When did the spanish first meet aztecs

Aztec capital falls to Cortés - HISTORY

when did the spanish first meet aztecs

Early on in the Spanish Conquest of Mexico, the Conquistadores were offered a group of Of course eventually Malintzin learned to speak Spanish herself, so that when Cortés came to meet Moctezuma face to face, Did they have First Aid ?. Spanish explorer Hernan Cortés encountered the Aztecs in and The Spanish will want to present an argument supporting the conquest. one of the Native Americans seeing Columbus and his crews for the first time. The Spanish conquistador who invaded Mexico was aided by superstition and Hernan Cortés invaded Mexico in and conquered the Aztec Empire. He was one of the first children of mixed indigenous and Spanish heritage. Montezuma sent out envoys to meet the conquistador as he neared.

Questions for the Aztec Group Did the Aztecs have an empire? Were all the Aztec subjects of Aztec culture? What was Mexico like from to and what role did the Mexica Aztecs play in its history? What was the Aztec religion like? Why were there Aztec sacrifices? Who ruled and how did he get his job? What did land look like? What was his motivation? How did the conquest affect the history and people of the area to be called Mexico?

when did the spanish first meet aztecs

If the Aztecs and other Native Americans had been able to voice their objection to the activities of the Spanish Portuguese, French, English, etc. What information can you give the College of Cardinals and their Independent Counsel in the year ? Would your recommendations have changed history? Based on your role, write your 5 paragraph position paper.

As a group, organize your information for your representatives to present before the Special Counsel and the College of Cardinals and the Pope. You may use charts, maps, drawings, cartoons, documents, etc. Present your position s to the Independent Counsel Decide if each person will present or your legal advisors will present. Use visuals, your posters and cartoons or drawings to help show your point of view. Stay focused on the issues. Support your side with all the relevant information you have found.

Learning Advice Stay organized and on task. Write in your journal every day, recording what you did, what you found, the questions you can answer and what the answers are. Identify the people involved and be sure you understand your role. Have a dictionary on hand so you can look up any word you do not understand in text s you are using for research.

Have your history-social science textbook in front of you to access maps you cannot find on the Internet or in Atlases.

when did the spanish first meet aztecs

Evaluate your sources for prejudice or bias. Reassign work among members of the research team if necessary. Evaluation The class will create a rubric for grading this activity. The presentation before the Independent Counsel will be graded by a student-created rubric which must include evaluation of preparation, validity of argument, amount of research used, use of visuals if available and attention to detail.

Appropriateness of behavior during the testimony may also be included as part of the rubric's evaluation. The teacher will be grading the journal entries and five paragraph position papers.

Christopher Columbus and the Spanish Conquest of the Americas - don Qu

Reflection The students will reflect on this activity after the presentation and judgment by writing a 1 to 1. Did you feel you had adequate sources and an equal chance to present your case? What information did you learn that was the most interesting part of this activity?

What part of this activity did you find the hardest to do? If you were doing this activity again, what would you do differently?

Aztecs Meet the Spanish

Were the indigenous peoples of the New World so different from their European counterparts? Were the empires they created so different? Should similarity or difference make any difference in judging historical events of the late 15th to 17th centuries? Students need to understand that history does not take place in a vacuum and that surrounding events and prevailing attitudes do shape decisions made in context. The events that occurred were crucial to the development of the American lands and have been the subject of much historical debate in present years.

The Aztecs had substantial wealth from trading and heavy payments of tribute from conquered peoples. From the Aztecs flourished and expanded their empire greatly. By the time Hernando Cortes landed in Mexico with his soldiers, the Aztecs were in control of most of present-day Mexico.

The expansion of the Aztecs, however, ended with the Spanish Conquest. A major element of Aztec life was religion. A polytheistic people, they often practiced human sacrifice to please their gods. According to legend, the god Quetzalcoatl, characterized by light skin, red hair, and light eyes, was supposed to return to earth. This appearance is remarkably similar to European appearance, and may be why the Aztecs originally greeted the Spaniards with food, gold, and women.

Aztec capital falls to Cortés

The Spaniards, however, approached the Aztecs with an entirely different attitude. They had a strong sense of supremacy and intended to convert the natives to Christianity. But their ministering methods were radical. The Spaniards gathered the natives together and shouted the essentials of the Gospel, oblivious to the fact that the Aztecs did not understand their language.

If the natives refused to fall to their knees and repent, the Spaniards assumed they were rejecting the word of God and killed or enslaved them. On November 8,he challenged the native forces and entered Tenochititlan, taking the Aztec leader, Montezuma, hostage.

when did the spanish first meet aztecs

This event led to an Aztec uprising that culminated in La Noche Triste. The Aztecs drove the Spaniards out of Tenochititlan in July of Men from both sides, as well as many Aztec treasures, were lost as a bridge collapsed during the desperate flight of the Spaniards.