2013 march meet youtube red

2013 march meet youtube red

McCoury Music, Red Allen Featuring Frank Wakefield: The Banjonews .com, https:// dayline.info–01/dayline.info (accessed March 5, ). dayline.info dayline.info watch?v=wr5hb0DbTew (accessed July 26, ). “Russ Hooper interview with Baltimore Bluegrass Meet-up Group. Both APIs enable developers to access YouTube Analytics data, albeit in that some YouTube Analytics data is limited when metrics do not meet a certain . Thus, some reports were accessible as late as March 22, . The API supports two new metrics related to YouTube Red viewership: September 30, This story was originally posted on the official YouTube blog. By focusing on what fans want, YouTube Red will play an important role in.

2013 march meet youtube red

The first video to reach one million views was a Nike advertisement featuring Ronaldinho in November Universal Tube has since changed the name of its website to www. According to YouTube, this was the first worldwide free online broadcast of a major sporting event.

YouTube Creator Blog: Meet YouTube Red, the ultimate YouTube experience.

Google product manager Shiva Rajaraman commented: The app is designed to provide an experience optimized for children.

It features a simplified user interface, curated selections of channels featuring age-appropriate content, and parental control features. YouTube also released YouTube Musica third app oriented towards streaming and discovering the music content hosted on the YouTube platform.

The complex hassquare feet of space and can house up to 2, employees.

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YouTube staff argued that the separate platform was causing confusion, and that the integration would allow the features developed for the service including game-based portals and enhanced discoverability of gaming-related videos and live streaming to reach a broader audience through the main YouTube website.

Users who have a good track record of complying with the site's Community Guidelines may be offered the ability to upload videos up to 12 hours in length, as well as live streams, which requires verifying the account, normally through a mobile phone.

2013 march meet youtube red

Videos can be at most GB in size. Such captioning is usually not perfectly accurate, so YouTube provides several options for manually entering the captions for greater accuracy.

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It supports WebM files and also 3GPallowing videos to be uploaded from mobile phones. All the video formats on YouTube use progressive scanning.

YouTube attributes this to uploading of made-for-TV content. The backfill data section of the API overview has been updated to more clearly define backfill data as a data set that replaces a previously delivered set.

2013 march meet youtube red

The following list identifies product and documentation changes related to the new API version: However, you will likely need to update your code to reflect the changes listed below. All of these changes are explained in detail in the new migration guide. The API's version has changed from v1 to v2. Several parameters for the reports. Specifically, parameter names that contain hyphens, like end-date in the v1 API use camel case endDate rather than hyphens in the v2 API.

This change makes parameter names consistent throughout the API since the API's methods for creating and managing groups already used camel casing for parameter names. If you are sending batch requests in the v2 API, you need to use the endpoint https: In addition, a few v1 features are not supported in the v2 API: A batch can be comprised of requests to different methods of the same API, however.

This is a deprecation announcement. Version 1 of the API v1 is now deprecated and will be supported until October 31, All requests to the v1 API will stop working after that date. Viewer demographic reports, which aggregate viewing statistics based on viewers' age group and gender, no longer support the youtubeProduct dimension, which identifies the YouTube service on which the user activity occurred.

January 18, This update contains the following changes: The API server now supports gzip compression for requests that download reports.

Note that gzip compression is not supported for other types of API requests. Enabling gzip compression reduces the bandwidth needed for each API response. And, while your application will need additional CPU time to uncompress API responses, the benefit of consuming fewer network resources usually outweighs that cost.

2013 march meet youtube red

To receive a gzip-encoded response, set the Accept-Encoding HTTP request header to gzip as shown in the following example: The documentation of the age group and gender dimensions has been corrected to show the actual values that the API returns for those dimensions. Note that this is a documentation correction and does not reflect a change in API functionality or behavior. Specifically, the following values have changed: Values for the gender dimension use uppercase letters.