Type of guys you meet before the one

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type of guys you meet before the one

Before you find your 'Mr. Right,' here are some 'of the Mr. Wrong' types you're bound to meet along the way!. In life, you'll meet a lot of different guys in the bedroom over time, and, at the end the guy you sleep with can be categorized into 1 of 10 pretty easy categories. Almost every woman dates these ten kinds of guys before finding The One. Which ones have you dated?.

That kind of innocence can never be returned. The bad boy who wrecks your world. The healing process after the last guy will take some time. You will beg for him back, you will spend days going back over every single moment together and try to pinpoint where it went wrong; you will never find it. Eventually your friends will convince you to get back out there. He will be the bad guy, the one everyone warns you about. You will be cautious from the last damage, still fresh in your heart.

type of guys you meet before the one

However this guy has all the moves, knows all the right things to say. Before you know it he will be in your heart. You will convince yourself that everything others tried to warn you about was false. No one had ever had the bond with him that you do. Things will quickly start to crumble.

The 4 Guys You’ll Date Before You Meet The One

You convince yourself that this one will not just walk out on you, you will find a way to save this relationship. Your days will become filled with anxiety and stress and tears. You will likely lose a few friends and put a wall between you and your family. It becomes your mission to change and save him. You will be left, your heart in pieces again, alone to try and put your life together. There will be a lot of apologies and tears but eventually your friends and family will forgive you.

And eventually your life will start to be normal again.

type of guys you meet before the one

There will forever be a stain on your heart, you will think maybe there was something else you could have done, maybe tried a little harder but those moments will come less and less as you heal. He will forever hold a spot in your heart and even after all the pain you will smile when you think of him. You will give and bend and change everything about you until you snap.

No, you still loved him despite it all and you will still end this with a little less of your heart then you entered into the relationship with. Guy number five might not in fact occur after number four, he could be before. He is the guy who is perfect in every way but the timing is never right.

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You will probably date him several times and each time despite how compatible you both are neither one will be able to fully commit at the same time as the other. The one who breaks you. Guy number six, the one who breaks you.

6 Types Of Guys You Meet Before You Meet Your Husband

This guy will be suave, sneaky, and utterly irresistible. You will think he is way out of your league and be so shocked that he chooses you that you become blind. So you throw yourself into this relationship. It is after all your last ditch effort to find your true love. You will fight for this with everything you have and still it will not last.

And you will end up broken, jaded and positive that you will never find your true love. Your heart will harden and walls will be erected.

You vow to never let anyone else in again, no matter what. This is the kind of guy who is so focused on his plans for his career that he spends none of his time focusing on his school work. He might be dragged to a frat party every once and awhile but he will always leave early to deal with his emails, which he brought with him in his laptop and messenger bag that he never leaves in the dorm.

This guy usually is appropriating culture by having dreads and he kind of always smells funky. Nothing he does is wrong. We advise you to just stay away from this guy, all he will do is cause stress and he will make you feel stupid. Have you ever run into a guy like this on your college campus, have you ever dated a guy like this?

type of guys you meet before the one

This is the kind of guy who is always flaunting what he has, his goals, and literally anything he can to get attention. This guy is similar to The Bro above, but the only difference is that this guy knows that he is being sneaky and taking advantage of people. He will only hang out with people who better him with their looks or money.

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He only wants status and he wants to get it quick. Only then will he act humble, only after he gets everything that he wants without giving back to anyone that supported him. Everything tends to be very calculated and manipulated to be in his favor.