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The sounds of angered screams and taunting laughter filled the night sky as the two SCPs continued their fruitless conflict. The sounds of the big city — cars honking, teens yelling, and cigarette smoke in the air — were immediate signs that something was very, very wrong. Or right, depending on how you looked at it.

Such thoughts were those currently running about in Cain's head as he abruptly awoke in an alleyway. Blinking his eyes open, he turned his head to the left to find a busy city street near the alley he was in, cars racing by. Getting up to his feet almost instantly, he walked to the edge of the alley to confirm it. He was in the middle of a busy city. Not in his usual containment chamber at the Foundation Site Holding his metal arms up to shield his eyes, he immediately became aware that someone… no, something like him would definitely stick out in a crowd of regular civilians, and quickly walked backwards into the otherwise dark and empty alley before anyone could see him.

Standing up against a wall by a dumpster, he pressed a metal hand to his forehead. Just a few moments ago, he had been humbly resting after having lunch in the site cafeteria, and now he was apparently in the middle of a large city. Unless an anomaly is at work somehow, this is most certainly not a dream…' Cain chided himself. Shaking his head, he pushed himself off the wall and slowly moved to the end of the alley.

To his dismay, there were people everywhere. Since his only clothes were a toga and jean shorts, there was nothing to cover up his metal arms and spinal cord, which would definitely stick out like a sore thumb.

He didn't really mind getting taken by the Foundation again, but he might as well enjoy his freedom before they find him again. Looking up, he noticed several pipes in the alley that led directly to the rooftops above. It was all quite simple, no different than when he was young and used to climb trees with Ab. Once again, the various lights and sounds pierced his senses, and he was reminded of the time when he visited New York, right before the Foundation found him, and after that incident with those gang members… Cain suddenly realized that he did not have a good record with big cities.

Looking about, he decided that finding clothes or anything really, to cover his bionics was the first course of action. With that, he turned and ran across the rooftops, looking down at the alleys beneath him as he leapt from rooftop to rooftop to try to find anything he might be able to use. Stopping in his tracks, he leapt back over and ran to the other side, peering down into the alley.

To his shock, he saw what looked like a man in a dark cloak and hood stooping down over a man, a hobo by the looks of his ragged clothing, motionless on the floor. He watched as the man appeared to… perform surgery on the man? As Cain looked on, the dark-cloaked man appeared to insert several mysterious chemicals from vials into the man's innards, as well as moving various organs and other body parts about using a scalpel, with extreme precision as he did so.

Also, after a few seconds, Cain realized that the figure was humming a song. A hymn, to be precise. What are you doing!? The figure stopped what he was doing for a moment before resuming, sewing up the man and then standing to his full height. To Cain's surprise, the figure was taller than he was, although not by much. The figure turned around to meet Cain, and he saw that the figure was completely clad in a dark cloak and hood with a belt holding a small pouch.

The most startling trait he had, however, was the white bird-like mask the figure wore, as well as the piercing gray eyes behind his mask. The figure glanced back at the man lying on the floor, his stomach sewn shut after being cut open. The figure turned back to Cain. There is no cause for alarm. Suddenly realizing his predicament, Cain got into a defensive stance and prepared to take action when the figure spoke again.

This man knew about the SCP Foundation. The Plague Doctor chuckled. I imagine you were also surprised to be out of your containment cell? He'd heard of the infamous Plague Doctor from several guards from Site, usually talking about his "weird-ass surgery" and "obsession with the Plague", but now that he'd actually met him… "Yes.

Is this the work of another anomaly? However, he shook his head, looking off to the side, "I'm afraid I do not know. Your guess would be as good as mine. However…" The doctor looked back to Cain, his cold gaze meeting Cain's curious one, "I believe I do not know your name, good sir. To his surprise, however, the Plague Doctor's eyes seemed to brighten in familiarity.

Quite a unique name, I must say…" He said, causing Cain to narrow his eyes at him, though if the Doctor noticed, he didn't show it. The Plague Doctor then gestured behind him, beckoning to the hard-to-see shadows in the darkness of the alley. He is one of us. To Cain's surprise, a large, skinny figure walked slowly out of the darkness, stopping right beside the doctor.

He… it, whatever it was, was incredibly skinny and emaciated, as if having not eaten for quite some time. Its disproportionally long arms drooped to the floor, long fingers scraping against the ground as his equally skinny and long legs carried his thin frame.

His skin was a deathly pale, and he walked rather slowly for a being as tall as he was, which was about 7"8', easily towering over both Cain and the Plague Doctor. However, the strangest thing about him was its face and head, which was for some reason completely covered by a brown paper bag over its head that masked its entire face.

For some reason, he seemed more off-putting to Cain than the doctor. Speaking of which, the masked surgeon gestured to his companion. I found him shortly after I awoke in this place. However, he still couldn't quite remember anything about this particular anomaly… He reached toward the bag covering the humanoid's face, aiming to see if he'd recognize them.

However, to his surprise, the Plague Doctor shot his arm out and gripped Cain's arm, preventing him from reaching the bag. Cain glowered at the doctor, only to feel a slight shiver down his metal spine when he saw the fierce glare emanating from the doctor's cold gray eyes. This fellow is quite…" He paused, releasing Cain's arm and glancing concernedly at his companion, "… shy.

His jaw gaped slightly at the realization. There was a… containment breach at the Foundation Site at which we alongside other anomalies were temporarily 'secured'", The doctor seemed to roll his eyes behind his white bird-like mask, "And one of the anomalies contained there managed to break free, and the entire facility entered lockdown mode.

Amidst the chaos, multiple anomalies managed to breach containment and roam freely throughout the facility. Seeing you here, I wonder if any others managed to find unexpected freedom from the Foundation…" The doctor explained. Cain couldn't help but be slightly alarmed. He had heard stories about the many dangerous anomalous entities and objects contained by the Foundation.

Hell, he'd met a few of them before, and he also knew that the Plague Doctor and the Shy Guy could both still be incredibly dangerous to the human populace if desired or warranted, and they were only on the lesser end of the Euclid level. Who knew what other potentially even more dangerous entities and objects were reigning free throughout the world right now? However, Cain's train of thought was interrupted by the Plague Doctor clearing his throat. I do not know how we breached containment into such a populated area, but it is very likely that such an extreme stroke of luck will not happen to any of us again.

Before the Foundation finds and re-contains us, I propose that we use this freedom together as much as we can before we are found again by our captors. What do you say? Not even an hour after he'd awoken in the city, he'd already encountered two more humanoid SCPs, one of which seemed to wish to ally with him, at least for the time being.

However, the doctor had a point; for the moment, they were all free from the Foundation. Truth be told, Cain was a bit put off by the Plague Doctor, both by his personality and He reached out and shook his hand. And somehow, he could tell the Doctor was also smiling despite not being able to see his mouth.

SCP-096 remastered illustrated (The Shy Guy)

He wasn't quite so sure about the Shy Guy, though, who kept standing there besides the doctor motionlessly. He wasn't so much scared by the Shy Guy as he simply creeped out. Releasing his hand, he looked about their surroundings.

I do not believe we have further business in such as populated area. Cain looked down in thought. The Plague Doctor nodded in agreement, and he looked about before spotting something on the floor near Cain.

Walking passed him, he bent down and picked something up before handing it to Cain. It was a slightly tattered sweater. It was clearly old and dirty, but as much as he loathed wearing such a thing, the doctor was right: His metallic arms and spine would stick out like a sore thumb, especially in a crowded city such as this.

However, he also noticed something else. Wouldn't that draw attention as well? The doctor sighed, shaking his head.

Incident A - SCP Foundation

I must remain this way, I'm afraid. The Plague Doctor glanced to him and let out another, even deeper sigh. No worries, however, we can simply move about on the rooftops. It's how you were able to traverse the city until now, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

Cain nodded, and together the two climbed the pipes back up to the top of the building that Cain was previously watching from. Looking back down, Cain noticed that SCP still hadn't moved from his original place, staring up at them from behind its makeshift paper bag mask. The Plague Doctor took notice and whistled. Cain raised a brow but didn't say anything, knowing that his eyes had seen stranger sights.

Without speaking, the three humanoid anomalies turned and began traversing the city rooftops in search of a place to rest. The Plague Doctor had some slight difficulty leaping and running from building to building like Cain and the Shy Guy due to his less well-built physique, but he managed, keeping his eyes out alongside Cain's for a place for them to spend the night without being noticed as well as any clothing to hide his and the Shy Guy's abnormal appearances However, as they left the area, none of them were around to see the man that had been left on the floor suddenly awaken and slowly stand up.

He opened his eyes, yet there were no pupils, only pure white sclera. Hearing the sounds of people, he slowly walked forward and out of the alley… In a small clearing in the forest, a young woman that looked no older than 18 wearing a blue T-shirt and dark blue jeans rested quietly on the grass. She groggily blinked her eyes open, noticing immediately the dark moon in the sky as well as the cool night air and the trees around her.

She looked around frantically, nothing but trees, leaves and bushes around. Her shoulder-length blonde hair waved about as she turned her head every which way.

Part of her wanted to be overjoyed that she was out of the Foundation Site, but at the same time, incredibly fearful of what they'd do when they found her again. An SCP going missing would undoubtedly be on top of their priority lists… "Okay… okay… just what the f-!? It was an actual living gooey blob about 3 feet wide as it lay on the grass, entirely orange in color except for its beady, pitch-black and hamster-like eyes, which was on top of its gooey mass that rose about 2 feet off the ground at max.

It waved a pseudopod at her like an arm. Its voice sounded very much like a child's, very high-pitched although with a gurgle effect and slight lisp due to having literally no teeth. Its voice and cheery tone overall reminded her of Kirby from the games she used to play before the Foundation took her in.

Somewhat uneasily, she raised her own hand and waved nervously at the pile of goo. Did I finally go insane? Once again, the blob raised a pseudopod up in the air, waving at her again. This one's gween AND bwown! A gift fwom me to you! Suddenly, it gurgled joyfully. Sure enough, the blob returned from inside a bush with a camera inside its sticky body, floating around in its gelatinous mass under its eyes.

Iris's eyes widened to their maximum level. It was her camera, a Polaroid One-stepthe same one her parents got her years before. It seemed like such a long time since then… Slowly, she reached out and grabbed the rather large camera from the blob's extending slimy tendril, somehow not getting any slimy residue on it or the leaf, she would later find.

Staring at it in her shaking hands, her mind raced a million miles an hour. How did I get out of containment!? Dat was your camewa? Iris beamed happily at it, a smile appearing on her lips. T-Thank you… erm…" Iris paused in her "thank you" upon having a realization. Do you… do you have a name? The gooey creature stared at her before chirping happily. Iris raised a brow in confusion. They said I was an… ana-ano… 'anomaly'," The orange goo answered, struggling to pronounce the word and sounding a bit more solemn than usual before resuming in its usual happy tone, "and was named 'SCP'.

So much time spent like a prisoner, stared at by the staff and guards like a mutant animal that had to be caged, poked and prodded at by weird researchers and doctors, kept away from even seeing her family… "Awre you okay? The orange blob stared at her, making a concerned humming noise. Before she could react, suddenly flung itself from the ground and slammed its gooey mass onto Iris.

However, instead of strangling her or other forms of harm like Iris was subconsciously expecting, Iris strangely felt a sense of happiness overtake her as enveloped her upper body in its gooey form. Evewyone needs a hug! I c-can't take it! As Iris laughed and played on the grass with the joyful orange blob, she found herself forgetting all the bad thoughts and memories that swam in her mind, now only remembering all the good in her life.

Whenever anything negative appeared in her mind, SCP's abnormal positive feeling-inducing effects took over, leaving her with only happy sensations and thoughts, something she hadn't truly felt in a long time.

Big Brother is now watching. What outbound vector is the target currently heading? Target is currently westbound… traveling on… shit. I think he just flipped a semi.


ER-A is reporting that the target is outrunning their choppers. SCP was confirmed to not be in any of these when SCP ran through each in turn without stopping. Helicopters sweep the town. Indistinct orders are heard over loudspeakers from both the helicopters and ground personnel. The target is entering proximity zone!

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All civilians are not to move from their spot or remove their blindfolds! If you move or touch your blindfold you will be shot! It tries to slow down on the descent but trips and tumbles down at high speed, crashing through several houses before regaining its footing almost without delay.

Unknown voice over loudspeakers: You will be shot! SCP stops for one second before running into the crowd of townsfolk, throwing many aside and trampling more. More shots are heard as the crowd begins dispersing, the loudspeakers unintelligible under the vocalizations of SCP SCP locates SCP, a middle-aged man, and the camera views SCP grabbing him before it is hit by a fleeing townsperson and is dislocated from the helmet. Apparently he took a snapshot of the landscape, and just happened to catch SCP in the background.

I doubt the guy even knew what he saw. How did you find it? The lieutenant got the picture and took it down to the chopper before I ever got to see it. All hell was breaking loose.

You know only three people are alive besides me? SCP circled in yellow, blocked out. What did that fucker call me? Dan pushes back from the table and begins standing up] Dr. Dan back into the seat] Interviewer: Do we need to administer a sedative, doctor?

Dan takes a breath and smooths his coat] Dr. However, it was a failure because we did not fully know how SCP worked. Computers are fast, but not as fast as light. So, with this report of the photograph… Dr. You know when the former SCP went on his mountain trip? How many photographs are out there containing SCP, just going unnoticed, waiting for a careful eye?

As I said before, I want this thing terminated. Um, what exactly were you planning on doing, there? I got the bag over its head. Could you tell me exactly what transpired? It… it was done with all its…. It was sitting there, in the highway.