeach and when Cody refuses to tell McLeach where the nest with the eggs are, he kidnaps Cody and word is spent out of the kidnapping of Cody. But the rangers believe that Cody was killed by a crodoile because his back pack was foud by a crodicle's swamp. Miss Bianca finds out about the case, but the problem is Bernard doesn't know about case, I guess that he thinks Miss Bianca has found out that Bernard is planning to propuse to her.

Miss Bianca doesn't know that Bernard doesn't know about hte case, and without any talk about the case Miss Bianca accpets the assignment.

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Weak, un-original and incomplete. Very few new things happen here, once again, Bernard and Miss Bianca, voiced once again by Bob Newhart and Eva Gabor take off to save a young boy from an evil kidnapper. Like I said, nothing original, many gags from the first film Read more "The Rescuers Down Under" is the sequel to the hit film, 'The Rescuers,' a personal favorite, but it doesn't have the originality, charm and simplicity of the first one.

Most viewers will be fooled by the dazzling animation and pay more attention to that rather than the content of the film. This sequel seems out of place, rushed and not very interesting, once you see it, you'll hardly want to revisit it. Like I said, nothing original, many gags from the first film are repeated here, for example the two rescuers fly on an albatross once again Apparently a lost brother of Orville named Wilbur, voiced by John Candy.

There are many new characters, however, most of these were rushed and never develop any real personality. The new boy, Cody is a bland character, not half as sweet and adorable as the little orphan girl, Penny in The Rescuers, other main characters for example Joanna, the lizard-like animal is probably the funniest and most entertaining character in the film Which is pretty sadhowever her design and mouse-hungry intentions seem too similar to the ferocious aligators Brutus and Nero Also from The Rescuers and the rather uninteresting villain seems like a spin-off of not Madame Medusa Funny enough, like another reviewer pointed out but of Amos Slade, the villain in the classic, The Fox and the Hound.

Alice's "Drink me" label has a string attached to the end closest to the letter "E"; later it is attached to the "D" side. The Walrus's fingertip turns white to match his glove. That little shack the Carpenter builds on the beach is much bigger inside than outside. In the song "Golden Afternoon", the lyric refers to "a copper cent-ipede", a pun on the word "cent", as in one one-hundredth of a dollar. However, in Victorian England, a penny was one th of a pound, and so would not be called a "cent.

I guess everything's mixed up in Wonderland. When Alice exits the Tulgey Wood, we can see that the path leads straight to the castle. Yet, seconds later, Alice is somehow lost in a hedge maze. Where did that come from? Peter Pan When Michael grabs Tinkerbell to sprinkle pixie dust on Nana, he is suddenly shown holding her the opposite way.

How long does it take the population of London to notice that Peter Pan has turned the hands of their most famous clock ahead ten minutes? In the close-up of the sleeping Lost Boys, you can't see Foxy using Cubby for a pillow. Hook's name before he lost his hand? In Captian Hook's crew uses a crude caricature of "the Cap'n" for target practice. Surprisingly, the drawing sports two hands. Smee only has a whistle when he has to pipe the crew on deck; it's not there the rest of the time.

The pirate shot by Capt. Hook has two differently colored feet. When Peter Pan notices the clouds suddenly blocking the sun, he hushes Wendy because Capt. Is his arrival always heralded by a cloudy sky? It's really only a dot, but Tiger Lily loses one nostril for a frame or two. Hook kicks the rowboat away, Smee's oars go flying, but he has them again immediately after. When Smee puts Tiger Lilly back in the water, as per Capt.

Hook's instructions, the anchor she was tied to is nowhere to be seen; but it's there when Pan rescues her. Hook drops his sword when he sees the crocodile below him, but it's in his scabbard a moment later. There are no barefoot Indians, yet John finds naked footprints. Obviously, they were made as a ruse to trap the Lost Boys. Why does Tinker Bell trace the route to Peter Pan's hideout on the map? Why not just point to Hangman's Tree? Hook knows how to get there. The tattoo on Smee's chest wasn't there when Capt.

Hook grabbed him by the shirt earlier. The crocodile snaps his jaws shut and shoots Capt. Hook's body across the water, passing the pirates in the dinghy like they were standing still.

Then we see Hook still skipping out to sea, with the croc right on his heels. If it could swim that fast, the crocodile would've caught Hook a long time ago. Lady and the Tramp It looks as if the light in the hall suddenly goes out while Lady is in the kitchen and Jim Dear is upstairs.

Jim Dear moves the chair from between a table and the door, but a moment later the table is in a different spot. Lady's dog dish disappears. The area around Lady's eyes is the wrong color when Jim Dear calls her "that dog.

the rescuers down under meet wilbur take off flight simulator

Lady, Jock, and Trusty interrupt their important discussion when Darling comes to the window, so she won't overhear them.

As if she could understand their barking. The names Lady has for her humans, Jim Dear and Darling, are cute, but one of Darling's friends uses that name for her in the third person, as in "Darling has never looked so radiant. The fish bowl in the parlor is near the center of the table when seen from above, but much nearer the edge when seen from below. Does Aunt Sarah have to pay for the parrot that escaped from the pet shop?

There are no people anywhere in the zoo in Lady and the Tramp; neither workers nor visitors. The bites made by the beaver who helps Lady vanish from the log. The poster for Uncle Tom's Cabin in the back alley behind Tony's restaurant shows a slight change in the close-up; eight months later, a new poster shows that the same theater is still presenting the same play; it must be pretty popular.

Several of the dogs in the pound, namely Toughie, Pedro, and Dachsie, can easily fit through the bars and escape. Jock and Trusty both propose marriage to Lady in order to give her a good home.

Did they think that Jim Dear and Darling would just let their dog move in next door? Tramp's bone is gone, but reappears at the same time as Lady's dish that wasn't there. While barking at the rat, Lady stands as far as her chain will reach, on the brick walkway.

A moment later, her chain doesn't reach quite as far. It looks like the doggie door is gone when Lady breaks her chain and runs through. What do Jim Dear and Darling name Tramp? Sleeping Beauty Aurora's lips may shame the red, red rose, but Maleficent's are redder.

Did she use a spell to enhance them, too? Merryweather wants to turn Maleficent into a fat old hop-toad, but can't because her magic "doesn't work that way", but can only be used for good. Yet, she turns the raven Diablo to stone.

After sixteen years, Flora and Fauna still can't cook or sew. Maybe Merryweather did all the housework? Flora's sleeve changes color when she closes the curtains on Princess Aurora's sleeping form. When Maleficent rises from her throne, she casts a shadow, but Diablo doesn't. Maleficent shows Prince Phillip a magic vision of himself as an old man, complete with the shield that Flora hasn't created yet.

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are probably the worst guardians that Aurora could have. After sixteen years of carefully concealling themselves, they allow their silly feud about colors to reveal their hiding place. Then, a few minutes before the sunset deadline, when they'd be home free, they inexplicably leave poor Aurora alone and vulnerable. Because of these blunders, the princess falls victiom to the dreaded sleep spell. So, what do the fairies do?

They waste precious time putting the entire castle to sleep when they should be racing back to the cottage to find Aurora's sweetheart so he can wake her. True, they think he's just a peasant, but so what?

Love's first kiss is all that's needed to break the spell, be he peasant or prince. By the time the three fairies go to look for the boy in question, Maleficent has already captured Prince Phillip. See, she was thinking. Flora says Prince Philip must face the coming dangers alone, but the fairies help him, of course.

Flora creates a shield for Philip; when the prince loses it in his battle with the dragon, can't she make him a new one? One Hundred and One Dalmatians In the first shot of Roger Radcliff's flat, the cars and buildings cast shadows, but the trees and lampposts do not.

Pongo starts barking before he closes the little glass door on the clock, running the risk that Roger will see his dog turned the clock ahead. While in the park, Pongo places Roger's hat on a bench. Even though he drags Roger far from the bench, Roger manages to get his hat for the next scene. Perdy's leash vanishes as soon as Anita drops it and Pongo's disappears when he falls into the pond. Anita fishes a purse out of the pond, even though she wasn't carrying one when she fell in.

Why doesn't Cruella DeVil sue Roger Radcliff for libel when he publishes that song calling her, among other things, an "inhuman beast" and a "spider waiting for the kill"? Jasper's foot doesn't move when he steps on the brake while in silhouette, probably because he's just a still drawing and not animated at all. Jasper says "truck" when he ought to use the British term, "lorry.

After the puppies are kidnapped, Cruella looks at a newspaper photo of Roger standing with his grieving wife, a lovely woman, but not our Anita. They both speak dog. One of the generic dalmatian pups describes the fifteen stolen dogs as "those little ones. Jasper has four darts in hand, but he only throws two at Tibbs before losing the rest somewhere and grabbing a bottle to hurl.

Jasper carries that honkin'-big flashlight in his pocket. Pongo rips Jasper's shoe to shreds, but it fixes itself. The Captain lifts his left hind leg to kick the Baduns, but uses his right leg instead. On the way to Dinsford, Perdy leaves tracks in the snow, but 99 puppies don't. Those tracks that Pongo tries so hard to brush away just suddenly appear in the road. The first time we see the truck carrying the dalmatians, the cliff is on the right side, but it's on the left side when Cruella crashes into the truck.

When we see the Baduns's truck and the furniture van approaching the crossroads, they are both only a few seconds away, yet it takes an inordinate amount of time for the vehicles to actually get there. Lucky loses his collar during the ride home in the moving van. In that single long pan of all the puppies inside the Radcliff flat, there are a lot more than 99; freeze-frame and count 'em yourself. Cruella legally owns 84 dalmatian puppies. Wonder if she'll ever come back to claim them.

The Sword in the Stone Wart's belt pouch comes and goes at will. Kay temporarily loses his quiver and bowstring. There's no way Wart could ever find Kay's arrow in that forest; it must've been Merlin's magic helping him.

Merlin must get his tobacco when he travels through time, since it was unknown in England before the discovery of the new world. Merlin's glasses are sometimes pince-nez and sometimes ordinary glasses. In fact, as a squirrel, they change before your eyes whenever he removes them from his face.

When Merlin's sugar bowl gets its lid and spoon knocked off, they fall onto the table behind it. The bowl then somehow flies between the lid and the table on which it is resting. Some holes in the swiss-cheese roof of Merlin's tower aren't leaking at all. Kay loses his sword in the battle with the mops, but finds it again somehow. When Kay helps Sir Ector out of the washtub, he suddenly gains a scabbard.

The Rescuers Down Under (ThomasFan360 Style)

Merlin's pipe loses its lid in one scene. Some of Wart's letters are missing from the chalkboard in one shot. Madam Mim magically withers the beautiful flower on her windowsil. Only, why did she have a flower as decor in the first place? It seems out of character, unless she grows them only to kill them. Which is entirely possible. Madam Mim's hair grows longer whenever she yanks on it. When Madam Mim changes from a hen to an elephant, the feathers she scattered all over the ground are still there, though they do disappear eventually.

When Wart enters the churchyard to pull the sword from the stone, he vaults the low fence; when he leaves, he runs out through a gap.

Now, it's possible the gap was there all along, only not visible to us in the first shot, but when we do see it, it appears to be in a direct line between the anvil and the inn door. Surely Wart would've run in the straightest line possible to get the sword, considering the big hurry he was in. Sir Ector looks at the blade instead of the hilt when he supposedly reads the inscription on the famous sword Excalibur.

The Jungle Book How does Mowgli learn to walk upright? Tarzan doesn't catch on until he meets humans. Mowgli pulls a stick out of nowhere when throwing rocks at the waterfall, but it soon vanishes.

A different elephant is next to Sonny when the herd halts for Col. Hathi breaks his riding crop, it is shown repaired, then broken again. Baloo grows a thumb whenever he needs one. Baloo tells Mowgli to scratch his left shoulder; when the man-cub scratches the right shoulder, Baloo says that's the spot. Only monkeys in the western hemisphere can swing by their tails, but nobody bothered to tell these monkeys. Baloo and Bagheera's reflections with black eyes are reversed.

Why does Baloo make reference to a basket of fruit? It's a little strange for animals who have little or no contact with men to refer toa man-made object. When Baloo grabs Mowgli's hands, his paws are different: In the close-up, both paws are facing the same way. Two of the vultures pick up Mowgli to fly him out of reach of Shere Khan's claws, but they suddenly change into two different vultures the next time we see them. Baloo falls in a barren wasteland, but after the rain stops, it's lush and green.

That's some really fast-growing foliage. The Aristocats The Aristocats continually alternate between three and four whiskers. Duchess's first husband, perhaps? The "Kitty Door" sign in Madame Bonfamille's home vanishes. I'm told that Berlioz hits the wrong keys while playing the piano.

the rescuers down under meet wilbur take off flight simulator

Being unmusical, I can't say, but he definitely stops playing while we still hear the piano. Toulouse has blue and orange paint on his paws, yet he somehow manages to get purple and green onto the piano keys. When Edgar dreams of his inheritance, dollars signs float before his eyes. Surely Madame Bonfamille's money will be in francs.

Toulouse comes to the piano with green and orange paint on his paws, but leaves spots of those colors plus blue, red, and purple on the keys. During his first scene, Roquefort's ears are incorrectly colored. Edgar's plan is possibly the worst in villain history. Instead of waiting around until the Aristocats die, he tries to get rid of them so he can inherit their fortune. If he'd succeeded, what would the lonely, cat-loving Madame Bonfamille have done? Purchased more cats, of course. Now, if Edgar was smart, he would've allowed the cats to inherit and remained as their caretaker.

He could then, with control of their money, purchase the finest caviar, redecorate the mansion, or take a trip around the world, all for the good of the cats, naturally. The Arictocats fall asleep in the parlor, but Madame later looks for them in her bedroom. With the door closed, how did she expect them to get in? We should see the kitty basket sitting on the bank while Edgar is driving around the underside of the bridge.

While Edgar stands on the handlebars of his motorcycle, they spin completely around several times. As they are the means to steering the vehicle, it shouldn't continue to move in a straight line. Edgar's pants and coattails repair themselves. Sometimes Duchess's collar has stones in it and sometimes it doesn't. Ducess's collar turns white during O'Malley's song.

Duchess loses her whiskers when O'Malley looks down from the bridge. So what does the "J" in J. Thomas O'Malley stand for? O'Malley picks up Marie and runs from the truck driver, but in the next instant, the alley cat is running to catch up to Marie. How'd she get ahead of him? Thomas's paws are orange instead of white when he grabs the floating log. O'Malley's white tummy turns orange just for a second.

Scat Cat can play the trumpet and sing simultaneously. The Eiffel Tower is suddenly a lot farther away from O'Malley's pad. When the dogs Napoleon and Lafayette sleep in Edgar's sidecar, it suddenly grows a bulb horn that wasn't there earlier. In one scene, Edgar's sidecar suddenly appears on the wrong side of the motorcycle. Lafayette gains a collar, just in time for it to be caught on the windmill blade.

Edgar's stirrup pants become standard-cut trousers in one scene. The latch on the inside of the kitty door was apparently added after the Aristocats disappeared, because it wasn't visible in the beginning of the film. When Edgar locks the padlock, the open section is on the left; when Roquefort opens it, the opening is on the right. As Frou-Frou kicks the trunk through the stable door, there is no padlock on the latch, but as it slides out into the yard, the lock is on it.

In the very last scene, there are three cats who look like Scat Cat. The arrow holes in Robin's and Little John's clothes soon disappear.

Little John removes the stones from the rings on Prince John's left hand while Robin removes the ring from the right hand. Through the rest of the film, the Prince's rings switch from one hand to the other, sometimes with stones, and sometimes without.

Whenever Prince John loses his robe, he's suddenly wearing long underwear that covers his formerly-bare legs. How do the rhino guards miss spotting Little John robbing the treasure chest right under their noses? The door to Maid Marian's castle courtyard is wooden in the far shot but made of iron bars in the close-up. Skippy Bunny pulls a toy sword out of nowhere. The feather is on the wrong side of Robin Hood's hat, but only when Skippy wears it. Robin once carved his and Marian's initials on a tree: Most versions list Hood as an alias based on the word "hoodlum", although it could possibly be his true name.

But surely Marian's first name is not "Maid". Otto's cast is sometimes on his right leg, sometimes on his left. So many characters switch from four to five fingers: Toby buys a balloon at the archery contest, but he must let it go at some point, because it's gone later. The daisy Robin gives to Marian simply appears, while the one in his hat disappears.

One moment Robin Hood is tied with his hands at his sides, the next, with his hands behind his back. Robin Hood smashes Prince John's throne by heaving it at the Sheriff's posse.

We soon see, however, that it is standing upright and repaired. Robin Hood swings by to grab Maid Marian, then pulls out a sword he didn't have before. Sir Hiss has no cape when Prince John grabs him to tie him in a knot. When Prince John ties Sir Hiss into a knot, his arms actually pass through the tent pole.

The pots hanging from the tree in Robin Hood's camp are constantly changing. Eyeglasses and balloons didn't exist during King Richard's time; nor were there umbrellas in Europe.

Prince John loses the tuft on the end of his tail. Who's pumping the organ while the sexton mouse is playing it? Prince John says the gallows is in the village square.

Looks to be in the middle of the castle courtyard to me. Little John steals the Sheriff's clothes, but when the villain reappears, he's somehow gotten his hat back. If the Sheriff can't fit through the trap door on the gallows, neither will Friar Tuck. Let's hope they can all be trusted. What are raccoons doing in Nottingham, England long before the discovery of America?

Presumeably, the history of this world closely parallels our own. We hear a chiming clock about years before they were invented. The gallows is missing from one scene. The Sheriff's hat loses its plume during the climax. The Rescuers Penny's note-in-a-bottle makes it to New York, the exact city she intended, which is an amazing coincidence. In the Rescue Aid Society, Austria and Vienna each get separate delegates, while the entire continent of Africa only gets one. Arabia also has a delegate; is it supposed to be Saudi Arabia?

Penny's note has different spellings of "New York" and other words, depending on which scene you watch. Both Bernard and the R. When Bernard climbs into the bottle, his rope hangs down inside, then it's gone, then it's back again.

The Chairmouse can't make out Penny's note, probably because he's holding his monacle over his good eye. Bernard "can't believe Penny would run away. He's never even met the girl and knows nothing about her.

During the airport scene, Bianca's coat is on again, off again. Maybe she was having hot flashes. Where do they carry these radios and how do they manipulate them while flying? Although Bernard and Bianca fasten their seatbelts before their first flight on board Orville, the belts vanish almost instantly.

When Orville comes in for his first landing, he has no sardine can-passenger seat strapped to his back. Isn't this a passenger flight? The answer may be found later on in the film, when, in the Devil's Bayou, Orville loses his sardine can in an altercation with the swamp mobile.

Maybe he just loses it every trip. Bianca's purse appears only when it is needed. Bernard and Bianca's umbrella is much bigger when it's lying ruined in the puddle.

Medusa leads her pet gators onto the deck of the boat with leashes, but what are the leashes tied to? No collars are visible around Nero's and Brutus's necks. Penny's teddy loses his nightcap for an instant.

Bernard and Bianca hire Evinrude to follow the gators in order to find where they're taking Penny, and nearly drown in the process. They should've just asked the swamp critters. Snoops can just let Medusa escape with the Devil's Eye and then make off with the gems she earlier scattered all over the floor. Bianca suddenly has an umbrella during the climax. When the widow comes back past the clothesline, there are stockings in that spot.

Widow Tweed's pump moves to the other side of her front door. Chief's barrel is seen in its normal place in the middle of the scene in which the dog is dragging it all around the farm chasing Tod. Widow Tweed's legs change color while she's cooking. The dish of bones suddenly appears in front of Chief's barrel. The shotgun Widow Tweed tosses to Amos Slade is reversed when he catches it.

What does Amos Slade do with his chickens while he's away for the whole winter? Does he dare to ask his neighbor, Widow Tweed, to feed them? While hiding under under the woodpile, Tod briefly loses his collar. The badger calls the porcupine a walking pincushion. How does he know what a pincushion is? The squirrel jumping from the branch is an exact copy of Wart until he lands, when he looks quite different. Exactly how does Amos Slade know that the fox he's chasing all over the game preserve is Tod?

Copper's footprint appears at the end of the film before the dog puts his paw down. The Black Cauldron Dallben's scroll is all rolled up on the left side in one shot, and then instantly re-rolled on the right side. Dallben takes a loaf of bread and a cloth from a shelf, but they are there again in the next shot.

Eilonwy's bauble mysteriously vanishes after only a brief appearance, although it returns just as mysteriously at the end of the movie. The scratches Creeper makes on the Horned King's throne vanish. Taran drops his scabbard inside the Horned King's castle and flees without it, but he has it again later on.

Fflewddur's harp is missing when he falls down the hill. Piggy's footsteps," says Gurgi, even though we've been seeing those prints for five minutes already. Some of the Fair Folk swap voices. Doli sits on Fllewddur's hat in close-ups but is not visible in far shots. Is Eilonwy really a princess, or just a scullery maid as the Horned King says? Is he simply taunting her with a cruel remark? Gurgi climbs a staircase and runs right into the Cauldron Born. How did these get separated from the main army already marching across the drawbridge?

the rescuers down under meet wilbur take off flight simulator

Are they taking a short cut? Although Taran unlocks the grate on the underground river, the padlock is back a moment later. How did Creeper get those horns out of the Black Cauldron?

Could they be his old master's spare set? The Great Mouse Detective Ratigan is the only rodent in the entire movie to have five fingers. He must suffer from polydactylism.

the rescuers down under meet wilbur take off flight simulator

The only time he has the normal four is in the climax when he "hulks out. We actually see the feathers fly in Basil's sitting room before we hear the gunshot. Basil's front door is quite plain on the outside, but has wooden cross-pieces on the inside, except in one scene where it suddenly has them on both sides.

When Basil calls Ratigan "the Napoleon of crime", is he comparing the villain to the human Napoleon, or a rodent counterpart? As we close in on the storm drain, a stick magically appears on it. Ratigan's collar turns black for a moment. What were Ratigan's henchmen going to sing before Bartholomew interrupted with the line, "the world's greatest rat?

How did Fidget know he'd find Olivia at Basil's home? Or was he just checking up on Basil and got lucky? Olivia's bow switches to the wrong ear. Basil puts on his Inverness which was hanging on the suit of armor, although it wasn't there a moment before. The inside of Dr. Dawson's ear changes color temporarily. How does Fidget get all those mechanical toys wound up and running at the same time without anyone seeing him, considering how far apart they are?

The stagehands in the Rat Trap certainly clean up the stage fast; there's no sign of the debris and rotten vegetables in the two seconds it takes for the dancing girl act to start. Watch this one in slow motion: Dawson dances on stage with the girl mice, the lead singer grabs him by his right arm and swings him around. Suddenly, she's holding his left arm and his head has turned completely around. The piano in the Rat Trap is suddenly several feet from the wall, probably so that tough mouse can knock it back.

When Olivia steps on Fidget's foot, his peg leg is the wrong leg. Fidget wears Olivia's hat when he impersonates her inside the bottle. He apparently returns it to her, as she is seen wearing it in her bottle prison. She loses it soon enough, has it again inside Buckingham palace, and then loses it once more. Basil is certainly a quick-change artist: The bell disappears from Basil's mantle.

Oliver and Company In the For Sale sign above Oliver and his littermates, the word "Kitties" is spelled differently in different shots. Louie the hot dog vendor has only four fingers.

Dodger's bandanna should be partially visible under the string of hot dogs he wraps around his neck. Oliver's paws are clean when he climbs onto the sawhorse, but they are covered with wet cement when he jumps down. Dodger loses his sunglasses when he scares the driver of the Volkswagon. Actually, they should fall off then, but he gets them back immediately anyway.

Where does Fagin get electricity living on a condemned pier? Why does Tito think a little cat claw is an alien? The scratches vanish from DeSoto's nose.

Francis pulls off Fagin's sneaker, so how does it get back on in the dogpile? Sykes's side mirror changes when Fagin grabs it. Nobody sees Francis deliberately lie down and play dead in front of the stopped limo on the very busy streets of New York. Although Tito has pulled out all kinds of wires and caused a shot circuit, the limo still drives just fine. Curlers simply appear in Georgette's unruly mop of hair.

Georgette temporarily loses her beauty mark. When Georgette peeks out from behind her dressing screen she is missing her ruff of blue fur. It's not a wig, is it? The number over Jenny's door is in one picture, then gone altogether in another before returning to the correct address: Oliver is dumped out of a sack onto the floor of Fagin's barge, but when he stands up, the sack is gone.

Jenny is tied to a chair which is hoisted in the air on a hook. When said chair comes crashing to the floor, it instantly vanishes, as do the ropes. After that near miss by the train, Georgette's hair is fine in the far shot, but suddenly looks a fright in the close-up. At one point, the notch in Tito's ear is on the wrong side.

Tito's bath is awfully quick considering he also gets a change of clothes. The Little Mermaid That looks like paper Sebastian is using for sheet music. It sure holds up well under water. Why does Ariel think that sunken ship is so fantastic?

There are others just like it all around. Ariel loses her bag for a second, that is, before the scene where she drops it. King Triton's main objection to humans appears to be the fact that they are "fish-eaters". While merpeople may not eat fish, most other sea creatures do, including crabs like Sebastian. Triton is shocked to hear Ariel confess that she loves a human. Didn't Sebastion just fink on her a few minutes before?

Sebastian has a thimble on his foot that vanishes and reappears. Sebastian tries to soothe Ariel by offering her something hot to drink. How exactly do mermaids drink? Ariel leaves the rock so it covers the door of her grotto. But when she swims to the exit, the rock is already moved out of the way.

There is a sailor whose shirt spontaneously changes color. Max licks Ariel's right cheek, so she rubs the spit off her left cheek.

Ariel identifies Eric's flute as a snarfblatt. Why doesn't she connect it instead to the flute that the newt plays? How do you play a wind instrument under water, as the hot crustacean band does? Flounder and Sebastian are parked in front of the entrance to Ariel's grotto when they see her pass overhead with Flotsam and Jetsam. How did those three get out of the grotto? Did they swim through the opening in the ceiling?

If so, they swam away to one side and then made an about face before passing over Sebastian. At first, the grommet on the sail Ariel wears as a dress is big enough for her to put her fist through. After she takes it off, however, the grommet shrinks to the size of Sebastian's eye. Ariel could simply write Eric a note explaining that she's the girl who rescued him.

Why does Carlotta even bother to throw that tattered sail into the laundry instead of the trash? Keep a close eye on Ariel's fork. It sometimes has three prongs, sometimes four. The napkins vanish from Prince Eric's dining table in the middle of the meal. Grimsby has not only two forks, while Eric and Ariel each have only one, but also two knives. Chef Louie's reflection in the pots is reversed. How does Ariel avoid having to eat Sebastian when he hides on her plate?

After Ariel sits through a dinner with Eric and Grimsby, she still thinks a fork is for combing your hair. Wasn't she paying attention? Ariel's bed is much closer to the wall in the first shot than at the end of the bedroom scene. The reflection of Vanessa shows her true form, that of Ursula.

But if it's a true reflection, it should show the sea witch with her birthmark on the other side. On the wedding barge, Ariel is wearing shoes, which she must've picked up during her swim, because she was barefoot when she dove into the water. The oars, and sometimes the oarlocks tend to disappear when Eric isn't using them. Eric doesn't move his lips when he says to Ariel, "No, I won't leave you.

Actually, he may be the only one who can reach her and help her, but those Kukaburra birds can certainly fly up there. How did those ropes on the cliff spring onto Marahute to trap her? Marahute casts a shadow over Cody, who has none. The pit trap is much too deep for McLeach to pull Cody out using his rifle. McLeach has a feather in his hat a few seconds before he is shown placing it there. McLeach boasts that he'll be rich when he bags the golden eagle Marahute. But he already killed her mate, and that obviously didn't make him rich.

McLeach's feather is temporarily on the wrong side of his hat. Several of the Australian mice are utterly naked; is that how it's done down under? It seems like Francois the cockroach not only delivers the telegram to Miss Bianca, but reads it first. McLeach drives along following tire tracks through the desert to his lair, but the Bushwhacker's wheel base is narrower than these ruts.

Whose tracks are they? If Cody can stick his arms through the cage mesh almost to the shoulder, then Frank can surely fit through. In fact, Frank puts his body out to the hips. The lock on Cody and Frank's cage is different in several shots.

Frank uses a box to climb up high enough to reach the keys, yet he shows he can adhere directly to the wall to climb down. McLeach's idea to let Joanna eat Marahute's eggs so that the eagle "stays rare" is pretty dumb.

Those eggs must've been worth a lot of money. Maybe he couldn't figure out a way to get them out of the cliffside nest. Joanna shaves her nails off on the fake eagle egg, but they instantly grow back. Cody never hears McLeach pursuing him in the Bushwhacker even though that contraption must be audible for miles around.

The sack holding Marahute is lowered into the cage through a trapdoor in the roof, but somehow the rope from which it is suspended doesn't go through the door. Jake loses the coil of rope from his belt. The hook holding Cody over the river keeps pointing in different directions, sometimes with the point towards his head, sometimes towards his feet. Bianca's arm actually moves through the bars of the Bushwacker's cage.

Bernard is too big the last time he is seen in Cody's hand. The final shot of Jake is a reverse image. Cody's final words in the film are, "C'mon, Marahute, let's go home! Beauty and the Beast It's a wonder that Belle is allowed to borrow books from that shop. She is continually getting them dirty, and even allows a sheep to tear one page, though that appears to fix itself. Gaston brings a quiver of arrows on his hunting trip, but there is no bow to be seen. Lefou holds the deer carcass with the antlers toward his left, then instantly switches them to his right side.

When Gaston climbs over the roof and through the window to get to Belle, he leaves his gun somewhere inside the house. Gaston ridicules Belle for reading a book with no pictures; but we saw pictures in the book in an earlier scene. Belle's front door opens out instead of in When Gaston tumbles out of Belle's front door he lands remarkably far from the house. Beast frees Maurice from the cell, then re-padlocks it, all in half a second.

Potts summons Chip to give Belle a refreshing cup of tea, but calls her son away while he's still half full. If Cogsworth and Lumiere had simply told Belle that the Beast's lair was in the West Wing, she probably would've avoided the place. Fifi the feather duster is constantly changing in size. Beast breaks a lot of furniture and china in his castle.

Glitches, Bloopers, Mistakes in Disney movies by Whatsits Galore

Let's hope none of them were enchanted people. When Chip goes to sleep, his cupboard contains nothing but cups, although we later see dishes inside.

When Lumiere kisses Belle's hand, his flame is on, then off, then on again. The cupboard in the Beast's dining room is visible when the dishes come out to dance, but not in any other shots. When Belle asks about the West Wing, Cogsworth and Lumiere refuse to tell her the truth, thus arousing her curiosity.

There was absolutely nothing to hide. At this point in the film, Belle is avoiding the Beast. If they had told her the West Wing was his lair, she probably would've stayed far away.

When Belle first visits the Beast's lair, it's a wreck. Later, he invites her in and everything is tidy. However, we see it one last time, and it's back in it's old, decrepit state. Beast must've trashed it in another rage. We know that the Beast has been enchanted for ten years, and that the rose will bloom until his twenty-first year. This would make the prince eleven years old when he was transformed. His portrait certainly doesn't look like that of a pre-adolescent. We'd love to see how Belle got the unconscious Beast on her horse.

Gaston rapid-fires a blunderbuss, a weapon that must be painstakingly loaded by hand after every shot. Gaston's bearskin rug moves from before the hearth to under his throne. When the Wardrobe jumps into the fountain during the "Human Again" sequence, does she get the clothes stored in her drawers all wet? Belle obviously doesn't use the viewer to screen her visitor; notice the look on her face when she sees Monsieur D'Arque on her doorstep.

When two toughs drag Maurice off to the asylum, he's facing forward, but a moment later they are holding his arms so that he's facing backward. Did he make a break for it and have to be nabbed again? Lumiere has a shadow until he reaches the windowsil.

Can't Belle and Maurice use the latter's tools to break out of the cellar? Through the window, maybe? Most houses have a door leading from the cellar to the upstairs. Chip's entire life, or very close to it, is spent as a teacup surrounded by living, talking objects. Wonder how long it took him to realize that Maurice's wood-chopper isn't alive. If Lefou's torch can melt Lumiere, does that mean his head and hands burn down whenever he lights them?

If so, he'll have to replace them a few times during the ten years he spends as a candlestick. Too bad the suits of armor in Beast's castle don't help to battle the villagers. The rolling pin, plus multiple enchanted objects during the "Human Again" sequence, are somehow able to fly. While the footstool carries off one of LeFou's shoes, LeFou is briefly seen wearing two shoes. Belle, riding Phillipe, arrives at the castle at the same time as Maurice on foot, which means that the horse must've gone pretty slowly to let that old man keep up.

And what happens to Maurice, anyway? We never see him again until the movie is pretty much over. Belle rides to the Beast's castle with her hood down, though it's up in the close-up. Chip doesn't look like a ten-year-old. Was he born after the transformation, as a teacup?

Aladdin The peddlar has only four fingers, unlike the rest of the humans in the picture. Aladdin loses his loaf of bread when he enters the harem, but soon finds it again. Abu stops to hold off the guards with a sword so Aladding can escape. When he gives that up, he instantly catches up with Aladdin, who should be far away by now.

How exactly does Jafar find the diamond in the rough? The magic hourglass showed him only a boy on a rooftop. If Aladdin hadn't told Abu to stay behind while he went for the lamp, the monkey never would've had the opportunity to touch the forbidden treasure. There are more stepping stones in the Cave of Wonders when Abu is standing on them than there were when Aladdin crossed them.

Jafar loses Iago from his hunchback disguise. Aladdin fears that Jasmine will learn that he's not a prince. But wasn't his wish for Genie to make him a prince? Seems that Genie only made him look like a prince. Raja bites a hole in Prince Achmed's pants so that his underwear is visible, but we see a scrap of underwear, not pants, in the tiger's mouth.

Observe Jasmine's reflection as she flies over the water on Carpet. According to the flower in her hair, the reflection is reversed. When Aladdin and Jasmine fly around the world on the magic carpet, they see both a full moon and a crescent moon. Just how long was this date? Genie's earring turns black for a moment.

The tower that whisks Aladdin to the ends of the earth appears to be completely empty. So, what's it for? Jafar's beard changes color, but only for the barest instant. Jafar is quite a good contortionist; he bends his body in half when he plants his foot in Genie's face. Why does everything go back to normal after Jafar is imprisoned in the lamp?

Why should Jafar's spells be undone just because he's now a genie? A big fuss is made over Aladdin's final wish: Why not allow the Sultan and Jasmine a few wishes of their own? That would allow them to free Genie and still wish for anything else they or Al might want.

In the song "Be Prepared", Scar sings that, for the hyenas, "the lights are not all on upstairs. The scratches instantly vanish from Shenzi's muzzle, just like the scratches Simba makes on the tree. After Scar knocks Zazu unconscious during the wildebeest stampede, the bird never remembers that somebody hit him. Zazu's bone cage is bigger in the close-ups. Other characters call Pumbaa a pig, but for some reason he goes berserk only when the hyenas do it.

You can blame the hyenas, and by extension, Scar, for littering the Pride Lands with bones and possibly chasing the herds away, but you can't blame them for the drought, which just happens to end the moment Simba becomes king. Pocahontas John Smith ties a rope around his waist when he dives overboard in the storm, but it must come undone, because he's hanging on to the loose rope when he's pulled back on board.

Pocahontas's reflection is reversed. Governor Radcliffe's clock actually goes backward five minutes. Percy drags a bell cover into the middle of the floor, but when he lifts it, the platter that was underneath is missing. Meeko's neck isn't visible beneath the giant bubble. The big bear Pocahontas shows to John Smith leaves tracks in the snow, but the baby doesn't.

After Pocahontas shows John Smith the corn, her satchel vanishes. Ratcliffe claps his right hand over Wiggins's mouth, but in the next shot it's his left hand. Kocoum pulls out a tomahawk and knife seemingly by magic when he attacks John Smith. When the angry settlers surround Ratcliffe, their shadows close in on him from all directions.

This would only be possible if there were numerous light sources, one behind each settler. The sails on the Susan Constant are monstrously tall when Pocahontas is seen running past on her way for one last view of the departing John Smith. The Hunchback of Notre Dame It doesn't appear to be very cold, although the story takes place in January. Most of the characters go without coats or cloaks throughout.

Why does the Archdeacon never tell Quasimodo the true story of his mother? Frollo lifts that heavy stone to show Phoebus the ants, but when he slams it down it's suddenly upside down in his hands.

Quasimodo slides down a rope to a post, which suddenly gains an additional rope tied to it. Phoebus cuts off half of a guard's mustache, but it grows back later that same day. For a moment at the festival, Frollo's rings are on the wrong hands. After Esmeralda cuts Quasimodo loose, he's still tied to the pillory in one shot. Why does the miller have those brackets on the outside of his door? You don't bar a door on the outside unless you want to keep people in.