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agnes in meet me st louis

As a bonus, Meet Me in St. Louis is lensed in rich Technicolor, shown to . Louis! Agnes Smith: [singing] Meet Me in St. Louis! Louis! Grandpa. Meet Me in St. Louis is a American Technicolor musical film made by Esther (Judy Garland), Agnes (Joan Carroll), and Tootie (Margaret O'Brien); and . Throughout the scene Agnes ties a blue bow around Lady Babbie's neck and Meet Me in St. Louis - cat Lady Babbie with bow on in Agnes'.

agnes in meet me st louis

Louis and were staple items at Garland concerts for years. The other nominations were for musical scoring, color cinematography, and screenplay. Margaret O'Brien did a remarkable job in this film, this was probably her best role while a child star at MGM. Not that she was the youngest and most appealing of the kids, she was that. But Minnelli did a great job in directing her.

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She had all the fears and trepidations of a child growing up and not wanting to leave all she's known and loved in St. Her acting reached its zenith in the scene where she destroys the carefully made snowmen in her yard and in the Halloween scene where she is induced to play a practical joke on a neighbor the rest of the kids regard as scary.

agnes in meet me st louis

Meet Me In St. It was films like these that gave the Freed unit and MGM its reputation for turning out the best in musical film entertainment. It can never be duplicated because you don't have studios with all that talent under contract.

In its way the film itself is as nostalgic as the time it celebrates.

Meet Me in St. Louis (1944)

Was this review helpful to you? She is good-humored, generous loving--and Irish. Her brogue is slight but musical. Through out the play she wears a neat house-dress with a voluminou apron over it. She is a fussy, irate, middle-aged woman who dresses severely and primly.

agnes in meet me st louis

Ida is eighteen, a sweet, rather shy girl, and very much in love with Lon. She wears the same costume in Acts One and Two and an extra-pretty dress in the third act. He is slightly older than Rose a nice strapping fellow, sincere and friendly. On his first appearance he is somewhat disheveled.

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He is dressed for a "special" occasion in the last act and wears the same suit in the first two act. Fred is a good-looking, well-mannered boy of Esther's age.

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He is very smitten with Essther, and she is with him. He, too, is dressed for a "special" occasion in Act Three and wears an everyday suit in Acts One and Two. She is eighteen, a very pretty but decidedly affected girl from the East. Her manner in front of the boys is arch and coy. Her clothes are very expensive and the very latest in fashion.

  • Joan Carroll: Agnes Smith
  • Agnes Smith

She may change for each act. He is a harrassed-looking business man, a few years older than Mr. His speech is clipped and brusque he is all business. He wears a business suit throughout the play. Dodge's shadow, a meek little "yes" man.

agnes in meet me st louis

He is somewhat younger than Mr. Smith and obviously envious of his importance in the firm. He, too, wears a business suit throughout the play. This part is not listed in the cast of characters, as he makes only a brief appearance at the curtain of Act One. He wears a streetcar conductor's uniform, with his cap pushed back on his head at a wild angle.