The sword in stone merlin meet archimedes shout

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the sword in stone merlin meet archimedes shout

my favorite owl of all time Archimedes - Sword in the Stone Livros e Leitura by Daniel Alho / Merlin ("The Sword in the stone", He had a rockin library! Lyudmila Shiryaeva here's where she meets Prince Charming, but she won't discover that it's him, till chapter. Rizki . Cassidy: SHUT UP,Rick! Emma. A description of tropes appearing in Sword in the Stone. Upon meeting, the wizard declares that he will tutor Wart, a decision that greatly changes the boy's life. Also, Merlin laughs at Wart's snarky comment about how if Archimedes is grumpy .. Madame Mim plummets screaming off a cliff and into a bog to her apparent. A page for describing Funny: Sword in the Stone. The Lampshade Hanging Merlin introducing Archimedes to Ector when they first meet. Merlin: My name is.

She then turns into a tiger, and then a snake, and chases him through the ground. He turns into a crab to try to pinch her neck, but she turns into a rhinoceros and charges with him stuck on her horn into a tree. She gets stuck, so he turns into a ram and charges at her, knocking her off a cliff. A rare disease that causes her to break out into spots, then get hot and cold flashes, then violent sneezing, which leads to Merlin winning.

They leave Madame Mim sick in bed and return to the castle. A few months later, closer to the tournament, we find out that Hobbs, the squire who was going to replace Arthur, has come down with the mumps, and Arthur is given the position. He rushes to tell Merlin, who is unimpressed. He tries to tell Arthur that he needs to be educated in order to succeed, and not waste time shining shoes and lances for knights.

I say that too sometimes, but not expressly for that result. Meanwhile the tournament begins. He left it at the inn. Only the inn is locked, since everyone is at the tournament. So he rushes off to find Kay a sword. He spots the Sword in the Stone, sitting abandoned in the churchyard. And, knowing nothing about it, he goes and pulls it out. They ask Arthur where he got it, and he says he pulled it out of the stone. They bring him back to the stone to prove it. So they let Arthur try.

And he pulls it out once again. They declare it a miracle, and say that Arthur is destined to be their king. He then finds out Arthur is king, having pulled the sword from the stone, and realizes he is King Arthur, and will have his knights of the roundtable.

It really bears little resemblance to anything else Disney has done, and yet, time has made this into one of the most classic Disney films. Just in terms of pacing and how it feels when you watch it. But — I love the film. Merlin is smoking his pipe and through the smoke, a vision of a boy appears. But this boy is much taller, stronger, and older than the boy Merlin was describing. Merlin thinks that surely this is not the right boy but then another boy appears, struggling to keep up with the other.

This boy is much younger and scrawnier. Archimedes asks Merlin where he is guessing the boy currently is. Merlin is defensive that he is not guessing, he knows! The boy is less than a mile from there, just beyond the forest and right on schedule if all goes well. The shot goes back to the two boys: Kay is going hunting and tells Wart to be quiet and reminds the younger boy that he did not want Wart along in the first place.

Wart climbs up on a branch behind him and tries to keep quiet. Kay spots a deer and aims his arrow at it. Wart falls out of the branch just as Kay is about to shoot and throws off his aim. Kay is very angry at Wart and so Wart volunteers to go into the dark forest to get the arrow. Kay warns Wart that the woods are filled with wolves but Wart says that he is not afraid and runs into the forest.

A scrawny wolf spies Wart running through the forest and tries to get the boy.

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But every time the wolf tries to bite the boy, Wart is just one step ahead. Wart spies the arrow up a tree and climbs up to get it. He lands right in a chair at the table with Merlin and Archimedes. Wart is confused about being late but introduces himself as Arthur, but everyone calls him Wart. He thinks that Archimedes is a stuffed owl and the owl is very insulted and hides in his birdhouse. Wart tries to apologize but Merlin says that Archimedes is too sensitive.

Wart asks how Merlin knew that he was going to drop in and Merlin says that it is because he is a wizard! He can see into the future and he has even been to the future. He shows Wart models and blueprints he has made for things like trains and airplanes. Merlin pours tea into the steam locomotive to show how it works.

The train chugs across the table as Wart asks Merlin if he can see everything before it happens! Merlin says yes, everything! Archimedes pops out of his birdhouse to correct the wizard. He says he knew that someone was coming and when and where, but he did not know who. Merlin asks Wart if he would like some sugar with his tea.

The sugar bowl comes to life and starts to give Merlin sugar first. Merlin then asks Wart if he has had any schooling and the boy says that he is training to be a squire. He is learning skills like horsemanship and jousting.

Merlin is upset with Wart because he meant a real education like math, history, English, French, and biology. The poor sugar bowl runs and hides. Merlin waves his chair to come up to the table and he sits down. Wart mentions that he must be getting back to the castle to work in the kitchen. Merlin says that he will quickly pack so he can come with Wart. Then the dishes and then the odds and ends are packed. The furniture is packed last. The cottage is then completely emptied when Merlin finishes.

Wart is very impressed with his packing! Merlin, Wart, and Archimedes leave the cottage and Merlin warns Wart not to get any ideas that magic will solve all of his problems. Wart says that he does not have any problems but Merlin informs him that everyone has problems.

The world is full of problems and, as if to prove his point, Merlin gets his beard stuck in the door. The wolf appears again and follows the group. He again tries to bite Wart but keeps missing and getting into more trouble than Wart is worth by falling down cliffs and being chased by boulders. Merlin takes off and Wart struggles to keep up. Merlin says that they will have school eight hours a day: They reach the top of a tall hill and Merlin is going on and on about finding the right direction in life.

Then suddenly he asks Wart which way his castle is anyway. Wart says that it is North, in the other direction. So Merlin takes off again.

The wolf, who is heavily panting, finally makes it to the top of the hill, only to see that Wart and Merlin are back at the bottom again. The wolf faints from exhaustion. The next scene is of the castle at nighttime. The shot zooms in on a light on in a window.

the sword in stone merlin meet archimedes shout

Sir Ector is very worried about where Wart might be. He is angry at his son, Kay, for letting the boy go out into the forest alone. Kay does not care much about the situation and is happily eating his dinner. Wart suddenly appears in the castle and his dogs are quite excited to see the boy.

They run up and lick his face. Merlin then walks in. Sir Ector gives Wart four demerits which equals to four extra hours of kitchen duties. Then he asks Merlin and Archimedes who they are. Merlin introduces Archimedes as a highly educated owl and Ector laughs. He does make sure that Merlin is not using black magic though. Merlin says no and that his magic is only for educational purposes and that is why he is there, to educate Wart.

He tells Merlin that the wizard needs to go and Merlin disappears but says that he is not actually gone so Ector can never be sure if the wizard is ever really gone. Ector gives in and says Merlin is welcome to stay. They can only offer room and board and Merlin can stay in the Northwest tower guest room.

He mentions that it is drafty in winter but it is the best room in the house in the hot summer weather. Merlin climbs up to the decrepit tower. In the next scene, it is raining very hard.

Archimedes wants to go back home but Merlin says that Wart needs an education for his future. A horn blows and Sir Pellinore arrives and announces that he has big news from London!

He insists that they drop the drawbridge, which shakes the entire Northwest Tower. Merlin overhears that there is big news and he comments that he cannot wait until the London Times is published and that it is only years until the first edition. Merlin wants Archimedes to fly down there to find out what the big news is. Archimedes initially refuses but Merlin threatens to turn him into a human if he does not do as Merlin says.

Inside the main hall of the castle, Sir Ector warmly welcomes Sir Pellinore. He offers him a seat at the dining table where Wart is collecting the dirty dishes. Ector says that is not news because it happens every year.

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Sir Pellinore goes on to say that this time, the winner will be crowned King. Ector wants Kay to win that tournament! He tells Kay that he needs to concentrate on his training and be knighted by Christmas and then it is off to London. Wart is so excited that he falls down the stairs and drops all of the dirty dishes.

Kay does not want Wart to be his squire but Ector ignores his son. Archimedes overhears the entire conversation. The fall shakes the Northwest tower and wakes up Merlin and Archimedes.

Merlin cannot remember where they are or what they are doing there. The knight at the tournament in black armor is the first to demand Wart be given a chance to prove he took the sword out. What happens to Wart's cute little squirrel admirer when she discovers that he's not of her kind. Wart himself starts to Cry Cute when standing up for Merlin costs him a chance at being Kay's squire.

He then cries again when he finally gets the squire position by luck and Merlin sarcastically congratulates him, pointing out he's nothing.

the sword in stone merlin meet archimedes shout

The film tries to have a 'Knowledge is the real power. It was by sheer luck that he ends up going to London and turns out to be the one worthy of pulling out the sword, making him King of England right then and there. But Now I Must Go: Merlin blasts away to Bermuda. When Wart asks if Merlin ever comes back, Archimedes only answers, "Who knows? The poor wolf in the opening that tries to pick an easy meal out of Wart and Merlin only to be forced to give up on its prey out of pure exhaustion as a result of Merlin's near-fatal absent-mindedness.

Call of the Wild Blue Yonder: Wart mentions wishing he could fly, so Merlin turns him into a bird so he can live out his dream.

The Sword in the Stone

In the Wart mythos, Wart had a tragic love with Guenivere. Merlin tells Wart about the perils of love after the misadventures with the girl squirrel, and how love can be a greater force than gravity. Her part was eliminated from that edition, but she is present in the original. Retroactively, the film was established as canon to the Disney comics universewith an apparently immortal Madam Mim becoming a recurring character in present-day Duckburg, and Merlin making a couple of appearances.

All in spite of the fact that not one anthropomorphic animal appears in the movie's crowd scenes. What are the odds? Whenever Wart stumbles or falls it's accompanied with the same "Wha, what, whoa! Mim, when she turns herself into a cat and later on, a tigress during her Wizard Duel with Merlin. Part of Merlin's motivation. He wants to teach Wart some valuable lessons an adult in medieval England wouldn't be receptive to. He doesn't quite know what exactly, but Merlin knows Wart is destined for something.

Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Merlin's transformations are always blue, Wart's are orange, Mim's are purple. The film adapts a fairly dense page book into an 80 minute movie with lots of musical numbers eating up its runtime, so naturally much of the book was left out. The moral messages and major subplots like King Pellinore chasing the Questing Beast and Arthur meeting Robin Hood and Morgan le Fay for the first time got removed entirely, Merlin turns Arthur into only three different animals rather than six, and pretty much all of Sir Ector and Kay's character development was dropped in favor of making them a Disney-typical abusive family.

Both Merlin and Mim during their duel, though in Merlin's case he does it while sticking to the rules. Chicken Mim tries to eat caterpillar Merlin? Merlin turns into a walrus and squashes her. When Mim gets stuck in a tree as a rhino, Merlin quickly changes into a goat and headbutts her into a chasm. Mim then turns into a dragon and proceeds to smoke Merlin out of his hiding spots as smaller animals.

Comically Missing the Point: See Bag of Holding, above: Merlin can't see how else one could pack. Sir Ector's autocratic personality makes him distrustful of anything unusual or out of order in his castle, hence his very tough treatment of Wart and his skepticism and later outright hostility towards Merlin when he believes Merlin practices black magic.

Merlin, the time traveling wiseman. Dark Is Not Evil: Sir Bart is a Black Knightyet is by far one of the most reasonable knights, standing up for Wart and giving him a chance to pull out the sword. Department of Redundancy Department: One Wizards' Duel rule is that there is no disobeying the rules. The next rule is that there's no cheating. It's a justified case as Merlin was asking for clarification on the idea of rules: Late in the film, Hobbs, who Sir Ector had handed the position of squire to after Wart lost his chance for it, abruptly comes down with a nasty illness, forcing Ector to make Wart into Kay's squire after all.

One would think it was Merlin's doing at first, but in the following scene, Merlin makes no mystery that he is not happy about Wart becoming a squire.

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Didn't Think This Through: Heaven didn't consider that no one alive at the time of the miracle would be worthy of pulling out the sword, thus everyone forgot about it, and the ruler-less dark ages ensued. The 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray suffers from digital smearing and some out-of-focus shots. Fortunately, some digital retailers present the movie without these problems.

White's The Sword in the Stoneyoung Wart's education by the wizard Merlin contains powerful moral lessons that will help the young man face his future role as King Arthur. The Disney version throws away all of the moral messages and replaces them with admittedly sometimes very good visual gags. Madame Mim plummets screaming off a cliff and into a bog to her apparent doom, trapped inside a tree with seemingly no hope of escape, to similar effect as the Evil Queen falling off the cliff in Snow White, but instead she pops up moments later having turned herself into a purple dragon.

Merlin's transformations always have his glasses and a blue tinge. Rape, Female on Male: The female Squirrels who harass Arthur and Merlin. Merlin has some odd ideas and odd behavior and they are especially odd to someone like Wart, who's only known kitchen duty.

Mim-the-Elephant during the Wizard's Duel. He doesn't seem to mind it that much, though, and Merlin and Archimides call him that as well despite the fact that he gave them his real name before saying "But everyone calls me Wart". Ector only says his real name after he pulls out the sword. Kay loses a jousting match to an immobile dummy.

Madame Mim is this to Merlin; evil magic user. Madame Mim sings a Villain Song about herself complete with dancing and shapeshifting. Merlin is far more restrained. Ector and Kay aren't really evil, but they act as antagonistic to Wart as any stern dad and jerky older brother can be expected to be. Inverted to Good Plan. This movie takes place because Merlin wants to save Wart from a squire's life and make him into something greater.

Excalibur in the Stone: And then Merlin one-ups her by turning into a germ, which also strictly abides by the stated rules.

the sword in stone merlin meet archimedes shout

When Mim has Arthur trapped, she offers to give him a sporting chance But when she goes up against Merlin, no holds are barred. A bird of prey tries to eat Wart when he's a bird. Anyone remotely familiar with the Once and Future King books or the King Arthur legend they're based on knows that Wart is going to be the one to pull the sword out of the stone in the ending.

As a result, Disney doesn't even treat it as a spoiler—the cover art for home video releases of the movie outright show him pulling out the sword. Possibly an unintentional example; when Merlin overdoes his cleaning spell and it messes up the castle, the angered Sir Ector and servant woman call him an "old goat".

the sword in stone merlin meet archimedes shout

Later towards the climax of Merlin and Mim's wizard's duel, an old goat is exactly what Merlin turns himself into. The opening of the film shows a wolf, hawk and squirrel in the forest. Madame Mim commits evil because she herself is evil.

There is no Evil Plan. The Genie Knows Jack Nicholson: It's played with in that the creators seem to be going with T.

White's concept of Merlin living through time backwards. Merlin himself reveals that he's seen "centuries into the future" and that he's even been there. What's the best way to portray that in a children's film, apparently? Have him spout wacky anachronisms!

Getting Crap Past the Radar: The scene with the squirrel listed on the Tear Jerker page very nearly has Merlin discussing the birds and the bees with Wart. Subverted ; in the novel Wart's name isn't revealed until the very end of the first book, after he's been crowned king. Here he introduces himself as "Arthur, but everyone calls me the Wart. Wart is naive and innocent, but has a good heart that allows him to pull the sword from the stone.

The movie ends at the start of Wart's reign, with many years of chivalry and majesty yet to come. The tragic end of that story is barely even hinted at.

Merlin, upon returning from a holiday in twentieth-century Bermuda. One big modern mess! Inverted with Wart's encounter with the female squirrel who, according to Merlin, is a redhead. In Great Britain, a red squirrel is considered native wildlife and a gray squirrel is considered vermin. Wart undergoes a minor one after losing his chance to become Kay's squire. The two amorous squirrels who fall for Wart and Merlin.

Whereas the old lady squirrel who chases after Merlin is Played for LaughsWart's girl squirrel companion is done so as well until the end where it The line of Merlin's belongings going into the bag during the "Higitus Figitus" sequence suffer this when the sugar bowl takes offense at the tea pot knocking off its lid. When Ector and Kay try to interfere with the magically-animated cleaning implements, an assembly line of slapstick ensues.

Merlin tells Wart that magic cannot be used to solve all his problems, even though he uses his magic to do just that. Merlin finds Wart's plight of being harassed by a lovestruck female squirrel hilarious Merlin, I'm tired of being a squirrel. It's nothing but trouble. Oh, you got trouble!? Look at my- uh, look back there!

the sword in stone merlin meet archimedes shout

Also, during the Wizard Duelafter Merlin changes into a walrus to squash Mim, the latter changes into a elephant and calls the former a "big blimp! Madame Mim's beautiful form is mundanely impossible because she used magic to achieve it. I Just Want to Be Normal: Wart would much rather be a squire than play apprentice to an eccentric old man even if said old man is proven to be a wizard ; later, he finds being King to be extremely overwhelming. The wizard's duel culminates in Madam Mim breaking one of her own rules and turning into a dragon.

Madam Mim's "Thank you, my boy, but that's nothing" response when she says that she takes delight in the gruesome and grim and Wart comments "That's terrible. An unintentional example with Merlin and Wart as squirrels. They attract the affections of two female squirrels, both who aren't too pleased to know that they were crushing on humans. It Only Works Once: Kay makes the argument that anyone can pull the sword out once it's been pulled.

While perfectly logical, the miracle is still in effect however. It Will Never Catch On: When Merlin predicts the invention of manned flight. If man were meant to fly, he would've been born with wings! Kay comes off as a Jerk Jock older brother. As shown when he gives Wart more chores for defending Merlin. The frog in the moat, who kicks Fish!

Wart around and does so again when they hide in the same hole to escape from a pike. The wolf who lurks around the edges of the film, looking for creatures to devour, is reduced to a Butt-Monkey. Kay is one appropriate to the time period, with jousting and other tournament sports.