When does the army jag board meet

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when does the army jag board meet

Does this meet the ABA-approved law school requirement? A: Yes, provisionally- approved ABA . Q. When will I commission? A: When you Q: I am an officer in the Army/Air Force Reserves/Guard, do I have to attend ODS? A: Yes, you will. The JAG attorneys I meet are consistently happy, they work on exciting All military hiring must go through a selection board, which just means. UVA Law students considering JAG careers are encouraged to contact a PSC Army: “[Judge advocates] are involved in a broad range of cases in military justice, civil and 10, Oct. 10 (depending on which board you would like to meet) .

Well done with exactly words -- Not sure I am ready, just yet to share mine given what an easy identifier it is. But, I think that's an exceptional statement, for what my opinion is worth. There are things you touched on in there that are unique experiences,no doubt, and some structure you implemented that I will definitely use should I end up reapplying and writing another statement in the future. I think I will consider sharing mine.

But not sure exactly when yet, or what elements of it I will share yet.

How to Become a JAG Officer

I need to find a hobby - some way to make most of Feb. This thread was an invaluable resource for me. This thread was the exception. So, I just wanted to make my contribution for future applicants.

I remember when S. Goodman, the creator of this thread, was accepted, he pulled the veil back a bit and gave a full commentary about the whole process. I merely wanted to play a part in doing the same. Maybe it will help another applicant realize their dream, too, even if I am not selected. As far as waiting, I hear ya.

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It reminds me a lot of waiting for bar exam results. Nothing to do but stew. At least this time, I have my work to keep me busy most of the time. Haha yeah I will pull the veil back as much as I can, ehtically speaking, to at least equip future applicants to do theri best in prepping an application.

Army Reserve JAG Corps boards convene July 12

Just want the time to be right. And want to get PR'd first, that would be ideal, lol. Additional items you will discuss include: Will I know my duty station before I enter active duty? If you apply and are selected to the Direct Appointment Program, you will be informed of your base assignment prior to entering active duty.

when does the army jag board meet

You only incur a service obligation after you agree to your assignment. If you apply and are selected to the ROTC program, you will be informed of your base assignment after you complete your bar licensing requirements.

when does the army jag board meet

Will I go through boot camp? COT is a five-week training course designed to help ease the transition of candidates in the healthcare, legal and religious professions from the private sector into military life. You will begin with a training regimen designed to educate you in the ways of the military. You will participate in physical conditioning five days a week, military training, leadership seminars and classroom studies.

How long does the application process take? All applications must be uploaded into the online application system no later than the 10th day of the month prior to the accession board. Once you submit your materials online, you will select an interview location. A Staff Judge Advocate will contact you to schedule your interview before the first day of the month of the accession board.

Once TJAG approves the list of accessions, selection notifications are provided to all applicants. Results are usually provided within 30—60 days after the board meets.

when does the army jag board meet

Once selected, when can I start active duty? If you are selected, you then begin the process to be classified as medically qualified for military service.

when does the army jag board meet

The timeline for medical qualification varies.