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william paterson university meet the greeks nyu

school within New York University in September Initially, only a .. of Greek and Latin, with little attention given to modern or intended to enlarge the scope of higher education to meet the needs of William Paterson University /. Greeks at WPUNJ are a driving force behind student life on campus. Greeks may be found raising donations for charity, organizing special events for campus. The University of Toledo, OH University of Toronto, ON University of Vermont, PA William Paterson University of New Jersey, NJ Wilmington University, DE Winona NY Oakland University, MI The Ohio State University, OH Rush University.

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It was my first time being away from home and I was terrified to be living in an unfamiliar place. Thankfully, my roommate was my best friend and we took on the college experience together.

Along the way, I met so many amazing people. I am so grateful for everyone I met here who entered my life. From my High Mountain East residence hall, to my intramural volleyball teammates, to the members of the Filipino club FACEto those I met tutoring and in my nursing association. Even when I experienced low moments, having loyal friends and a strong support system helped me get through anything.

After the first semester of my junior year, I hit my lowest point when I failed one of my courses and was held back a semester. I felt like quitting and giving up, but so many people encouraged me to stand back up and continue my journey. I am so grateful to my professors who encouraged me to never give up and gave me the confidence to know I will become a great nurse who will change lives.

william paterson university meet the greeks nyu

This University started as an unfamiliar place I was hesitant to begin and has since become a place I find difficult to leave. This campus has become my second home. My experience at WP was four years long but felt like just four months. While I was enjoying the college experience, time flew by right before my eyes.

NYU Delta Phi Epsilon - Recruitment 2018

Everyone at William Paterson has their own Will. When I joined the radio station I thought of it as a stepping stone towards a career in radio broadcasting and audio engineering.

I was welcomed with open arms into a community of such talented people. Everyone wanted to do what they love, just like me. I was so surprised by how many people enjoyed listening to my favorite music and talking about my favorite thing in the world!

Then, two months after that, I took a chance at becoming a production director at the station, and I fell in love with the world of radio and audio engineering even more.

william paterson university meet the greeks nyu

I found my place and my voice. In MarchI was a finalist for three Intercollegiate Broadcasting System awards for my radio show and work in the Production Department. It was my moment of triumph, it was our moment of triumph. Now, going into my senior year, I still hold onto those big dreams and plan to have my name become known.

It was because of my Will. I can still remember the first day I showed up in the gym and told Coach Hallie Cohen that I wanted to be a Pioneer softball player. She helped me grow into the female student-athlete I am today and held me to standards that I will forever remember. For me, softball has always been something that added structure and meaning to my life.

I came from a school where no one knew who I was and it was easy to slip through the cracks. William Paterson provided me with faculty who truly cared about me, not only as a student but as an athlete.

The amount of time and support they invested in me is endless and will help me in my future endeavors. I met coaches who supported me on and off the field and professors who pushed me in the classroom.

I made friendships that will last me a lifetime. I became a part of a winning culture. A family with one heartbeat. When I obtain my certification and license, my ultimate goal is to work with stroke survivors and young children in early intervention. During my time at William Paterson, I have been able to serve as a student-leader in different sectors including clubs, organizations, new student orientation events, and off-campus projects and jobs.

WPUIVCF has allowed me to meet new people, attend leadership retreats, and grow as an individual and a person of faith. William Paterson University has truly become my second home. I had no plans to go out of my way to make friends or be involved.

william paterson university meet the greeks nyu

However, when I arrived at WP I had a complete change of heart. Within weeks I was able to form connections with my professors, make friends with awesome people, and become involved with so many wonderful clubs and organizations. I went from being a stereotypical loner to discovering the benefit of putting in hard work and communicating with others. Fast forward one year later and I was able to put the knowledge that I gained in class to practice by participating in post-hurricane humanitarian social media work in Vieques, Puerto Rico.

Through striving to get good grades, volunteering my time, and becoming close with my professors, I was given the opportunity to spend a week in January on a sunny island providing the locals with meals and hearing their stories on a service learning trip with an amazing group of WP students.

The trip showed me how often we take things like hot running water and ample food for granted. The experience was humbling and made me realize just how important giving back can truly be.

At William Paterson we are taught the tools we need to really make a change in the world. William Paterson University will always be my home. Seeing her work tirelessly so that I could have a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food in my stomach are the images that motivated me to come to college. Because of her struggles, I will be the first man in my family to graduate from college and I know I will be successful in all of my endeavors.

Special Events - William Paterson University

Although I have experienced many obstacles and came so close to giving up, my support at William Paterson has pushed me to grow into the person I want to be. WP is the best place to be because it is a community of people who will truly help you grow. It is where you find your family and your Will. I am proud to be considered a leader on campus and am even prouder to call myself a Pioneer. However, as I started to discover my passions I found that WP had the tools I needed to aid me in achieving my dreams.

Professors such as Dr. Camille Alexander in the Africana world studies department, Dr.

william paterson university meet the greeks nyu

Solomon Nyaanga in the marketing and management department, Ms. Jackson on Valley Road, and countless others have challenged me to tap into my potential, thrive for greatness and never settle. I have learned to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. By telling an active member you know where you belong, she will instantly lose this openness, and your chances to be invited back to that chapter may disappear as well. Money, money, money Believe it or not no one really cares. Just because your dad has a private jet does not mean you get a free pass into the chapter of your choosing, and just because you go to school on financial aid does not mean certain chapters will cut you.

If an active member brings up finances with you, it is probably to explain that there are financial obligations to fulfill as a member of a sorority. Certain schools even require in their recruitment rules for this to be a topic of conversation. She has a mouth like a sailor While a lot of sorority symbols are things like sailboats Sigma Sigma Sigma and anchors Delta Gamma that is where their sailing themes end.

No chapter wants a member who goes through recruitment with a mouth like a sailor.

The Top 18 Things NOT to Say During Sorority Rush

Dropping the f-bomb or other bad language into conversations is inappropriate. Both active members and PNMs alike should act professionally and formally during recruitment conversations. Personal Problems Do you think you sweat an abnormal amount? Did your dress from the day before give you a weird rash? Have your boobs grown since you started college? These are all personal problems you might discuss with your best friend, but not something you want to discuss with a new friend.

Save your personal problems for discussion with your roommate and not for the active member you just met. It was all I could think of the rest of our conversation, and it ruined it for me and I guess for her chances of making a good first impression on me.

Debbie Downer No one likes a complainer and, unfortunately, during recruitment there is often a lot to complain about. Weather can be bad, the days are long, and running around in high heels is never good on your feet. But if you let this all come through in your recruitment conversations, active members will think of you as a Debbie Downer. Everyone is going through the same thing, so try to keep your spirits up and look for all of the positives about the experience.

There is a lot of work involved with sorority activities, and we wanted to find members who would make this work fun and not look at everything as a burden. Liar, liar pants on fire Just because you are at a new school with new people does not mean you can create a completely new identity for yourself. Active members have spent weeks, if not months, preparing for recruitment. They have your transcripts and often your resumes as well.

If you get caught in a lie you are a lot worse off than if you just told the truth. What NOT to say as an active chapter member The golden rule Treat others the way you want to be treated. It is the most basic rule to follow and one you should keep in mind while talking to PNMs during recruitment. Do not talk trash about other chapters in your Greek Life community.

You may not be the biggest fan of Alpha Alpha Alpha chapter, but those are thoughts you should keep to yourself. When you talk trash about other sororities, you just look trashy yourself. My boyfriend is perfect If you have found your dream man, congratulations, but it may be a good idea to leave him out of your conversations with PNMs. Girls go through recruitment in order to find a sisterhood to join.

Talk about how you met your boyfriend participating in Homecoming with your chapter or how he loves your date party at the bowling alley each spring, but leave it at that. Chicks before dicks, remember? One nation under God Although most sororities have a cross-section of members both politically and religiously, it is difficult to have a positive and meaningful discussion about these subjects during recruitment. You are too short on time, and these issues are too touchy. Getting beyond surface conversations is important, but make sure to stay on fairly neutral topics of interest.

You never know what type of PNM you may be talking to. There is so much more to your chapter than your social aspects, so make sure every PNM coming through recruitment knows that. This means you probably already know some details about certain PNMs going through the process maybe girls from your high school or certain chapter legacies. The PNMs should expect this, but that does not mean you should pull back the curtain like Toto in The Wizard of Oz and show them the inside process.

First off, it is kind of freaky to do this. Hearing their list of high school activities and senior awards will out you as a true Facebook creeper.