Alameda swap meet vernon car

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alameda swap meet vernon car

Alameda Swap Meet, a highly rated department store in Los Angeles, offers shoppers of all ages an array of merchandise to choose from. Keep your kids. Embroidery Space: C Phone: Embroidery, T Shirt printing, Car stickers, Heat transfer. vendor1. press. map. Aug 19, To describe the soon-to-be-unincorporated City of Vernon, located a few Alameda Swap Meet: The Joy of Cowboy Hats, Huitlacoche + Cow Heads Drive further, and men waving day-glo flags directing cars into empty lots.

The food stalls seem stretch the length of the complex. In one corner, stands a hulking red tornado of al pastor spinning on a spit crowned with fresh pineapple. Nearby a row of grandmothers work slabs of blue masa into oblong huraches or quesadillas, then stuff them with gracious handfuls of squash blossoms, a malty smear of huitlacoche, or slow-simmered tinga de pollo.

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And yet there's more meat: Mariscos El Bucanero, famous for goblet-sized cocteles, blows through enough shellfish in a weekend to make a fisherman blush. Rows of Aguas Frescas G.

alameda swap meet vernon car

Snyder Pupusas stacked like doughy vinyl collections. Fire-grilled corn cobs brushed with butter, cotija cheese, lime and chile are passed off to toddlers, who brandish them like miniature swords. Churros fried in wide-brimmed vats are ordered by the dozen and then dipped in tooth-dissolving cajeta caramel.

Alameda Swap Meet

Sweet, multi-colored jugs of agua frescas can be found around every corner, not to mention the fruteras serving bags of mango squirted with lime and chili, or the heladeros serving Styrofoam cups of homemade sorbets. Red, White and Green: A Trio of Sorbets G. Snyder It's as overwhelming as it is appetizing. The well-heeled glutton could spend a solid week here, sampling each vendor and parsing out the high and lows.

alameda swap meet vernon car

Of course, the market is open seven days a week, rain or shine, making that type of pilgrimage a real possibility. For most of us, though, a Sunday afternoon is more than enough to fill up on.

That's mostly because it has a large banner on the outside fence, facing the herds of wheelers that chug down Alameda Street.

They are folded in half around your choice of filling, then steamed. The tacos come six to an order and arrive on your plate in a mushy brown heap.

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They aren't the most beautiful tacos, but you may find yourself wolfing them down, using them almost like Ethiopian injera to scoop up salsa and onions. The main menu is mostly straightforward tacos and quesadillas, available with the standard array of meats. But upon closer inspection, there is, taped in the window, a handwritten sign on white paper advertising the availability of birria. The birria tacos are bigger than average and strikingly gamy.

The tortillas are a particular highlight, crisped perfectly with just a hint of char but still pliable and sturdy enough to support the tender meat and a healthy dash of salsa and lime.

When you've finished your tacos, walk next door to Bionicos Jaliscience to complete the experience with a bright, peppery chamango or diablito drink for dessert.

Its specialty is carnitas, and it does them incredibly well, cooking many different cuts of pork in a giant bubbling cazo in the kitchen. Its board lists the cuts offered, and you choose the format in which you'd like to eat them. If you choose to have your carnitas delivered in a taco, expect so much meat that the taco comes with two extra tortillas on the side for the bits that will inevitably tumble out of both ends as you eat it.