Vetrimaaran visaranai press meet the

vetrimaaran visaranai press meet the

Directed by Vetrimaaran, “Visaranai” has won several international days were brutal,” recalls Chandran, speaking to The News Minute. press meet of Vada Chennai, filmmaker Vetrimaaran revealed they spent a For Visaranai, Jackie was asked to build a police station set. Vetrimaaran on IMDb: Movies, Tv, Celebrities, and more. But Majid Majidi said in an interview that the ban was called for by Saudi authorities and . The Tamil director's last film, Visaranai (), interrogated the uses and misuses of power .

The brief was that when someone entered the building, there should be a sense of fear. After the set was finished, Vetri walked in one day and all that he told me was, 'Yes, there is a feeling of fear as I walk in.

vetrimaaran visaranai press meet the

Our conversations have always been very brief but we trust each other. I designed all the sets in 3D in Maya. Nearly the entire first half of Vada Chennai unfolds on the prison set. We thought of shooting in a real jail in Rajahmundry.

vetrimaaran visaranai press meet the

It was later decided that the jail portion would be longer and Vetri wanted the set to resemble the Chennai Central prison. We kept aside 43 days to build the prison set but it was completed in I was asked to start the work immediately as they wanted the prison set to be completed to start the shoot.

When most producers would ask to cut short the budget, Dhanush and his team gave us a lot of creative freedom and time to work.

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That may have possible because of the relationship Dhanush shares with Vetrimaaran. One time he brought someone who had served time in the central jail and asked us to take inputs from him.

The biggest challenge for me on this project was recreating the look of a certain time period. Since the story goes back and forth in time, we had to ensure the overall look matched the time period. The hotel where the film begins, for instance, had to look different in each time period, at least the interiors.

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Chandrakuma- "Visaranai" is about organised crime within the police force. With a unique theme, the movie also saw some experimental treatment in direction.

He said those who watched "Visaranai" respected it. We did leave a strong impact and made so many friends there. The problem is that nobody outside India knows that this country has official languages.

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They feel why are they not speaking in Hindi? It's hard for them to understand this," he said. With just three films- "Polladhavan", "Aadukalam" and "Visaranai"- to his credit so far, Vetrimaaran has carved out a niche for himself in the southern film industry. He feels rather than worrying about budget, young filmmakers should focus more on the content.

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Filmmaking is about how you make use of your means. So to make someone trust you with so much money, with no proof of returns, is the big challenge," he said, adding that the onus is on the filmmaker to make a film using minimal resources.

How you develop these big ideas with the limited amount of money - that's the cinematic challenge," he added. Moreover, Vetrimaaran is happy that the Indian government has decided to provide Film Promotion Fund to films selected as India's official entry to the Academy Awards.

vetrimaaran visaranai press meet the