Transformers meet the go bots toys

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transformers meet the go bots toys

which has a great database of both Transformers and Gobots toys. Meets the Eye: Less than stellar transforming robotsIn "Transformers". GoBots are the Rodney Dangerfields of '80s toys: they get no suckage, GoBots don't have a tenth of the nostalgic appeal of Transformers and. Tonka changed the name of the toy line to the Gobots. . Transformers were now able to reach people who read comic books but may or may.

Beside having a ridiculous name, he was basically a duplicate of Megatron. Same with Coptur, the stoic second-in-command who was basically Soundwave. Turbo of the Guardians recalled several Autobots: So naturally, he was out. And do I have to explain why I omitted Scooter? Other than that high-pitched squeaky voice, it could be argued that Scooter already exists in the form of Wheelie.

And that both were likely ancestors of Jar Jar Binks. At least in the area of speech patterns. So are we good? Or perhaps hanging out with Kup at the retirement home? Transformers easily need more Flying Saucer alt-modes.

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And the other prominent female Guardian, Small Foot, looked kinda like a dude. That transforms into a robot. Wearing a top hat. Do I seriously have to explain myself any further?

Second, he transforms into something that looks like the Batmobile.

transformers meet the go bots toys

I assume, from his name, that this is some sort of vampire car. Maybe he sucks gas out of other cars? That is, he sounds like a flaming homosexual. How can you possibly go wrong with that name? Gobots always had the market clamped down on jaunty names, from Hans-Cuff to Spay-C, but this one seriously had to take the cake. Watch any single Gobot cartoon on YouTube right now, and you come to an inescapable conclusion: Crasher is possibly the most outstanding character in the series.

The Transformers Vs. The Gobots

At any given moment, she is laughing her ass off. She is a crazy, crazy woman, and I love her. On of that, unlike other underlings, she was always loyal to the leader of her faction. Hasbro, please make it so! It might even be that some GoBots were so simple that they transformed by just folding in half.

The Transformers Vs. The Gobots

Here are the eight instances of them being interesting we could find. The cartoon even introduced two GoBots who had been put into cryogenic suspension before falling prey to the disease who still had most of their fleshy bits. Ward was also associate story editor for the series, as well as the voice of Fitor above. He stopped acting after the movie Rock Lords: InHasbro bought up Tonka, and the rights to the GoBots toyline.

Transformers Meet the Gobots

Takara later made E-hobby exclusive re-deco of mini-cons in Go-Bots colors, although they dropped the specific Go-Bot names for fear of annoying Bandai. If only they could have included put in that fingernails-on-blackboard voice of hers, too! After he fails, he flees to Earth and security leader Ex-El follows him and creates modifies robots to fight him: Leader-1, Hans-Cuff and Dozer.

transformers meet the go bots toys

So far, so good. But then Stron-Domez sends his robots out to start murdering British civilians, destroying the village of Cholkham.