4r70w to 6r80 swap meet

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4r70w to 6r80 swap meet

That's most of the cost to do a Coyote swap in the first place. . GT, 04 cobra motor, Whipple,crusher inlet,built 4r70w trans,04 IRS. 6R80 Swap Kits and Parts. $ Out Of 5 ( on 0). BCA 6R80 SWAP SHIFT LEVER KIT AOD/AODE/4R70W LINKAGE. $ Out Of 5 ( on 0). Be sure to check out this L Coyote Modular V-8 swap guide. of the hunt” and often prefer to use swap meet or salvage yard scores for their projects. honestly the best route with the least headaches is going to be Ford's popular 4R70W. standalone controller on the market for the 6R80 transmission.

It allows for more tuning options, but is more of a race-oriented piece and quite simply overkill for street use. Other than the wiring, the one remaining big hurdle is physically fitting the Coyote into the engine bay.

The strut-based systems are a bolt-in, though cutting and welding is required for trimming the shock towers, whereas the complete front suspension conversions usually require a fair amount of welding and chassis prep. If your front framerails are rusted out or you have other structural issues a full front subframe conversion might be an option for you, or a complete perimeter frame conversion.

4r70w to 6r80 swap meet

Once you have your Coyote 5. Lastly, you have the transmission decision. The Coyote can be fitted with numerous manual and automatic transmission options, everything from the venerable C4 three-speed automatic to the latest six-speed manual.

Performance Automatic

There are several choices here, first off being the new-in-the-box crate engine directly from Ford Performance. Note the engine halo cover is not shown, as that is sold separately. You can even get a Coyote 5. Of course you can still find a used Coyote in numerous salvage yards. The stock Getrag six-speed manual is better left in the salvage yard according to Bruce Couture at Modern Driveline.

The Getrag has no speedometer provision, requires a special driveshaft, and uses a remote shifter not easily modified to work in a vintage Mustang. The older T-5 five-speed is a capable trans behind the Coyote for light-duty use cruising, no sticky tires. The better choice is a Tremec TKO-series transmission. Modern Driveline upgrades these with carbon-fiber rings to allow the higher rpm shifting the Coyote is capable of.

A low-profile top plate conversion offered by Modern Driveline also allows easy installation of the TKO without modifying the transmission tunnel. Shown here is the Tremec Magnum six-speed kit. Manual Trans Tips We spent a bit of time on the phone with Bruce Couture of Modern Driveline getting the on manual transmissions that will work with the Coyote 5.

Besides the transmission itself, which Modern Driveline can configure for your year Mustang for best fitment, proper speedometer connection, and so forth, Modern Driveline offers a full complement of driveline bits to complete the swap. From crossmembers, bellhousings, clutch kits, and even driveshafts, plus hydraulic clutch actuation.

5.0L Coyote Modular V-8 Swap Guide

Couture tells us that to use the late-model GT Mustang six-speed in an early Mustang means having to cut the top of transmission tunnel, change out or remove the floor support, and more to obtain the correct driveline angle. Modern Driveline is currently working on offering a pre-formed sheetmetal piece with floor support to fit the six-speed in the future.

These will work with the correct bellhousing, clutch, and crossmember. The downside is finding a good used one. Usually these transmissions, due to their age, have a lot of miles and shifts on them and would need a solid rebuild to be viable behind the Coyote, but it is an option. An additional note to consider is that the Tremec five-speeds will work, but these years have an electric speedometer connection only.

Thusly, your only clutch control option would be to utilize a hydraulic release bearing in place of a traditional clutch fork and release bearing.

4r70w to 6r80 swap meet

When it comes to automatic transmissions the easy route may be the transmission you already have. Yes, the venerable and ever-popular C4 three-speed automatic will bolt up to your Coyote with the proper bolt-on bellhousing.

6R80 Transmission Swap Accessories and Parts - Power By the Hour

If your C4 is up to the task Performance Automatic sells everything you need between the trans and engine block separately. Your next step up in the realm of auto shift boxes is the four-speed automatic overdrive.

Performance Automatic offers a Street Smart package that includes a performance-built 4R70W and everything you need to get it behind your Coyote, including Smart Shift electronics, manual lever sensor, block plate, flexplate, converter, and attaching bolts.

Auto Trans Tips Fitting the more modern overdrive automatics into a vintage Mustang is nothing new. However, the same fitment issues still come into play with the modular Coyote bolted in front of these larger transmissions. The tunnel brace often requires minor trimming or flattening, especially on the and its smaller transmission tunnel. While the AOD can fit behind a modular engine with a custom bellhousing, due to the fact the Coyote is a drive-by-wire modular engine, the AOD and its throttle valve TV shift control cable which usually attaches to a mechanical throttle body lever are not suitable for this application.

With the 4R70W, Ford really built one tough overdrive automatic. No more dropping a valvebody a dozen times tweaking springs and hoping you got it right. The Ford 6R80 six-speed automatic found behind the Coyote in the Mustang is an option, albeit one that will require some floorpan surgery and a way to control it. However, there are ways around these issues as well with custom carpet, aftermarket seats, and building your own console. The biggest problem with the 6R80 is controlling it.

While several aspiring builders have used the transmission along with stock wiring harnesses from the F-series truck and custom tuning, there is currently not a plug-and-play standalone controller on the market for the 6R80 transmission. The TCI Engineering system welds into the front framerails and then the suspension pieces bolt to the new subframe, providing ample clearance.

The Roadster Shop offers its own IFS that utilizes modern Corvette spindles, a splined antisway bar, and other high-end goodies for a suspension that not only allows Coyote fitment, but can easily tackle the road course as well.

The aluminum subframe structure bolts to the stock frame rails and sandwiches it after welding in the mounting plates. While the dual A-arm IFS setups are a popular route, many Coyote swappers prefer a strut-based front suspension. One such offering is this strut package from Gateway Mustang. As installed you can see the Coyote clears fine with the shock tower simply trimmed back. Fatman Fabrications has an interesting offering for strut IFS builds.

Its modular system uses a series of bolt on tubular supports and stamped metal panels to completely reform the engine bay and offer the maximum clearance for the wide Coyote. Just like our other products the harness is made here in the USA. We have had a custom switch designed that will wire in easily to our Powertrain Control Pack Body Harness. The switch has both momentary up shift and down shift built into it along with a lit background.

This is the switch mentioned in our 6R80 PCP instructions. These fittings are designed to allow replacement of the factory cooler lines for upgraded coolers or in the case of doing a Coyote powertrain swap where a factory cooler can not be used. Our fittings will go in the factory ports on the side of the trans and supply a -8an fitting that can be rotated degrees with out colliding with one another.

The bracket supplied can be installed once the fittings are in place and are held down with supplied hardware. Here is what you get in the kit: The kit consists of a BM Supercooler, -8an fittings, npt adaptors, and 20ft of -8an line. The cooler itself is 3. It is a tube and fin design that features 15 rows and has mounting tabs to make installation easier.

The Cooler lines are black series so they will be perfect for the pressures the 6r80 produces and will not transfer any of the odor from the fluid.

These blunt lead's will provide the factory speedometer signal which does not work direct on any aftermarket or even older oem instrument clusters. The signal needs to be converted to whatever the present speedometer gauge uses for its reading.

Dakota Digital offers this box and it makes the conversion really easy which is why we offer it. Input the oem signal from the harness and adapt it to whatever your gauge needs to get the speedometer working perfect. The Universal Signal Interface Unit can handle nearly all of your electric speedometer signal conversion and calibration issues.

It can recalibrate a 2, pulse per mile ppm through ,ppm electronic speedometer pulse rates, either up or down. It is great for adjusting aftermarket and OEM electric speedometers on vehicles after changing rear end gears, tire sizes, or drivetrain changes affecting the speedometer. The converter is used as either a signal multiplier up to 16X or signal divider up to Xmaking this unit extremely flexible for almost any application. While the converter is intended to correct only the signal feeding the electronic speedometer, in many cases where a speed signal is shared or on a databus, the box can instead correct the signal feeding the engine and transmission computers.

A built-in LED display and pushbutton switches simplify setup and calibration. Some vehicles also utilize the output shaft speed to calculate transmission slip and lock-up. Consulting a service manual may be of assistance in determining the signal routing within the vehicle if the SGI-5 is decided to be used in a situation such as this. The continuous duty switch is ideal for cooling fan applications that are typically in harsh or wet environments.

If using a factory oem style cooling fan this will help keep your 40amp relays alive. Solenoids are a current carrying coil of wire, wrapped around an iron core that when energized, creates a magnetic field which produces a high current and force.

4r70w to 6r80 swap meet

Our shift stop bracket is designed to help limit shifter lever travel in cases where the shifter being used has more positions than the pcm will recognize. This is especially important when using a shifter that has multiple gear selections and utilizing a Select Shift style Coyote PCM or controller.

As an example, the use of this bracket would help a coyote swapped car with a 6r80 using a 4r70w shifter.