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vasant patel meet the patels documentary

Meet the Patels is a American romantic comedy documentary film directed by siblings Geeta V. Patel and Ravi V. Patel. to the chagrin of his parents Vasant (Financial planner) and Champa (an accomplished match-maker and real . Jasbina Ahluwalia interview with Meet The Patels Cast - Ravi Patel, Vasant Patel The film features Ravi's family and his comedic take on a sequence of events. Ravi Patel remembers exactly where he was when inspiration struck for Meet the Patels, the documentary he made with sister Geeta Patel over seven . Since Meet the Patels' Toronto debut, Vasant and Champa have been.

They love their kids so much that they would do anything for their kids. They want nothing but the best for their kid. The advice that I would give to parents is to try your best as a parent.

Do what you need to do. I believe in karma. At the end, if that is not it, then I also need to have a peaceful mind and be happy about whoever they find. My advice for parents would be to do the best that you can for your kids, and then try to work it out. At the end, God always has a plan. He will make it right for everyone.

Vasant, do you have anything to add to that? I think the parents need to realize that their job is to do their best to find the right girl or boy. Their job is to do their best.

They can be right as much as we can be right. I think kids also have to respect their parents and realize they want the best for their kids. Give them the opportunity and a little leeway in their thinking and opinions. Do take advantage of their years of experience. I think it goes both ways. I think it will help the relationship as well as their attempt to find the right partner if they do it that way. With what I do, I find that there are a lot of assumptions being made.

I often encourage dialogue because the kids and the parents make a lot of assumptions in these matters. Do you think there are any gender differences with respect to marrying non-Indian? Do Indian men and Indian women approach this whole thing differently? These are tough questions. I think that mom and dad have strong opinions on this. Every Indian is very different. As a result, oftentimes, you see them run away even faster.

Champa and Vasant, do you have any thoughts on this. Do Indian men and women tend to approach it differently? I think the one thing that we notice in the community is that a lot of Indian girls have married Americans, but there are fewer Indian boys who have married American girls.

With Indian girls who married American boys, there is virtually no divorce. They appear to be very happy, too. We have a lot more friends who have children where their girls married American boys. They appear to be very happy after a number of years. Champa, do you have any thoughts on this? The only thing I can think of is, when the Indian girls go out, maybe they saw something in an Indian house. They know that they control the kids and the house.

We do know many girls who have gotten married to American guys go to temple. They are in touch with the community.

vasant patel meet the patels documentary

They have Indian friends. I think girls control the daily lifestyle.

DP/30: Meet The Patels, Part 1

I call them mild or lazy sometimes. They just go along. That is all that I have noticed in inter-class marriage. I saw pivotal moments in the film. There was a particular email in the film. I was talking to a client who had seen your film as well.

I voiced, from where I sit, how courageous and self-empowered it was for the girlfriend in the movie to have sent the email that she did. I think this is super important for women to understand, of all ethnicities and ages. This is something I coach on often.

Tell me about your processing as a result of that email. The movie is more about achieving a degree of transparency and courage with my relationship with mom and dad, and having honesty there. That was something I was struggling with despite the email. The email definitely accelerated things.

Certainly, that struggle was documented through the movie. I got the impression that the email put it on hyper-drive. You may have given yourself a bit more time without it. I took enough time as it was. I would love for the three of you to weigh in on this based on your research, expertise or personal experience. What are the top three tips for South Asian singles in North America navigating their search for a life partner?

The first one is to decide what you want your relationship to be like with your family, not in the moment, but in the future when this person comes into your life. If you want that relationship to be where everyone gets along and loves each other, the thing about family is that we tend to love each other unconditionally. No matter who it is that you choose to bring into your life as a partner, understand that your family is probably going to love you no matter what.

The key to navigating that world, whether you find someone who is South Asian or not, is in how you communicate with your family. Find a degree of transparency within the relationship. Figuring out exactly what it is that you want will be premised on what you want in terms of the dynamic between this person you bring in and the rest of your family.

That tends to get in the way. There will be more that will get in the way. He will not invite me in his process again. There is no invitation needed.

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These people invite themselves. What are your top three tips for South Asians to navigate this? I still believe that checking out culture and religion are important before you go any further.

vasant patel meet the patels documentary

Looks can be deceiving many times. The third thing is, if there are good basics and the fundamentals of the lifestyle match, then go for it. Love will develop as time goes. I want to go a little deeper. Many times, kids are at a party or a bar. They see a girl and try to approach her. They get so lost in her looks that they forget the main fundamentals of the relationship that they need to have a marriage.

For example, you like her because she looks very sexy.

Meet The Patels – Interview With the Movie Cast – Ravi Patel, Vasant Patel & Champa Patel

Then they have to let it go. Vasant, you were quoted by your wife. What else do you have to add? Let me expand upon what she just said. We all want to look for a beauty. What determines the success of the marriage is not how she looks but how beautiful she is inside. You cannot see all of those things in a picture.

I think they lose out on a lot of candidates. I wish I had approached them before. I think there is a big difference in those two. I hope they keep a proper perspective when they look for a match. Do you have anything to add as far as chemistry or physical attractiveness?

While we often disagree about things, we are mostly respectful of letting everyone be themselves. Other than that, I think, in getting to see our entire family as characters in a movie, we both got a chance to be truly grateful for how lucky we are to have such a wonderful family. What an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do this, and make your family closer. Oh, and mom and dad are famous now. I get calls every day from people wanting to cast them in all kinds of things.

Do you have an especially favorite scene? Just a…few things have changed in your lives since the filming stopped. What updates can you share with us?

What did you learn while shooting a personal film like Meet the Patels that helped you with your approach to filming TV shows? I just kind of filmed Ravi as I filmed mom and dad. When we came back from India, we showed the footage to PBS. And two, the relationship between you and your brother is really strong. But we both thought about it, and even though it is quite a sacrifice and inconvenience to tell the story of your own family, especially being from a private, difficult culture to document, I wanted to make the film that I wish was around when I was going through this.

So that feeling overpowered the sacrifice and inconvenience.

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The reality television way of doing things would be that the moment someone is about to cry you bring the camera out.

Very early on we had decided that the family comes before the film. We wrestled with it. We actually met with him. Our goal was that the animation was not going to be gratuitous or boring. And I think the animation added a whole new dimension to the film. So I learned that putting your own restrictions like that can actually lead to something really great.

vasant patel meet the patels documentary

I also learned that if you are a director, learn the business side. Did making that film change how you see the acting business? Did it change how others saw you? My first role was in Transformers. And the only impression I could do was this Indian call-center guy, and so those were the sorts of roles I got cast in. But those roles really catapulted me. Before I had a career, I would have never been in a place to do a film that creates an important dialogue like Meet the Patels.

After Meet the Patels, I think people started casting me in more roles because I was funny and not because I could do an accent. I also got to be a director on Meet the Patels. As an actor, you are one part of telling a larger story. As a director, you get to put the whole thing together, influence every frame. Given all that, do you have any advice for aspiring filmmakers?

Talk to other filmmakers. Ask lots of questions.